Tim Tebow God’s An Eagles Fan …Say Philly Pastors


0420-tim-tebow-cross-religion-GETTY-01Eagles fans, stock the bubbly … ’cause a bunch of local Philadelphia pastors tell us with the signing of Tim Tebow … the team gained a very powerful ally … GOD!! 

TMZ Sports spoke with 5 church officials who rep 7 churches in Philly… and the sentiment was universal … Tebow’s faith — and relationship with God — will have a HUGE impact on the Eagles. 

Here are some of the highlights … 

— Rev. Bill Golderer (Broad Street Ministries) — “Our legacy [as Eagles fans] has been over 50 years of futility. Tebow’s close to God, so we wouldn’t have to sell our soul to the devil to win a Super Bowl.”

— Rev. Safford (Christ Church) — “Having a faith-based person with the Eagles can only help the team.”

— Pastor Kent Jacobs (Epic Church) — “We love Tim. He’s awesome! Everyone needs people to encourage them and he’s that type of guy. So he’ll help the locker room.”

One church official says his congregation is PUMPED too — “I got a call last night. I thought a parish member was in the hospital, but it was just someone telling me we signed Tebow.”

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11 Responses to “Tim Tebow God’s An Eagles Fan …Say Philly Pastors”

  1. David Oliver says:

    Another Philly Sourced Overview of Chip Kelly and Tim Tebow:

    “What’s with all the criticism of Chip Kelly and Tim Tebow?”

    Tuesday, April 21, 2015 3:01 AM .. Read more at->


    • ck says:

      David O. Looks like they are going to find out how fortunate they are to finally have a WINNER on their team and think this coach is going to be thought of as a genius like McDaniels would have been if he had played T2 impo!

      • ck says:

        Oh, and another thing Tebow sure put the Bronco’s on the map by WINNING!!!
        Saved their jobs especially Fox & Elrot etc.!

        • brandi says:

          He did more than that. Nobody seems to want to remember how bad the Off-Season was before the Miracle Season. Josh McDaniels being fired was only one thing that happened and that was more about making Pat Bowlen utter the words “This is the first time I have ever been ashamed to call myself the Owner of the Denver Broncos” over SpyGate West even more than 2010 having seen more losses than any Season in Broncos History.

          The Denver Sports Media, especially the long-time Columnists and Reporters who were closest to the Team and the people high up in the Organization were saying the Franchise was basically bankrupt and things were so bad Pat Bowlen was facing whether to decide to sell it to someone with deeper pockets or have the league force him to.

          That’s why Joe Ellis called Tim Tebow one of his 3 (along with Fox & Elway) “Game Changers”. The “Game” was the future of the Denver Broncos Franchise from one of losing and even losing ownership to someone who could absorb the losses. With Tebow, the Sponsorships started rolling in, the dark off-season days were replaced with excitement and the Broncos future was turned around almost overnight.

          Not that any of Tim’s detractors would ever admit any of this. So what? They’ve shown one thing loud and clear. Their own petty snarkiness means MUCH more to them than the league they claim to be defending.

  2. David Oliver says:

    Tim Tebow DOES – Look for GOD’s will, Direction, and Path in All his Life Decisions:

    Tebow could fly as an Eagle by “Skip Bayless, First Take” host…>


    • ck says:

      Thanks David O. and I read the whole article. Looks like Skip was drinking the Kool-Aid from Stephen what’s his name…Ugh! Nothing wrong with being a fanatic for T2; and his fans are one of the main reasons he is relevant instead of irrelevant! Don’t think he should feel like he was hindering his career prospects b/c if anyone had to be guilty then it was definitely ELROT & CO.!!!! Looks like T2 and his fans are going to have the last laugh after all…THANK GOD!!!

  3. KingSolomon says:

    the sheer amount of hate out there is amazing to me. I cannot believe some of he things being said about Tim. It really bothers me, but I keep reminding myself of one thing——it does not bother Tim and actually motivates him. So I am trying not to read the hate and hoping and praying that Tim proves the haters wrong.

    • ck says:

      KingSolomon: Remember this: “The weak band together to try to pull down the STRONG” Besides, we know who really is in CONTROL AND IT IS NOT THE NAYSAYERS/CRITICS WHO CAN’T MEASURE UP! 🙁

      • tawk2 says:

        I agree with you both! So tired of the haters! I have boycotted all sports media shows, I will watch Tim play if given the chance. I will not help raise ratings of these shows who berate Tim and his fans! They all make me I’ll! Tim has always had to fight to play, and always the one who the media rips a part! Don’t these haters know by now that their hateful words only fuel Tim more to work even harder?

        If truly given a chance this time I truly believe he will leave all those who have hated him in the dust! GO TEBOW!

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