A Guide to Tim Tebow For Eagles Fans

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I’ve been following Tim Tebow pretty closely since he was coming out of High School. It was impossible to ignore Tebow in Florida. From the time he was a Teenager, he has spent nearly his entire Organized Football Playing time as someone or another’s icon for their pet agendas. As a High School Player it was the still ongoing battle over Florida’s allowing Home Schooled Students to participate in Extra-Curricular Activities at Public Schools. (This follows him today as, across the Country, similar legislation is generally referred to as “Tebow” Bills.)

Tim was already the biggest name in Home-Schooled Athletes. But after Winning a State Championship that was it. The Legend was born and the days of Timothy Tebow being allowed to simply be a Student-Athlete and typical Pro Player were over forever. Everything with Tim Tebow is magnified.

Is it possible to over-emphasize this point when talking about someone who had a $2 Million bounty placed on his virginity?

This simply followed years in Gainesville with his constantly being followed around by people trying to “catch” him. Get a glimpse of the Holy Man staining himself and being exposed as being a fraud. Nobody can be THAT good, right? But Tim had lots of friends at Florida, especially Teammates, who went out of their way to help make sure he didn’t get suckered into situations that made him uncomfortable. Especially things specifically designed to give someone a chance to yell “gotcha!”

There may not have been actual bounties and TMZ cameras. But don’t let anyone kid you into thinking Major College Football isn’t far worse than the NFL when it comes to passion that cuts both ways. Those unfamiliar need do nothing more than jump on one of the major Sports Media outlet websites and look at both the number and aggressiveness of comments in the CFB Sections versus NFL. It isn’t even close. The NFL is the little sister of SportsSmack nastiness compared to Major College Ball.

By the time the Broncos drafted Tebow he was already becoming a Worldwide Star. And his star was rising so fast the negotiations for the TV deals put together prior to the Lockout Season included specific discussions about Tim Tebow. The first, last and only time one Player has been singled out. According to USA Today’s Sports in Media column, the estimates of the additional money the Networks provide the league specifically because of Tebow are into the $Billions, with most ranging from $2 Billion to $4 Billion and some higher. And this was BEFORE the magical Season of TebowTime. Yep, with him Playing or without him, the NFL has been making seriously big money off Tim Tebow.

Tebow has been the one and only Most Marketable Athlete in the World to have Played in the NFL. Most likely he will hold that title without competition as, measured in Global terms, the NFL just isn’t very popular. He was the Most Influential Athlete in the US while not actually Playing for anyone.

I’ve been a fairly strong advocate for Tim for several reasons. Number one on the list being his popularity. Popularity is the Fans first thumbs up or down on a Player, Coach, Team, League. The NFL is the first and only Major Professional Sports League in the US to have ever run off its Most Popular Player. It simply isn’t done. For the most basic of reasons. Pro Sports exist solely because of the Fans. What ANYONE else thinks doesn’t matter one bit. Not the Owners, not the Team Presidents, General Managers, Coaches/Managers, nobody. They literally get only one vote. To be…associated with Pro Sports…or not to be. After that every vote rests with the Fans. That does not and never has prevented Leagues, Owners, Commissioners from testing the Fans tolerance. Albert Spalding was the first Pro Sports Owner on record to express his distaste for, in that case, Baseball Fans. How between them and the Players it would be impossible for Professional Baseball to survive. About 100 years later Bud Selig said much the same thing. This time under oath, to Congress. So as much as the No Fun League often feels like the No Fan-input League, I’m not aware of anyone in Football ever dissing the Fans for the Congressional Record. So they’ve got that going for them. :)

Leagues and Owners test those waters of Fans patience all the time. But nothing even remotely as egregious as running off the league’s Most Popular Player BECAUSE his Popularity was considered annoying has ever come close to happening. Until the NFL and Tebow. That he has actually had a successful Career, Winning with the previously worst Team in the NFL, just makes it all the more troubling.

So I’ve stood up for Tim because it’s standing up for the Fans and the importance of not allowing them to be dismissed.

