National Pretzel Day: Tim Tebow to Eagles inspires ‘Tebowing’ pretzel

National Pretzel Day celebrates with a Tim Tebow ‘Tebowing’ pretzel
You Tube/CBSN

Sunday, April 25th’s reason to celebrate? It’s National Pretzel Day! And with all the baked, thick or thin, twisted or straight, salted or unsalted flavored pretzels to choose from, there are certainly plenty of reasons and ways to celebrate this National Pretzel Day. According to the CBS Tampa Bay Sarasota News report on April 24, it looks like even Tim Tebow, via the Philly Pretzel Factory, is getting in on this year’s pretzel day celebration, with a pretzel shaped to look like it is ‘Tebowing.’

According to historians, pretzels are believed to be the world’s oldest snack, dating as far back to 610 A.D. where Italian monks served the baked scraps of leftover dough, twisted into the shape of crossed arms (the traditional prayer posture at that time), to their students. This unique shaped knot was said to represent the Holy Trinity, and over the course of time, the significance of the symbol evolved; during the 17th century, the pretzel became known as the symbol representing the bond of marriage, along with the phrase “tying the knot”.

According to legend, the hard and crunchy pretzels we have come to know and love today, actually began quite by accident in the late 1600’s, when a Pennsylvania baker had forgotten a batch of pretzels in the oven. He decided to sample his dark brown, hard over-baked treats, and was pleasantly surprised by what has been described as “crunchy deliciousness.”

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  1. ck says:

    Might have to look up The Philly Pretzel Factory and give them some extra business $$. 🙂

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