What are odds on Tim Tebow throwing a TD pass? Or just making the Eagles?

Kristian Dyer

Tim Tebow is likely not a betting man but that doesn’t mean that his future with the Philadelphia Eagles can’t be bet upon.

He has been a quarterback without a team since the New England Patriots cut him at the end of the 2013 presason, a former first-round pick who won a division title and a playoff game in his only year as a starter. The most polarizing quarterback in the history of the NFL is back in the league, creating a stir among fans and pundits alike. And it got the attention of the gambling site Bovada, as well.

The former Denver Bronco, former New York Jet and (very briefly) former Patriot is an underdog to make the Eagles. The odds are 5-2 that he will make the Eagles 53-man roster for Week 1, this according to Bovada’s odds. And the odds are 3-1 that if he does make the roster, he will eventually start for Chip Kelly’s team.

Other Tebow odds from Bovada, with the first three contingent on him making the 53-man roster:

Will throw a TD pass: 2-1
Will rush for a TD: 2-1
Will record a TD reception: 20-1
Gets cut, traded, released or retires: 1-1

Tebow hasn’t thrown an NFL pass since Dec. 17, 2012 when he was a member of the Jets (it was an incompletion). His last touchdown came in the playoffs at the end of the 2011 season, in a wild-card weekend win over the Pittsburgh Steelers. In that game, Tebow threw for two touchdowns and also rushed for one in a dramatic 29-23 overtime win for the Broncos.

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23 Responses to “What are odds on Tim Tebow throwing a TD pass? Or just making the Eagles?”

  1. andrea says:

    Unworthy of a comment. Sorry.

  2. TheMascotArmy says:

    What a misleading b.s. comment about his last jets attempt being an incompletion. If I remember his few jets attempts right, he was 6 of 8, one plain dropped ball and an up for grabs that could’ve been caught. But as most critics, they haven’t watched and don’t remember the plays, just snippets out of context, like that sack for a big loss that the haters like to bring up without understanding that that play was fourth down at the end of the game and a sack for a loss was as meaningless as any positive play besides a td would have been.

  3. LuitLipton says:

    Pretty cool article from Philly’s Sheridan. As a fan it’s nice to be referred to as “He really has a large and rather devoted following. And that’s fine” rather than a cult following. There’s definitpey a different vibe this time around and I hope that translates into Tebow Time!


    • brandi says:

      I think the most important part of this article is just 3 words…”among Eagles Fans”. IMO Philly Fans across the board of having an attitude that they don’t care what anyone else thinks about them.

      Basically, let the national Media say whatever the &^% it wants. So what? Let “Fans” of other Teams make their snide comments. Who cares? That seems to have been the generally Sports Fan in Philly attitude and it certainly seems to be that here. I think Eagles Fans are going to like Tim until HE gives them a reason not to.

      My advice, ignore the national Media and definitely the Tim Blasters and just stick with the folks in Philly. (Or other Eagles Fans) I think it’ll be alot let aggravating.

    • ck says:

      LuitLipton: You and me both…TEBOW TIME!

  4. brandi says:

    National Articles and Commentary are even more useless than usual. (BTW, that isn’t specifically a Tim Tebow thing. NFL Media is the worst of every Sport by far in general.)

    If Tim had been with the Eagles last Season, they would have been a Playoff Team. EVEN if the only thing he did was strengthen their short yardage and red zone effectiveness. It was a big weak link. One that probably also prompted the changes at Running Back. Even some generally unfavorable toward Tim SportsWriters are saying he should be good for two more Wins THIS Year. I began hearing estimates of 3 additional Wins last year with Tebow and a close check of the games pretty much bears that out. With those 3 Wins, the Eagles would have been the #1 Seed in the NFL, with a Bye Week instead of looking up at the Playoffs.

    Barring something really odd, Tim is a Philadelphia Eagle this year. What remains to be seen is what his entire role will be. If Chip can’t find a way to get Marcus Mariota, I expect the reliance on Tim as a solid option behind Center to get alot more airtime. Because some of the Eagles Beat Reporters are already looking at Bradford and Sanchez and saying Chip has limited faith in Mark and nobody can count on Sam until he shows he is and can stay healthy.

