Tebow’s accuracy is lacking during workout


It was just like old times for Tim Tebow during organized team activities for the Eagles Thursday at the NovaCare Complex: It was not very good.

Tebow, a Heisman Trophy winner and a two-time college football champion at Florida, showed explosiveness as a runner. But even though Eagles coach Chip Kelly raved about his improvement as a passer before the workout, that was not immediately evident.

Thursday was the Eagles’ third workout and the first witnessed by the media. At first glance, the new and improved Tebow, who has spent more than a year working on his throwing motion with former major-league pitcher Tom House, looked a lot like the quarterback who completed just 47.9 percent of his NFL passes. He didn’t show great accuracy, especially downfield, and often held the ball too long. One tipped Tebow pass was intercepted by 6-foot-9 Brian Mihalik.

Tebow is expected to battle Matt Barkley for the Eagles’ third quarterback spot. Although others have suggested he also could help at special teams, one of those people is not Kelly.

 “He’s a quarterback,” Kelly said during his pre-workout news conference.

 Another thing that hasn’t changed about Tebow is that he remains highly popular. He signed with the Eagles on April 20, but Thursday was his first time talking to the Philadelphia media and he had a captive audience.

“I am glad to be here and it is a lot of fun,” Tebow said. “I have really enjoyed everybody in that locker room and the coaches and everybody in the building.”

A 6-foot-3, 245-pound lefthander, Tebow led the Denver Broncos to the playoffs in 2011. Denver brought in Peyton Manning the next year and traded Tebow to the New York Jets, where he attempted just eight passes while serving as a backup to current Eagles quarterback Mark Sanchez in 2012.

Tebow went to training camp in 2013 with the New England Patriots but was cut before the regular season. He was working for ESPN and ABC before Kelly called.

“I think he’s improved,” Kelly said. “He spent a lot of time the last two years in terms of working on his game. We wanted to have a fourth quarterback here. You’re not going to go through with three.”

With Sam Bradford limited at practice while rehabilitating from a left knee injury, Sanchez worked with the first unit, Barkley the second and Tebow the third.

Barkley, now in his third season with the Eagles, looked confident. If Tebow’s presence bothers him, he’s not letting on.

Tebow “hasn’t taken away my reps. It is Mark and I for now until everybody is healthy,” Barkley said. “We’re going back and forth competing with each other, making each other better every day.”

Tebow is grateful for the chance to compete for a roster spot. He said several times that his main goal is to get better every day. Yet Tebow did say that his prolonged absence has fueled his hunger ever more.

“I think sometimes when things are taken away, then you don’t realize how much fun it is to come out here and play this game,” he said. “You can’t play it forever, so I am going to enjoy it.”


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11 Responses to “Tebow’s accuracy is lacking during workout”

  1. David Oliver says:

    It looks like people are still going to see WHAT THEY WANT TO SEE,
    in evaluating Tim Tebow.. Another view:


    Sam Bradford, Tim Tebow and 10 observations from Eagles OTAs

    ” Tim Tebow: The quarterback everyone was watching when they weren’t breaking down Bradford was Tebow, and he also had a good day. The big question about Tebow is his throwing motion, and the difference between now and two years ago is huge. There is much less of a loop in his throw and the ball gets out quicker. Tebow looked good during 11-on-11 drills, tucking the ball down a few times and taking off for long runs. His accuracy wasn’t an issue either, as he hit receiver Quron Pratt down the sideline for a 15-yard gain.”

  2. David says:

    Parks also tweeted this today.
    Eliot Shorr-Parks ‏@EliotShorrParks 11h11 hours ago
    Tebow has a cannon. Just tossed the ball effortlessly about 40 yards on the money. #Eagles
    Later he tweeted this
    Eliot Shorr-Parks ‏@EliotShorrParks 10h10 hours ago
    Tebow clearly having trouble running the plays. That or the #Eagles third string secondary is gonna be legit

    Tebow is playing with the third string rookies. They are all new to the offense. Sanchez and Barkley know the offense and are playing with 1st and 2nd stringers who they played with last year.
    Rowe is one of the defensive backs playing with Tebow and he is considered good enough to start.
    Once again, Tebow is pulling it down and running on 11 on 11 and the critics don’t understand that this is how Tebow took care of the ball when his receivers were not open and won the AFC West. They seem oblivious to the interceptions thrown by their own QBs last year. Sanchez had 11 ints in 8 games. Tebow had 2 ints in his first 9 games because he makes good decisions.

    • David Oliver says:

      Thanks.. David … Good input!

      Also – saw this re: Eagles QBs. from QB Barkley’s point of view->


      • ck says:

        David O.: Sounds like Barley has anger issues if he is already “bristling” at certain questions. Besides, if he and Sanchez think that they can out compete Tebow then they have another thing coming in “fantasy land” impo!
        Notice that he uses the same phrase in reference to Tebow that Sanchez had: “an arm” and bet Coach Kelly will correct him too!!! Thanks for the info., David.

        • ck says:

          oops…Barkley even though I like Barley better and hope they DO trade him sooner rather than later w/his attitude!!!

          • ck says:

            Guess he knows Sanchez really well since he and Sanchez were at the same college USC where he took over as QB when Sanchez left! Other than that, he has had multiple injuries to his shoulder and is just that, like Bradford, injury prone…hmmmmmmmmmm!

  3. Sam says:

    I see alot of good twitter posts on Tim, so i think this is just not right.
    Let him get to know the offence well, and we will see again.
    when is the next open ota?

  4. ck says:

    Like I said, certain reporters are bent on bias and not worth reading impo.

  5. David Oliver says:


    Thanks for background info on Barkley and Sanchez.
    prior to this “blurb” I felt Bradford and Barkley were
    decent guys, and just in an awkward situation – I never
    did think much of Sanchez as far as character went..

    • ck says:

      David O.: Yes, I had to do some research and found out Barkley had ties to Sanchez…it all makes sense now as to why they are dissing T2. “Birds of a Feather!”

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