Top 12 Tim Tebow Sports Moments

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Top 12 Tim Tebow Sports Moments

Phil Coale/Associated Press
Tim Tebow will return to the football field in 2015 and will get the chance to add to an already lengthy list of accomplishments.

On April 20th, 2015, the world stood still as Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles officially signed Tim Tebow, effectively giving the living legend another shot at making his NFL dreams come true. 

And though the news came on the heels of the quarterback’s disappointing stints in New York and New England, it’s given Tebow admirers renewed hope while also reminding us all of some of his most memorable moments.

Like the tear-filled speech he gave following a 2008 loss to Ole Miss., which inspired a title run and is now immortalized on a plaque outside of Bell Hill Griffin Stadium.

We were also reminded of Tebow’s transcendent junior season, which he ended with double-digit-point wins over Florida State, Alabama and Oklahoma as well as with a second national championship.

Of course, we couldn’t forget his 2011 run with the Broncos either, which saw the gifted signal-caller ground the Jets with a miracle run and then stun the Steelers with the timeliest of throws.

With, then, these and other moments in mind, we’ve compiled our very own honorary list, specifically remembering the top 12 Tim Tebow sports moments.

Beginning in high school, where the legend was born, and ending in the NFL—yet another platform he used to captivate America—we’ve done our best to accurately relive some of Tebow’s most iconic moments. And with his return to the league blissfully on the horizon, we can hope these memories also serve as a sign of things to come, that a little more Tebow Time is surely on its way.  

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The Legend Begins

It only makes sense for us to begin with the precise moment that birthed the legend of Tim Tebow.

The buzz surrounding the iconic athlete dates all the way back to his sophomore year at Nease High School, when Tebow first got the chance to start at quarterback. Quickly, it’s worth noting, the do-it-all signal caller actually began his high school football career as a freshman at Trinity Christian but transferred to Nease for his sophomore season after spending the entirety of his ninth grade year at nose guard and tight end rather than at quarterback.  

In a life filled with countless heady decisions, deciding to transfer was arguably the best one Tebow ever made.

And validation didn’t take long, coming near the end of the 2003 football season, his first with Nease. 

In the early stages of a game against Pedro Menendez High School, a still-under-the-radar Tebow suffered a viscous tackle and fell awkwardly, badly injuring his right leg. Upon digging himself out of the grass, he carried a noticeable limp but, as expected, refused to come out of the game.

And as the contest wore on, Tebow’s limp only grew more and more pronounced, until he could barely stand.

For the tough-as-nails quarterback, however, the injury was simply one more obstacle to overcome. 

For proof, simply check out his 29-yard, game-tying touchdown run (linked above), which he hobbled his way to the end zone late in the fourth quarter.

After the game, X-rays revealed that Tebow had stumbled and starred on a broken leg!

Of course, the mythical moment was merely a launching point for the developing prospect, who set a Florida state record with 4,286 yards passing the very next year.  

Tebow’s First Title

As a high school sophomore, Tim Tebow made a name for himself. As a junior, he left his mark in the Florida high school football state record books.

He did not, however, became a champion until his senior season, when he led Nease to its first-ever state title.

Prior to the quarterback’s arrival, the Panthers were a dreadful program, described by head coach Craig Howard as “everyone’s homecoming game.” But in just three seasons of work, Tebow changed everything.

In his final year, the mythical signal-caller led Nease to an impressive 13-2 record as well as to a monumental win over two-time defending state champion Armwood in the Class 4A title game.

In the final showdown—a 44-37 Nease victory—Tebow completed 18-of-27 passes for 237 yards and four scores in addition to running for 153 yards (on 27 carries) and another two touchdowns!

Tebow Trumps Tennessee

MARK HUMPHREY/Associated Press
With a single clutch run against Tennessee, Tim Tebow helped keep Florida’s 2006 title hopes alive.

Thanks to a drama-filled and equally prolific high school career, Tebow arrived in Gainesville in 2006 amid unprecedented intrigue and fanfare, though not without some doubters too.

But in just the third game of his freshman season, Tebow more than proved his worth, showing the world that he could already have a season-defining impact.

With the Gators on the road—in raucous Neyland Stadium no less—and trailing Tennessee 20-14 late in the fourth quarter, Tebow made perhaps the game’s biggest play. Faced with an all-important 4th-and-1 with the game on the line, head coach Urban Meyer turned to, of all people, his freshman quarterback!