    The National Guys may be looking at mock depth charts. But that’s less than meaningless. Tim was “4th” on the Broncos Depth Chart in 2010 in Denver. 2nd, then 3rd and then briefly 4th (behind Adam Weber) in Denver in 2011. So somebody tell me why anyone wastes time on these charts and arguing over them. It didn’t mean anything in New York either, as everyone here knows.

  5. ck says:

    Guess they have the “SHUT DOWN CORNER” name right…shut it down imp! 🙁
    Otherwise, glad T2 is going to beat the odds. All great posts here btw.

  6. Pamelot says:

    Been wanting to say this:
    In Tim’s little pre-season adventure with the mighty Patriots, he played three second-half games. He led the Patriots to win ALL THREE of those games. In the one of four games he didn’t play, they lost. The end.

    • Sage says:

      Is that how it went? I don’t recall. Wouldn’t surprise me. That’s Tim.

      A coach hitching his wagon to Tebow could have a very successful decade.

      • brandi says:

        Until this year, not many Coaches could hitch their wagons to anything. Chip has been given free reign to be his own GM. Several other Teams changed their structure somewhat to minimize the control their GMs had.

        I don’t know if Tim had a good shot anywhere these last two years. But I do know there were several Teams whose Head Coach had expressed some interest in at least having a look at him. No promises. Just a look. And in one of those, I was told it was straight Coach said Yes and GM said hell no. Others were somewhat more cloudy. But in each case, it was the Coaches or someone on the Coaching staff who had some interest in seeing if there was something there and someone in the Front Office who shut down the talk.

        • Sage says:

          What you say about coaches and GMs is likely true. Yet a coach with vision could see what Tebow is capable of from film alone, and from an understanding of leadership. And unless he’s on the way out, a coach can usually exert a lot of influence on his team.

          Most coaches are gravely afraid of standing out.

          • brandi says:

            There is something seriously wrong with the way most people like to couch discussions about the NFL. That they know what they’re doing.

            This is a league that threatened to sue churches and has spent years backpeddling. A smart Org would have known it was a fool’s attempt from the start and thank the football gods it didn’t totally blow up on them. The Networks were very clear they’d never pay the kind of money they’re paying again. Yet Goodell stands up and crows all of the money they were going to get for the Thursday Games. Then they had to settle for a split deal for half the money because the Networks did what they said they would.

            They don’t understand they’re smallest customers. And they don’t understand their biggest.

            The handling of the Season of Scandal was such a total amateurish disaster they were crushed by TMZ.

            I can go on with this list until Buzzy’s site runs out of bandwidth. This is a league that shows from the simplest issue like an Off-Season Schedule Coaches finally had to admit is just plain not enough time to whether their biggest customers were going to let the Commish have egg on his face by using a number they knew they’d never agree to, and had already said so. All people see is the money coming in that won’t come in again as some kind of evidence the league must do things right when so many things show clearly how messed up the operation is.

            So why when looking at things like Tim’s handling, where the problem has been all of those oh so annoying customers, that there must be reasonableness. There’s not been any good indication it’s a reasonably run organization.

    • ck says:

      Pamelot: Yes, they got skunked 40-9 against Detroit w/Brady playing the first half and scoring only 3 points and Mallet in the second. Coach BB was asked why only two QBs played and he just stated that “Because only two QB’s played”!
      Think he was guilty of being “DISINGENUOUS” w/T2 especially, when as a QB he won in the preseason as you stated…chalk it up to EGO’s; i.e., Belicheat, Elrot + CO. and Rotten Ryan Etc.!:(
      Now, believe he has a coach that is ALL IN THIS TIME WHICH IS GREAT FOR TEBOW AND HIS FANS…FINALLY!:)

  7. Pamelot says:

    Thank you for checking! I remembered it right. At the time I kept thinking, “This makes no sense.”

  8. gramma jeanie says:

    Some intelligent comments. Now I just hope Chip can do his part to finally give Tim a decent chance. At least we are no longer dealing with Elway.

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