But he has also Won. “He’s a Winner” may come off as trite to some. But, as the polls continue to bear out, it resonates with far more. That it has been matched in the Win-Loss Column and State, Conference, National and Divisional Titles doesn’t hurt either. (Except for the efforts to paint him as inadequate.) He has been successful and much of that in historic fashion. That his accomplishments have been so soundly tarnished is a poor statement about not just the NFL, but also the Media that covers it. Any NFL BeatWriter worth his or her weight in ink knows John Fox specifically told Tebow to throw those dirt killer balls. In a reasonable World, Tebow having been one of the Most Accurate Passers in College Football History, and Winning a Davey O’Brien Award as the Country’s Top College Quarterback, coupled with his Coach saying “Hold Up. I told him to kill those worms” (instead of taking ANY chance of Interceptions) along with a Season of Winning that will live on in millions upon millions of memories would far exceed the threshold to shut down StatGeeks and Completion Percentages. But nothing is either normal or reasonable when it comes to Tim Tebow.

The odd Jets Fantasy is a good example. A Season that was best summed up by ‘The Onion” describing Tebow as the “Designated scapegoat”. Jets Fans in overwhelming numbers wanted to see what Tim could do. (As high as 97% in local Newspaper & SportsRadio Polls) Jets Fans were roundly and soundly ignored, mocked and later told they never liked the guy in the first place. Funny, they didn’t know that. The whole jets Mess was put into perspective at the following Combines where the Broncos were saying (to “anyone who would listen”, according to Ian Rapoport) that the Jets really messed up not putting the Ball in Tim Tebow’s hands. That he would have Won Games for them. That’s was a bold, classy & very risky move on their part that could have cost them serious league sanctions. That’s how much they believed it that they took that chance.

Patriots Fans, for their part, knew the obvious going in. If there was any fit on the Pats, it would have been s major force-fit. I said at the time of the signing I didn’t see it. Other than Coaches who like Tim and wanted to give him some BallTime, there just wasn’t any real reason for any of it. And certainly little use for anyone.

Some say Tebow isn’t a fit for the Eagles. I disagree. If for no other reason than an Eagles Team with Tebow on it last year would have Won 2 or 3 more Games simply by improvements in Short yardage and RedZone. 3 Games, by the way, is the difference between missing the Playoffs and being the Number 1 Seed in the NFC. No matter how you cut it, the Eagles were a Playoff Team last year with Tebow.

Is there more? Not that helping Win 2 or 3 more Games isn’t huge and far more than enough to justify being on the Team. But suppose, and we don’t have to. It’s coming. The calls come for Tim Tebow to start at Quarterback. What to expect?

Well, most of that is up to Chip Kelly.

Tim Tebow is not going to be someone you want to insert into a “Holy Pocket” Offense. Even if he could do OK, it’s a complete waste of what he does best. Move the Offense by moving the Defense. TebowTime was what Tim Tebow looks like when he’s unleashed. Something John Fox was only going to do when necessary. Phil Simms once said John Fox wouldn’t throw more than 5 times a Game if he thought he could Win that way. He described Fox’s fear of Interceptions as paranoia & Fox himself, answering questions about his Play Calling, said he’d do the same thing if Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees was the Broncos QB. Simms also, by the way, said the Broncos should let Tebow loose and let him pull the trigger a week before John Elway did. Tebow is one of the better Passers on the move. And he’s a rare breed who can hold off a charging Defensive Lineman and throw a strike. What he does worst is standing still in the Pocket. Whether it’s his feet or his head, the smart move with Tim Tebow is just don’t try to force it. Play to his strengths.

If Tebow becomes the Eagles Starting QB, it’s a pretty good bet they’ll have the strongest Run Game in the league. The Broncos were a mess. Few healthy Running Backs and no healthy Receivers. Each week it was a collection of who was still walking. The Eagles should have a pretty solid Offense that controls the Ball and doesn’t turn it over much.

Bobby Bowden called Tim Tebow the Greatest Leader on a Football Field he’s ever seen. And Bobby’s seen them all. As much as it’s been mocked by those who either think Pro Athletes should be robotic or those who simply want any excuse to ridicule him, Tim Tebow is in the ranks of the All-Time Greats in Leadership and those intangibles. Jim Rome even got Elway to say it, putting Tebow’s “Quality of Greatness” in the Johnny Unitas echelons. Do we care about those things anymore? I think most do. Those who think Fantasy Football has anything to do with the real thing, maybe not so much.