Of course, as we’ve come to expect from the heroic athlete, Tebow bulldozed his way for two yards and a Gator first down, setting up a Chris Leak-to-Dallas Baker game-winning touchdown just two plays later. 

In more of a specialist role, Timmy carried the ball seven times on the night, rushing for 29 yards and four first downs. 

More importantly, he established himself as an unflappable competitor who could truly be counted on, even at a young age and on the biggest of stages.

And it’s worth noting, the win itself was huge, as Florida went on to win the national championship later the same year. 


A Star Is Born

Kelly Kline/Associated Press
Despite all the doubters, Tim Tebow did enough to win the Heisman Trophy as just a sophomore.

Despite all that he accomplished as a freshman, plenty of people still questioned whether a second-year Tebow could be a productive every-down starter at quarterback.

Playing little more than a complementary role as a freshman, many critics suggested the brute of a quarterback was nothing more than a runner, with little hope of ever developing as even an adequate passer.

Boy were they wrong!

Tebow took over the Gators as a sophomore and not only rocked defenders, but the entire college football world. 

On the year, he threw for 3,286 yards, 32 touchdowns and just six interceptions, while completing 66.9 percent of his passes and ranking second nationally in passing efficiency. Of course, he also ran for another 895 yards and 23 scores, setting SEC records for rushing and total touchdowns in a season as well as an FBS record for most rushing touchdowns by a quarterback. 

And as we all know well by now, a bow was placed atop the memorable season when Tebow also became college football’s very first sophomore to win the Heisman Trophy!

The Speech

After winning a national championship as a supplementary piece during his freshman season, and then a Heisman Trophy as a sophomore star, there was really only one thing left for Tim Tebow to accomplish as a junior: Now as the team’s unquestioned focal point, he still needed to lead Florida to a national title.

But early in the 2008 season, he and Florida’s title hopes seemed to come crashing down, as the Gators fell at home to unranked Ole Miss—31-30—just four weeks into the year.

The loss, however, was nothing short of a blessing in disguise.

Florida bounced back, ran the table in dominating fashion—it won each of it’s remaining 10 games by double digits with a 33.8-point average margin of victory—and went on to win its second title in just three seasons.   

Of course, none of that happens if not for Tebow’s stirring and now legendary postgame speech. 


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A Lasting Image

Steve Cannon/Associated Press
In 2008, Tim Tebow got memorably dirty while dominating the Seminoles.

Following Florida’s 2008 loss to Ole Miss—and The Speech—the Gators went on an absolute tear, which included 10 straight victories and a 45-15 demolishing of Florida State at Doak Campbell Stadium. 

Heading into the game, Florida knew it was the far superior team and just two wins away from a trip to the national title game.

In pregame warm-ups, however, it looked as though torrential rain could play a huge equalizing factor on the day, so much so that head coach Urban Meyer grew seriously concerned.

“I panicked,” said Meyer. “If it was up to me I probably would have run him 50 times today.”  

Fortunately, then offensive coordinator Dan Mullen ignored his boss’s directive, instead sticking to game plan and unleashing Tebow and the rest of the Gators on the Noles. 

Mullen’s decision to stay aggressive in the rain produced 45 points, 317 rushing yards, a four-touchdown performance from Tebow and one of college football’s most lasting images: a ferocious Tebow, drenched by rain and stained with Seminole end-zone paint.      

Burning Bama

Dave Martin/Associated Press
To defeat No. 1 Alabama in the 2008 SEC Title game, Florida needed a special performance from Tim Tebow.

On January 8, 2009, Tim Tebow led the University of Florida to its second national championship in three years. 

Before that, however, he helped the Gators get past No. 1 Alabama in perhaps the most clutch performance of his college career. 

Against the Tide in the SEC title game, Florida entered the fourth quarter trailing, 23-20. But Tebow couldn’t let the Gators lose. 

After helping Florida battle back to take a four-point fourth-quarter lead, Tebow then led a memorable game-icing drive, hitting a tightly covered Riley Cooper with a perfect five-yard touchdown pass to make the score 31-20 with just 2:50 to play. 

“He’s a great competitor. He takes his teammates on his shoulders a lot,” Alabama coach Nick Saban said. “They have a lot of confidence he’s going to make plays, and they play that way. They scored two touchdowns where we had them covered about as well as we could cover them.”

On the night, Tebow rushed for 57 yards, passed for another 216 and threw for three scores!




