A little of Tim Tebow


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  1. jason says:

    Who told you two years ago that kelly was looking at tebow…..!!! Who said he didn’t like what he saw……!!! LOL!! Look it up as i did say it buzzy to let y’all know.
    Not one of you knows much of anything about the NFL. Oh wait i forgot i don’t know anything do i. I don’t know that kelly didn’t like any tape he saw on timmy. I didn’t know that timmy had to change everything about his skill set if he wanted to return.
    Buzzy should i be censored for speaking knowledge and being right about what i’ve said?…..i guess i’m just a bad jason right?
    Buzzy Says : Pretty Much You are right Jason Pick on me leave the others alone.

    • TheMascotArmy says:

      I remember and enjoyed your insight, but you’re overstating your case Tebow would be working his ass off if he was as good as Tom Brady, its no proof of anything. And kelly has always liked tebow, he just never had the power to act upon it, until this year, and surprise! he took a closer look. Its just an added bonus that tebow has revamped his throwing motion, turning him from a capable nfl qb into a potential nfl weapon of mass destruction. Kelly is one of maybe five coaches who sees football without blinders.

    • brandi says:

      It seems Tebow Fans do know something about the NFL. See if anything here sounds like what Tim’s Fans have said and have said would happen to the NFL if it continues the way it has.


  2. jason says:

    Does history matter to you or does it not buzzy?
    I don’t hate tebow i don’t like the stupidity of his fans. Even timmy knows he had to fix all his issues and has worked his A off to do such.
    You never have one argument nor does the angry fans that don’t know the NFL. Brandi tell people where the league is or tell about investigations about your lies…LOL!!!!!

  3. Jason your mask is so yesterday . Grow up and get a life . He isn’t talking about football , he is speaking on something you know nothing about its called the bible and Jesus
    Buzzy Says : No need to slam Jason Either.

  4. ck says:

    Buzzy I hope you care about not letting such negativity go unchallenged?

  5. ck says:


  6. Sam says:

    Don’t get me wrong here, i don’t like the fact that Jason is always here to speak negatively, but on some points i think he is actually right on point. Not the points he speak on now, but in the past. I’ve said it a while ago, the comments on this site always go about other people who are dumb and stuff, but when somebody who is negative on tebow -not even that negative- you all think the world is ending… that’s just hypocrite. Certainly when he is just based on facts.
    Buzzy Says : No need to slam Jason Either.

    • The Major says:

      Like you I don’t understand Jason’s continued fascination with this site.

      Tim’s run in the NFL is over. It sucks, but he’s a broadcaster now. I don’t understand why Jason feels the need to harangue us over what he considers Tim’s deficiencies, considering whomever Jason’s favorite team/QB isn’t in any “danger” of having Tebow take over.

      THAT SAID, Jason is right on the money when it comes to “Brandi”. Buzzy knows better. There’s a reason why the admins at the other two Tebow boards:

      http://overfortyathlete.blogspot.com/ and


      have banned “Brandi” and refuse to post anything related to him.

      He (yes, it’s a HE) is a scam artist, one currently under investigation by the Florida Cyber Crimes Center.

      Buzzy knows all this, knows what happened to what was previously the busiest Tebow fan site on the web:


      And continues to entertain “Brandi”. For the life of me, I don’t understand why.
      Buzzy Says : No need to slam Jason Either.

    • Sam says:

      I’m not slamming anybody here, just pointing out the fact that he has good points, and that there are people here who aren’t bettere than him..
      Buzzy says : He is still here.

  7. andrea says:

    Jason is always here to speak negatively.

    A review of my posts shows that I am not 100% Tebow. I often criticize his Hollywood connections for example.

    People in the sports media get paid for their opinions on Tebow yet so far Buzzy has not sent me a check so my commenting on Tebow is not for monetary gain. I worked decades at a real job – not getting paid money to trash talk a Christian football player.

    As usual Jason attacks Tebow supporters as stupid and as whack jobs.

    Seems with Michael Sam’s recent performance at the veterans combine – slower than last year – it appears I was 100% percent right about him being drafted because of his sexual status and that he is/was not suited for the NFL.

    I also can’t help it if I am right about Elway being a total jerk. No one has mentioned in the sports media nowadays how he acted like a total prima donna idiot when the Baltimore Colts drafted him.

    I seem to remember Jason saying how 32 GM’s and coaches are the experts on who is good or not and then when I bring up Kurt Warner Jason gets a terminal case of lockjaw.

    So the charge that I am a Tebow lackey is just ludicrous.

    As a Army General once said -“Some people’s brains are just stuck on stupid ”

    I would mention names but I do not think Buzzy will approve.
    Buzzy Says : No need to slam Jason Either.