My general position on Tebow has been this. I don’t know if he’s a Hall-of-Fame caliber Player or a One-Hit Wonder. And neither does anyone else. Though I’d lean toward feeling he’s done it so many times, leaning against his prospects feels like bad sportsmanship. Or poor understanding of what does and doesn’t Win Football Games.

Cold Hard Football Facts’ Real QBR puts Tebow’s Career Performance in the Upper Half among current Starting QBs. This is the System Sports Illustrated used during the Broncos Miracle Run to show there was no fluke or twisted joke at work. Broncos Wins…and losses…came down to Tim Tebow’s Play at Quarterback. It has the highest correlation to Winning of any statistic or variable…such as Turnovers, 100 Yard Rushing Games, etc. As well as every other QB Rating System. Free Tip: use it for your Fantasy Gaming. It puts the others to shame. CHFF not only echoed the words of the Broncos about the Jets they went so far as to use numbers to show they would have been a Playoff Team with Tebow at Quarterback.


As Eagles Fans have already seen, Mark Sanchez has done better in many ways already than his last couple Seasons with the Jets. Chip Kelly is simply a better Offensive Thinker than Rex Ryan. (John Fox is also a Defensive-Minded head Coach.) With Tebow, he has some pretty good raw materials to work with. If I have any concern, it’s the years spent “fixing” Tim. Before going after Peyton Manning, John Elway said there were only a couple minor things to be worked on to help Tebow be even more effective than he already was in Denver. What we’ve seen instead has been an attempt to “change” him instead, to make Tim look more like an “NFL Quarterback.” That whole NFL QB thing is pretty much bunk. There’s an old Football Coaches adage. There are a million ways to Win a Football Game. And there are two million ways to Lose one. Hopefully most of that work focused on helping improve Tim’s abilities to Win games instead of diminishing some of that in the name of making him more marketable to a fixation with a Style of Play that’s already becoming less emphasized in favor of one that is right in Tebow’s natural wheelhouse.

We haven’t seen what Tim Tebow can do largely for two reasons. One, he Plays at a different gear and it makes him not as sharp in Practice as others. On one hand, who cares? On the other, it probably doesn’t help in terms of other Players’ preparation. But Chip Kelly doesn’t like the way most NFL Teams practice anyway. And it didn’t hurt the Broncos. Or Gators.

No, the Dolphins said it for the others. Tim Tebow is “too popular to sign”. Now, from my perspective that sentiment is a firing offense. A clear indication of Personnel and an Organization that has lost touch with why it exists and who it exists for. “Distraction” should be the last words any employee would use…as an employee. Manna from Heaven is more appropriate. They’re (Fans) the people who pay your salaries and the Media are eyes, ears and…if they do their jobs right…voices of those Fans. That’s sure not a distraction. It’s their very reason for having jobs. Losing sight of this has the NFL in a situation where it has some pretty serious Sports Commentators (and Mark Cuban) predicting the league’s demise and its own Marketing Chief warning of the possibility of losing its Top Spot.

No other Pro Sports League would let itself get in a position of being so at odds with the Fans. (95% of Fans saying Tebow got a “raw deal” from the NFL in one FanDuel Poll) Or the public in general as the NFL has crushingly poor numbers on the issue of trust. People just plain don’t trust the league. For large numbers (as large as the numbers of people who watch the Super Bowl) Tim Tebow’s treatment is a symbol of that lack of trust problem.

But now Tim AND the NFL get another chance to do it right.

Tim Tebow will Work Hard, Play Hard and Play Well if he’s put in the right position to do so. If, on the other hand, he’s treated like a cookie cutter replacement part well, all bets are off on how this turns out. Tebow is considered by some to be the very symbol of high profile “Busts”. His very short career actually is a highlight reel that will live on. If he’s a symbol of anything, it’s how being his kind of high profile, higher than anyone in NFL history, turns everything into a symbol. Tebow’s legacy in the NFL may go down as potential unrealized with an endless debate over how much of that is his fault and how much the NFL’s.

