Does new extra-point rule improve Tebow’s chance of making Eagles?


By Ryan Wilson |



Tim Tebow is looking to make an NFL roster. (Getty Images)
Tim Tebow is looking to make an NFL roster for the first time since 2012. (Getty Images)

 Back in March, when Tim Tebow had a tryout with the Eaglesbut a month before the team actually signed him — we wrote that while it appears that Chip Kelly is trolling us all, he might also seriously consider keeping Tebow on the 53-man roster once the season begins.

Those odds still seem long if for no other reason than Tebow’s previous stint as an NFL quarterback was nothing short of disastrous. Still, believers remain. On Sunday, the Philadelphia Inquirer‘s Bob Ford made his case:

If your starter gets hurt during a game, that outcome is already in jeopardy, no matter who the backup is. And let’s not make Sanchez out to be something he’s not. He’s still Mark Sanchez. Having the usefulness of Tebow at your disposal in a given game outweighs the twin possibilities that: (a) the starter will get hurt; and (b) Sanchez will perform so much better in relief. If the injury was serious, then Sanchez would become the starter, but he adds nothing to a game just standing on the sideline in a ballcap.

There isn’t any downside to having Tebow on the roster instead of Matt Barkley. There is the potential for a lot of upside.

Very little of that upside has to do with Tebow, NFL starting quarterback, and everything to do with what he brings as a trick-play/special-teams specialist. In 2012 with the Jets, Tebow offered next to nothing in those capacities. He was seldom used during the season and cut with little thought the following spring.

One of the biggest differences between then and now: Kelly has a knack for getting the most out of his quarterbacks, but perhaps most importantly is the extra-point rule. Following a touchdown, teams will now have the choice of kicking an extra point from the 15-yard line or going for two points from the two yard-line.

The planet’s most popular two-point specialist: Tim Tebow. In April, Eagles’ new vice president of player personnel Ed Marynowitz spoke about the new rule as it related to the former Heisman winner.

“If (the new two-point rule) does come to fruition, and there’s a role there, depending on his performance, that may dictate if [Tebow] has a role in that capacity,” he said.

Broncos coach Gary Kubiak agrees — at least generally — with the idea that the new rule will affect how rosters are assembled.

“I think there [are] going to be two-point specialists from the standpoint of how you go about doing it. Coaching, those are things that you work on,” Kubiak told USA Today‘s Lindsay Jones last week. “You probably practice those things during camp. It’s not very much and, all of a sudden, it becomes part of the game. That’s a big part of practice. It’s going to change the way you go about doing things. I know that.”

But maybe we’ve overblown Tebow’s value, even inside the five-yard line.

I found a stat that shows Tim Tebow is #1 in the NFL! Check out the other HOF-ers on there! Relevant sample size too!

— Warren Sharp (@SharpFootball) April 20, 2015

And if your argument is that Tebow is still plenty dangerous as a runner, you’re also admitting that he’s a one-dimensional player. Put differently: He’s a running back, and one who last played a regular-season NFL game in 2012.

Either way, Kelly said earlier this month that Tebow wasn’t signed to be a camp arm but to “compete for a job” just like everybody else.

“That’s what Timmy is going to do,” Kelly told “He’s an unbelievable competitor. … If we were just going to have guys throw drills, we’d take (Mike) Mayock in the offseason and bring him down here and let him throw to them.”

Tebow’s journey to the final 53 officially begins this week. The Eagles hold their first OTAs this Thursday and Tebow will enter the proceedings as the team’s No. 4 quarterback behind Sam Bradford, Sanchez and Matt Barkley.

Buzzy Says: Not looking for a trick play player Looking for a Starting QB.

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13 Responses to “Does new extra-point rule improve Tebow’s chance of making Eagles?”

  1. Bigfan says:

    Please folks do not drink the experts Kool-Aid! I said this once and I’ll say it again…That ST stuff et all while I’m sure Timmy would do it darn good he is the starter in the game sooner than later. Not just this or that package now and then. He must get into the rhythm of the game to really shine …Remember the Jets?! Remember the Broncos!!

    All the time he spent with Coach House is NOT being factored into the equation at all. They have conveniently forgot that!! Let alone he is Timmy after all!!!

    • ck says:

      Lex: Liked the response by John Regularperso: “QBs running win games. The Buckeyes just won the championship running 61 times and throwing 23. The NFL wants to ignore that running QBs win. Actually, the NFL has been selling the lie many years that a slightly better passer is the slightly better QB, and football fans have to watch a lower quality football product because of the agenda of the NFL. Tebow won and Kyle Orton lost with the Broncos.” Valid points imo.

  2. brandi says:

    Buzzy, why not find some articles that say Tim Tebow set kittens on fire as a child? Is this the worst kind of junk you could find?

    Buzzy Says : Cant realy find Much.

    • brandi says:

      Wasn’t trying to be mean Buzzy. But this guy is something else. The Jets haven’t won a Super Bowl in 45 years because Tim Tebow has been a disaster. Where do they come up with useless clowns like this? CBS? geez.

  3. Andrea says:

    Most sports writers are clowns. So plastic – boring and predictable.

    • brandi says:

      I’ve mostly seen it in NFL Media. What is most absurd is NFL Media has more time to get it right than any other. One Game a week. One. And yet almost noone covering the NFL takes 5 minutes to do any actual research.

      Baseball they have 162 games, almost one every day for over six months. And they do more decent analysis than NFL Writers/Reporters.

      They don’t even care. For weeks Tebow and the Broncos were mocked, defined, characterized and then the Thursday Night Game against the Jets came and the NFL Reporters/Commentators one by one talked about finally getting a chance to watch them Play. None of them watched, which is fine. There’s alot to cover if you’re doing all 32 Teams. But not having any direct knowledge didn’t stop any of them from acting like informed commentators.

      This kind of stuff just drives me nuts. Differing opinions? Fine. Arrogant, defiant opinions with no real knowledge or even taking the time to obtain any? UGH!!

    • ck says:

      Andrea: Believe Ryan Wilson IS A CLOWN! 🙁

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