Timmy Title

After getting by Alabama in a rugged SEC title game, Tebow’s title run as leader of the Gators was one win from complete.

But there was still some pretty tough meat left on the bone: He and Florida had to outlast a dynamic and star-studded team from Oklahoma in the 2009 BCS Championship Game.

The Sooners scored an NCAA record 716 points in 2008 and were led by Sam Bradford, who had recently beat out Tebow for the year’s Heisman trophy.

It was the man in orange and blue, however, who once again stole the show. 

After struggling with a career-high two interceptions in the first half, Tebow came alive in the second, and it all culminated in yet another quarterback-led, game-winning drive. 

With the game on the line and just 3:07 to play, the Gator legend broke Sooner hearts with a perfectly thrown jump pass, putting Florida up for good, 24-14

Fittingly, Tebow was chosen as the game’s Most Outstanding Player, throwing for 231 yards, rushing for 109 and scoring two touchdowns on the night.  

Oh, and we should mention, he was also responsible for one hell of a halftime speech (linked above)! 



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Saying Goodbye

Like in most great sports rivalries, the results of such bitter affairs often play a major role in defining the legacies of those who participate.

And though Tebow had already won plenty—including two SEC titles, two national titles and a Heisman Trophy—his resume needed at least one more win: a victory over Florida State in his last career home game.

Of course, the significance of the moment was hardly lost on an emotionally charged Tebow, who played a near-perfect game. 

In a convincing 37-10 Romp in the Swamp, Tebow completed 17 of 21 passes for 221 yards and three touchdowns while also rushing for 90 yards and another two scores. That’s five farewell touchdowns, folks.

On the night, Gator Nation was wowed by one of the all-time greats for a final time, and by completing a perfect 12-0 regular season with a home thrashing of the Noles, Tebow found the perfect way to say goodbye!




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A Night to Remember

Though Timmy’s senior season in Gainesville didn’t go exactly how he hoped—a loss to Alabama in the 2009 SEC title game ended Florida’s bid to repeat as national champs—the prolific quarterback went out with a bang nonetheless. 

At 12-1 on the year, Florida earned itself a trip to the Sugar Bowl, where it faced a surprisingly undefeated team from Cincinnati. 

But early in the game, Tebow made one thing clear: Cincy’s dream season was about to come to a disappointing end.

In his last game as a college star, an on-fire Tebow simply added to his legendary resume: He ran for 51 yards and a touchdown but also completed 31 of 35 passes for a career-high 482 yards and another three scores! 

In the 51-24 victory, the historic signal-caller set a BCS record for passing yards in a game, cementing his legacy as one of college football’s most iconic figures. 


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The Run

After starting the 2011 NFL season in disappointing 1-4 fashion, the Denver Broncos turned to a young, second-year Tim Tebow, who proceeded to lead the Broncos on a magical three-month run.

During Tebow’s stint as starter, Denver went a respectable 8-5, which included six consecutive victories and a trip to the postseason. 

And in the midst of bringing the Broncos back from the dead, Tebow created countless “I can’t believe I just saw that” memories, including a 17-13 come-from-behind win over the New York Jets. 

Like so often was the case in his NFL stars, Tebow was mostly unwatchable through the game’s first three quarters.

But when it was time to put up or shut up, the Comeback Kid was once again special. 

Down 13-10 late, and facing a vaunted Jets defense, Tebow calmly led the Broncos on a 95-yard game-winning drive.

Better yet, with just 58 seconds to play, he was the one to personally stick the dagger in, capping the comeback off with a miraculous, unforgettable 20-yard scamper (linked above). 

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Tebow Time

Even after reigniting the 2011 Broncos and leading them all the way to the playoffs, Tim Tebow had plenty of doubters heading into his first career postseason start.

And with good reason. After all, the “suspect” thrower was traveling to Pittsburgh to face a bad-to-the-bone Steelers defense.

Of course, Tebow’s never better than when doubted the most, a point he used the Steelers to once again make. 

Not only did the inaccurate passer throw for 316 yards and two scores in the game, but he also led Denver to an improbable 29-23 overtime victory.

And most important of all, Timmy was once again the last-second difference-maker, willing his Broncos to postseason victory in truly poetic fashion: with an 80-yard, game-winning dime to Demaryius Thomas.  

In the end, the tremendous Tebow not only electrified Denver and vanquished a giant, but did it all with his arm to boot

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