For now, for the Philadelphia Eagles, at a minimum, Tebow brings particular abilities this Team needs. Abilities whose lack kept them out of last year’s Playoffs and possibly more. Chip Kelly has a big decision on his hands. Given the current Quarterback situation, it’s a very real possibility he has to look at Tebow as a significant Role Player AND the Last Man Standing for #1.

If Tim is used in a Swiss Army Knife type Complementary Role, he’ll be a strong addition that could be the difference maker. If he ends up having to step up more, Eagles Fans should just go along for the ride and see where it goes. It worked once. The only time, by the way, it was actually tried. THAT is Tim Tebow’s actual record.

He’s 1 for 1 when he’s had a Team put Win or Lose faith in him.

So What Should Eagles Fans Expect?:

Well first, expect to be at the center of the largest disinformation battlefield in Football. A small number of Tebow Fans will want to fight anyone who says anything they deem even remotely negative. Whether it is or not. An equally small number of Tebow’s detractors will want to fight anyone who doesn’t shout loud and proud “Tebow Sucks!”. There will be predictions from some that a Tebow-led Team will be lucky to Win 2 Games. These will come from the same people who said the very same things in Denver. These two groups combined will at times feel like their numbers must be greater to be so oppressive. They’re not.

There will be calls right away for Tim Tebow to be the Day One announced Starting Quarterback. There will also be proclamations that “Tebownistas” will insist that Tim Tebow keep getting the call even if he rots it up on the Field. Don’t but it. Most of Tim’s most wide-eyed “blind” Fans would just as soon he never wore another NFL uniform. And they definitely don’t want any more fodder for those they still battle every day.

Which leaves most Fans. The positive feelings toward Tim Tebow are partly because of the Man and partly because of the Player. No matter what the deafening rhetoric sounds like, the overwhelming majority will be more “realistic”. If he Plays well, they’ll want more. If not, they’d rather see him doing Commentary on College games and building charity hospitals. It’s been that way and it will stay that way.

What Eagles Fans should expect from Tim Tebow the Player is a guy who just plain loves to Play Football who will work as hard or harder than anyone on the Team, support his Teammates without question and, to a large extent, will do anything the Coaches ask of him without complaint and do his best to do it well.

What’s beyond that will mostly be up to Chip Kelly. In 2011, ESPN included Tebow on its 25 Man All-Era Team of Players throughout NFL History who could Play in any Era. NFL Players voted Tebow a Top-100 Player. (13th among Quarterbacks, which fits right with CHFF’s #14 Ranking Vs 2012 QBs.) I’ve seen nothing that indicates John Elway and the Broncos expected anything but great success for Tim’s career. But Elway also is the first to say the NFL has never experienced anything like the Tebow Phenomenon. The NFL mishandled the massive attention. Instead of welcoming the inrush of new Fans and wide exposure with the open arms a Pro Sports League should. Especially one that is only now realizing it needs every bit of Popularity it can get, with the pressures growing from other Sports and Baseball now set to pas the NFL in the next couple years in revenue.

Tim Tebow has taken a huge career hit for what should have been a big career builder. His enormous popularity. Beneath that Popularity is an Athlete with some rare physical gifts and a competitiveness Kelly has already acknowledged. What remains is how the Eagles choose to make the most of those talents and extra-ordinary drive. It can be simply to move the chains, turn RedZone opportunities into Touchdowns instead of Field Goals and maybe even Extra-Points into 2 and combine those in a complementary role to help Win Games. Or he could decide to just put the Ball in Tim Tebow’s hands as John Fox did.

It could be a great ride and, if nothing else, whatever it is, there will be alot of it. There always is with Tim Tebow. :)

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33 Responses to “A Guide to Tim Tebow For Eagles Fans”

  1. TheMascotArmy says:

    Good job Brandi.