  8. ck says:

    Andrea: I have got to remember that ONE (Army General’s statement) and pretty much sums it up impo…S-T-U-C-K ON S_ _ _ _ _ which is not a slam, but A FACT PLUS IT COMES FROM SOMEONE WHO IS CREDIBLE, A GENERAL!!!
    Besides, Buzzy, wouldn’t you rather have Tisa commenting rather than someone who is soooooooooooooo offensive?!!! 🙂 Believe he stated that he would not comment if it had been proven that b/c of him she no longer wished to comment at this site…hmmmmmm! CAN YOU BLAME HER?!!!

  9. ck says:

    Maybe the REAL intention is to cause a rift in order to have an effect versus OBVIOUSLY starving for attention…how sad that he feels the need to alienate others! Hope he finally finds a place where “HIS KIND” are accepted…guess church w/prayer group would be a good place to seriously start impo. LOTS OF PRAYER NEEDED FOR THAT PROJECT!

  10. ck says:

    On another note, hope Tawk2 is alright.

    • tawk2 says:

      Thanks ck, Igor home late last night this time only 3 and a half hours, I also ended up having a bone marrow graft on my hip, my surgeon used the bone marrow in my foot in several places, a lot done again. I also came home in a cast that is up to my knee. Had a rough time in recovery had to stay there longer than my surgery. I am so glad to be home though, had a rough night, had to wait until this morning for my hubby to go to the pharmacy to fill my Valium and dillaud. I am blessed though to have come through, God was and is with me and prayers do work! Thank you and to all here for keeping me in your prayers, you all are always in mine.

      I found an article I believe in the last couple of days about Chip Kelley in the story it said that Chip really liked what he saw with Tebow at his recent workout.

      I hate reading the comments above and seeing all upset. I believe everyone is entitled to their opinions, but when opinions start attacking others that is where I draw the line.

      Yes Tebow needed some work but there are many quarterbacks in the league now who need work. Difference is teams are playing these quarterbacks anyways. When Tebow never gives up and works so hard to be he best, he gets attacked by others. I just get really tired of the double standards.

      I cannot understand though why some would come to this site to cause turmoil and bash Tebow and others who post here. I thought this site was for Tebow supporters and to share and support each other, not bash or tear others apart!

      I have personally been attacked here I will not mention any names and left for sometime. Now I try to ignore those who choose to come here to try to drive a wedge. I have to bite my tounge at times,but I care for the people who support Tebow, love sharing too and learning.

      I have noticed though that some only show up at certain times and only spew negativity, never anything nice said, or at like they are being nice only to weave in a sarcastic or ugly comment at the end.

      I will be praying that we who support Tebow will stand united and not let some tear us apart or this site!

      Thanks again ck for caring, I too miss Tisa.

      • bubbaelvis says:

        Well said. Hopefully, we all stay positive and can respect each others opinions.
        I am glad to hear that Chip Kelly liked what he saw. I was beginning to wonder since Tim hasn’t had any other workouts. I thought it had to be because he must not have done well. However, if that was the case we would have already heard the bashing and see I told you so. Even if he was just average it would have been presented as a total failure. So my feeling is he looked great. I know the obvious question is if he did so good why didn’t they sign him? I think Kelly has a master plan and there is no need to show it. He doesn’t have to worry about anyone signing Tim based on the last year. He is being patient waiting for the pieces to fall in place.

        • tawk2 says:

          I just seen in that story an update evidently the eagles are looking to trade Bradford to the browns for a draft pick and johnny manziel, so I wonder now if Tebow really has a chance. Manziel stinks both on and off the field! Kelley I believe now really wants to try to get mariota in the draft, I hope I am wrong and this is just a rumor. I guess we will have to wait and see what happens.

        • ck says:

          Agree w/u and waiting to see something postive.

      • ck says:

        You are very welcome and, as you know, this is about the only site where you can be encouraged where T2 and his fans are concerned…glad you are home again recovering after such an ordeal. Prayers are w/u.
        Know Tisa would come back if a certain instigator would ply his negative trade elsewhere and wish Buzzy would do more than just censor impo. Can tell you this, it is looking like Manziel’s Time in the NFL has already been cut short due to his obvious defects and Tebow’s stock is certainly GOING UP! Thanks for keeping us posted.

        • Sam says:

          How do you see Tebow’s stock going up on this? I’m scared that if the eagles are the only interested team, he will have no place there with this trade.

          • ck says:

            Well, #1 is that he is not in rehab. and #2 is that he is still being mentioned and #3 is “WITH GOD, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE, IF YOU BELIEVE!” LOTS OF POSITIVES EQUALS THAT IMPO! DOESN’T MATTER WHAT RUMORS ARE GOING AROUND WHEN YOU HAVE FACTS!!! 🙂

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