NFL players react to the league’s new extra point format



 Ross D. Franklin/AP

Ross D. Franklin/AP

Extra points are going to become a lot more interesting this fall. NFL owners approved the competition committee’s proposal to snap the ball from the 15-yard line on extra point attempts (which equates to a 33-yard kick). Two-point conversions will still be snapped from the 2-yard line, but defenses will now have the ability to return the ball and score two points.

The changes were met with enthusiasm from defensive players, but veteran kicker Jay Feely argued on Twitter that more players will be injured on extra point plays under the new format.

I thought NFL was concerned about player safety? Those 60 plays will be much more dangerous for OLine now.

— Jay Feely (@jayfeely) May 19, 2015


What did the NFL really accomplish? It’s still nearly automatic (90%vs 99%) but greater risk of injury to Oline

— Jay Feely (@jayfeely) May 19, 2015


A lot more on FG’s than Extra Points bc defense didn’t rush hard on EP. That will change now.

— Jay Feely (@jayfeely) May 19, 2015


33 yards it is. #ExtraEXTRAPoint

— Blair Walsh (@BlairWalsh3) May 19, 2015


Should have changed the extra point to a 50 yard field goal. That would have been more interesting

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4 Responses to “NFL players react to the league’s new extra point format”

  1. David Oliver says:

    Buzzy.. Eric Decker on Tim Tim Tebow per this rule change…

    Eric Decker: Tim Tebow ‘can create his own role’ in Philadelphia
    By Sean Wagner-McGough | Staff Writer
    May 19, 2015 5:56 pm ET

    They’re much harder to find these days, but if you’re searching for someone who thinks Tim Tebow has a future in the NFL, the person you’re looking for is New York Jets wide receiverEric Decker.
    Decker, who played with Tebow for two seasons in Denver — including the miraculous 2011 season that ended with Tebow leading the Broncos to the postseason — thinks it’s possible for Tebow to find a role within the Eagles’ offense, especially with Chip Kelly running the team.
    “Chip’s been doing a lot of stuff this year, so I think anything’s possible,” Decker told The New York Daily News. “Really, (Tebow) can create his own role. I know he wants to be head quarterback, but he can create a role for himself that can help a team in many ways, (whether it’s) the two-point conversion if it’s moved up or a goal-line package. He has the athletic ability to be a personal punt protector … and can play other positions. They’ll figure out a way to utilize him if it’s going to help them be a better football team.”
    One possibility for Kelly and the Eagles is using Tebow in a two-point conversion package, which is something Decker brought up. With NFL owners meeting this week in San Francisco to discuss rule changes, such as the Eagles’ proposal to move the line of scrimmage for two-point conversions to the one-yard line, Tebow could ingrain himself in the offense by becoming the Eagles’ short yardage quarterback. Tebow is a talented runner and if he can hone his passing ability just enough, defenses would have to respect both his legs and his arm from the one-yard line, which would be a tough combination to stop.
    Even if that rule change fails, Decker still thinks Tebow’s game is versatile enough to be successful.
    “His game is unique. It’s special,” Decker told The New York Daily News. “He can do a lot of different things. I don’t know what their role for him is going to be … What I learned when I was in Denver is that we built our offense around what he did well. We put in read-options. We put in some things that made him successful … ran him out of the pocket. If you want him to be ‘The Guy,’ you build your offense around him.”
    An issue many might have with building an offense around Tebow is that he isn’t a very good passer. Tebow’s completion percentage in his career isn’t even at 50 percent. It’s why Tebow wasn’t even in the league for the past two regular seasons.
    But Decker still thinks Tebow can throw the ball.
    “I know (Tebow) can throw the ball, but his skill set is — let’s call it unique,” Decker told The New York Daily News. “It’s different.”

    • Sage says:

      Decker’s left-handed complements are risible. Dude dropped more of Tebow’s passes than anyone, including easy TDs.

      Has he ever had a more successful year than with Tebow? Ha ha ha. Certainly not last year – 5 TDs. He caught 8 from Tebow in 2011, and dropped 2 or 3 that should have been TDs. He caught 13 and 11 from Manning, but then Fox allowed Manning to chuck it more than 10 times per game.

      I suspected Decker was a petty dimwit, and now I know it.

      • ck says:

        Sage: Well, if he is on the Jet’s Team that explains why he is not enjoying his lot in life, ha, ha!!! That team is a J-O-K-E!!! 🙁

  2. Andrea says:

    I agree with Sage – Decker is not the brightest bulb on the planet.

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