    My buddy emailed this to me today and I thought some of you might like it, so here it is…

    With the NFL draft recently occurring and the Eagles not trading up for Mariotta, there has been a lot of conversation about the Eagles QB position.  Most people seem to think the Eagles are in bad shape.  It got me thinking, however, that the Eagles have 3 former first round picks on there roster at QB (two in the first 5 picks I think).  The talking heads can’t both be right now and during the previous drafts.  So I decided to see how the Eagles QBs stacked up to the competition.

    But how should you evaluate a QB?  There are many advanced statistics that I do not fully understand.  For my simple analysis, I decided on a relatively simple and justifiable metrics: TD%, TO%, and TD/TO ratio.  All of my statistics include both the run and the pass.  The reason I felt these statistics were best is that football efficiency basically comes down to how frequently you score (TD%).  Meanwhile, turnovers not only stop your drive, but give your opponent a short field making the turnover percentage important as well (TO%).  The ratio of the two probably provides the best overall metric of performance.  Of course, this is very dependent on the team around you, but so are all the other metrics.  Football is a team sport!

    Without further delay, here are the results:

    First a look at some current and past QBs (all full time starters for many years).

    Player TD% TO% Ratio (TD/TO)
    Brady 5.3% 2.2% 2.42
    Manning 5.8% 2.8% 2.09
    Montana 5.0% 2.4% 2.05
    Luck 4.9% 2.4% 2.00
    Big Ben 5.0% 2.9% 1.71
    Garcia 4.5% 2.7% 1.67
    Marino 5.0% 3.1% 1.58
    Elway 4.2% 3.2% 1.32
    Dilfer 3.5% 4.5% 0.77

    You can see that the ratio gives a pretty good indicator of how good a QB is with Brady being the clear leader and Dilfer coming in last place.

    How does the Eagles roster stack up?

    Player TD% TO% Ratio (TD/TO)
    Tebow 5.2% 2.9% 1.81
    Bradford 3.3% 2.5% 1.33
    Sanchez 4.1% 4.3% 0.94

    Ok, so they are not on par with the all time greats (Ratio>2), but they are not slouches either (except Sanchez).  Surprisingly, Tebow comes out on top and ranks somewhere between Luck and Big Ben.  Also worth noting is that this data is primarily from Tebow’s first season.  All the other QBs on this list had several years to improve.  With time and the right coaching staff, it is not hard to believe that Tebow could make his way up the list.

    In conclusion, the Eagles are not in a bad spot at QB mainly because of the Tebow acquisition.  In fact, Tebow is about twice as efficient as Mark Sanchez and should be the primary backup if not the week 1 starter.

    • David Oliver says:


      Very neat evaluation..

      Too bad this reality is skewed by the Anti-Tebow “Haters”
      Prejudices…taking them to the “Land of Bias and Ignorance.

    • David says:

      Nice stats for a first time starter. Here is how he compared to Bradford and Sanchez.
      Tebow scored as many times as both of the Philly QBs combined.
      In their first 16 games of playing time,
      Tebow scored 34 times with 9 interceptions
      Bradford scored 19 times with 15 interceptions
      Sanchez scored 15 times with 20 interceptions
      Tebow threw more TDs per pass attempt with fewer interceptions.
      Tebow threw 19 TDs in 374 attempts with 9 ints
      Bradford threw 18 TDS in 590 attempts with 15 ints
      Sanchez threw 13 TDs in 379 attempts with 20 ints
      The media has told you that Tebow can’t throw, but the truth is that he threw the longest passes in the league with a lower completion percentage and scored more often with fewer interceptions than almost everyone.

      • David Oliver says:


        WOW! If – they really wanted to be free of the deception of “skewed,
        selective, misrepresentative stats” they contrive – while ignoring
        these significant game altering facts you also have presented..

        The Truth can set them FREE!

        Dave O.

  2. Andrea says:

    I like how Tebow is keeping quiet and not paying attention or commenting on the stupid mainstream sports media.

    • ck says:

      Andrea: He is probably too busy to take notice and that is “GOOD STUFF!” 😀

      • LuitLipton says:

        Really good stuff! It does seem that Tim is a lot more wily in terms of the media this time round. I think his time with ESPN helped him in more ways than learning how to deliver an analysis on a game. After his workout in March he was real coy with the reporter in the airport trying to get a scoop. Urban made a pretty big statement that the media is the ONLY thing wrong with Tims game, and it seems he’s wising up. I really like how Chip is also keeping the media to a minimum. He’s a mastermind coach and is using every tactic to set the stage for Tim to succeed, from refuting Sanchez on the ‘camp arm’ to letting the media perceive Tim as 4th on depth chart competing with Kinne to “will he make the roster?” to even not mentioning Tim when he’s taked qbs at times. I think he fully knows what he’s got in Tim. House said Tims motivational muscle is up there with Nolan Ryan, an all-time great! And because of the immense respect and authority he’s been able to wield in the nfl & media in such a short time he will be able to “promote” Tim easily over Sanchez at least. Tim just needs to have a solid off season and show consistency in practice, that’s my biggest prayer! And when Chip promotes him it will be because of football, not popularity. When Tim succeeds this time it will only show Chip’s genius to choose him and make him his QB!
        GO TEBOW!

        • Sage says:

          I do like your perspective, Lilipution. For several years, all of the negative clues were accurate. But I’m willing to believe it’s a little different with Kelly. The man likes the way football is played in college, and a man like that could hardly dislike Tebow.

        • ck says:

          Well said LuitLipton. 😀

          • ck says:

            Now Sage, we are going to have to check on that “Freudian” slip (parapraxis) lol! (Instead of Gulliver’s Travels, it should be Sage’s Travels…just kidding, of course!) And btw, agree w/u also.:D

  3. David says:

    Nice article Brandy. I would like to point out that Tebow played under center and threw from the pocket in 2010 and still ran called QB options and took what the defense gave him. Watch rookie Tim Tebow play under center in Coach McDaniel’s pro offense in 2010. In 2010, Tebow led the league (1st) for TDs per completion and was 4th for TDs per pass attempt. Tebow was the fastest scoring QB in the league throwing a TD every 8.2 completions and running for a TD every 7.1 carries. Tebow didn’t need the spread option to play in 2011, his team needed him to run it so they could win.

    • Sage says:

      Really well said. I wish someone would write a book with such a breakdown of all the positive stats. Better yet, I hope Tim has a great season and career, so that debate about the early years will become irrelevant.

  4. David says:

    Coach McCoy saying they added the spread option plays to take advantage of Tebow’s talents. Coach McCoy explains that he had to learn and research the offense that Tebow and D. Thomas already had experience running.

    Throwing the ball into the dirt was Coach Fox’s way of throwing the ball away. Tebow’s critics have used the video to say that Tebow can’t throw.
    A really smart throw. Tebow beaches the ball.
    “Now let me just show you where this guy is real smart. Now here’s a quick route. Now everybody in the stadium thinks he can’t throw…because he throws it right in the dirt right in front of me. He’s going to the outside guy and he saw color so he just beached it…which is a really smart throw. That’s why we’ve been able to win a couple of games because we’re not throwing so many interceptions.” John Fox
    Tebow threw only 2 interceptions in his first 9.5 games in 2011 and Denver went 7-2.

    • ck says:

      David: Thanks for finding the videos that back-up everything Tebow did right. Even McCoy was taking lessons from Tebow and Fox should have turned Tebow loose sooner than the last quarter…believe he is to blame for a lot of what went on in that business of keeping T2 from accomplishing what he is capable of b/c if it were not for Tebow then he would have lost another job!!! He was too cozy w/Elrot imo and we all know that Elrot was not necessarily in Tebow’s corner; especially, sending him to Rotten Ryan to try and finish the job!!! 🙁

  5. ck says:

    As Paul Harvey would say: “Now, you know the rest of the story!”
    Tebow is “CLUTCH” on the run and some of the passes were thrown in heavy traffic! Thanks, David, for the link and could watch T2 in action “til the cows come home!” 😀

    Btw, great stats (The Mascot Army) and proves that he surpasses the so called elite QBs even Elrot! Like the stats that David listed also!

    Brandi is on a roll…

  6. ck says:

    Tawk2: Hope you are still doing alright.

  7. tawk2 says:

    Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers, still laid up, going crazy lol! Get this cast off May 28th, but may get another or hopefully back in my boot. I still have my stitches in several places on my foot, they were not ready at my two week post opp. Just trying to hang in there, thanks again.
    I love all your post about Tim, I am so excited that hopefully we all will get to experience his exciting on the edge of your seat play!

    Bless you all, and Happy early Mother’s Day to all the moms here!

    Thanks buzzy for all you do, and I hope you feel better soon!

    • ck says:

      Always good to read your posts and hope you have a very “Happy Mother’s Day” w/lots of get well wishes too!
      Here’s to “exciting on the edge of your seat play” w/TEBOW!!! 😀

  8. Andrea says:

    Looks like they caught the Patriots cheating again. Pretty boy Brady and his two equipment stooges.

    The NFL needs Tim Tebow more than Tim Tebow needs the NFL.

    • ck says:

      Andrea: Just heard what you posted and they have text messages from the guys who were part of “deflate-gate” from whom other than Brady even though he has refused to give up his cell phone! Imagine that, Bellicheat and Brady implicated in yet another debacle…Tebow was TOO GOOD FOR THAT MESS!
      Certainly looks like NO CLASS on their part if they have to win by cheating impo!

    • ck says:

      Very true about the NFL and Tebow…agreed. Looks like what goes around…hmmmmmmmmm!

      • ck says:

        It will be interesting to hear the lies he (Brady) will now tell in order to get out of this “can of worms”; i.e, set-up! 🙁

  9. David Oliver says:

    Brandi and Folks – A Great Short Video continuing this Historic

    GREAT VIDEO OVERVIEW OF TIM TEBOW and the 2012 Top 100 Player List:

    Tim Tebow – to the “Elitist Tebow Haters Chagrin” was elected by
    his fellow NFL Players to THE TOP 100 Players list for 2012.
    (The last real opportunity he had to show his stuff)

    “The NFL Top 100 is an annual list that features the top one hundred players in the National Football League (NFL), as chosen by fellow NFL players. The rankings are based on an off-season poll organized by the NFL, whereby players vote on their peers based on the performance of the previous season and their belief of how the player will perform in the coming season. So far, the #1 ranked player has always been the reigning MVP of the league.”


  10. Sherri says:

    “Well I asked around on Twitter about the sentiments on asking Tony Dungy to lead the selection of the initial Head Coaches and oversee the selection process for League Commissioner. As is befitting such a great man, the response was an overwhelming “Oh Yes! Yes!”

    Coach Dungy is clearly our 1st choice for that all-important task. Now we need to see if he has the time…he does, I believe, have a book signing tour coming up…and interest. We’ll keep you posted.”

    Brandi, can you Please give us an Update on how talks with Coach Dungy are progressing?

  11. Sherri says:

    “For those wondering…and there have already been a couple…one of the aims of the Care Sports Illumine Project is to bring the 2024 Olympics to Florida. We want to be able to show the full capabilities to the IOC, for creating Stadium, Arena, Housing, as well as transportation, utilities, etc. for such an event. Bids begin in 2015. We plan on showing full capabilities to support the Olympics in Florida.

    So giving the Fans a chance to watch The League coming together makes a perfect fit.”

    IMAGINE Tim running up to light the Olympic fire wearing a Tampa Bay Bandits jersey, the ENTIRE WORLD seeing his smile, his face, his JERSEY.

    This is why he should have signed with The League. Let’s see the NFL make him an Olympic Icon, an INTERNATIONAL Icon. Bigger than football, an ambassador.

    He made a terrible mistake sticking with the NFL.

    • Sam says:

      I believe it when i see it, ’the league’. So until then, this is as annoying as Jason beeing critical about Tim

  12. The Major says:

    The Olympics? Tony Dungy?


  13. Bigfan says:

    The IOC really now!! A bunch of leeches!! Follow the money kids cuzz someone is getting filthy rich!!

  14. ck says:

    Is Sherri, Brandi? (This is what someone pointed out and am now wondering…)
    Buzzy Says I am checking that out now if so i will delete the entrys

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