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Sometime last season a friend of mine asked me who I’d rather have as my quarterback, Robert Griffin III or Colin Kaepernick. Both QBs were in the midst of dumpster fire seasons and their careers seemed headed to, at best, back-up status over the next two or three seasons.

I thought about it and chose Griffin, mainly because he actually has the brainpower to go with the physical skill set to play the position, even though his ego won’t let him actually learn it. Kaepernick may just be too stupid to get any better. But, I told him then and I meant it, I would take Tim Tebow over both of them. I still would.

Tebow’s name brings name brings up a lot of emotions in people, mostly stupid ones. He either drives you crazy or you think he’s the greatest athlete that ever fit his man-parts inside an athletic supporter. But, you know, there’s a middle ground there. He could be a tremendous athlete and leader who needs a lot of work developing his professional quarterbacking skills.

Tebow showed back up in the news over the last couple of weeks, first when his request to join the NFL’s first veteran’s combine was rejected and last week when Chip Kelly of the Philadelphia Eagles called him in to work out for the team. Tebow showed up, put on his show, and was promptly escorted out of the stadium.

Tim Tebow has come and gone from Philadelphia. Team is not planning to sign him at this time. We’ll see if anything changes.

— Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) March 16, 2015


Now, there’s rumors that the Eagles still want to sign him but have to find a trade partner for third-string quarterback Matt Barkley and that sounds just as likely as anything. If Barkley can’t beat out Mark Sanchez then there’s not much use keeping him on the team when he could be the best Subway Sandwich Artist Newport Beach, California has ever known.

Kelly told the NFL Network that he was just doing his “homework” on Tebow.

“It’s getting an exposure to a player so that when you have to make a decision and say ‘Hey, what are we going to do now?’” Kelly said. “‘You say, I don’t know anything about these players. Let’s bring them in and work them out, and it may be too late at that point in time.’”

Tebow hasn’t played a meaningful NFL snap since 2011 and been out of football completely for the last two seasons. In an effort to make a comeback, he enlisted the help of professional quarterback coach Tom House. House has helped coach up Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Carson Palmer and Alex Smith so Tebow has been in good hands. According to House, he’s also made great strides.

“He (Tebow) went from being a little inaccurate and didn’t throw a whole lot of spirals, to throwing very accurate and real good at spinning the ball,” House told CBS Sports.

Great throwing workout with my boys! Adam & Ian, you guys are the best! @RobbyTebow @brad_judah @chaseheavener pic.twitter.com/fzNEDO3qZn

— Tim Tebow (@TimTebow) March 15, 2015


There are 32 teams in the National Football League and most of them keep three quarterbacks on the roster. That’s anywhere from 64-96 available quarterback jobs, not counting practice squad positions. The fact that Tim Tebow can’t find a job where he can work under an NFL quarterback coach is ridiculous. You’re telling me you’d rather gave Sean Renfree than Tebow? Curits Painter? Jeff Tuel? Brandon Weedon is still in the NFL but Tebow isn’t? It’s ridiculous.

The main thing keeping Tebow out of the NFL is the circus he brings with him and, really, it isn’t his fault. People love him to death and hate him with everything that they are. He’s a polarizing figure and it’s not his fault. You’d think he was the first openly Christian athlete in sports history.

The circus wouldn’t cause a problem with a good team with an established quarterback like New England or Green Bay or New Orleans. And with the exception of time spent in Patriots training camp in 2013, Tebow hasn’t landed with those teams because they’re usually the ones that just keep a single back-up quarterback since they’ve got so much of their salary cap tied up in the starter.

Teams with less settled QB situations can’t afford to bring Tebow in because the trouble he’d cause with their stupid fanbase. If he was in Jacksonville right now the first multiple-interception game Blake Bortles had would bring out the Tebow brigade in force. They’d be putting up billboards, running ads in the paper and booing anyone not wearing John 3:16 on his eyeblack off the field.

So what’s the answer for Tebow? Canada. Tebow needs to get on board with a Canadian Football League team and learn how to play the position as an athletic pocket passer. He needs to continue developing his quarterback skills in a place where his wins and losses won’t really matter. And, yes, Canada. I’m saying your football doesn’t matter.

That is way too many players and what's that crazy yellow circle about?
That is way too many players and what’s that crazy yellow circle about?

You take the example of Warren Moon, who spent six years with the Edmonton Eskimoes and Doug Flutie who played for three different CFL teams before returning to the NFL in 1998. They couldn’t get a fair shake in the U.S. for whatever reason so they went north to various Canadian ice-covered hellscapes and perfected their football games there. There’s no reason the same thing can’t work for Tebow too. And if it does his next shot won’t be a comeback with the NFL. It will be a homecoming as the anointed and uncontested starter of an NFL franchise.

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  1. brandi says:

    The NFL gambled. It gambled that it didn’t need Tim Tebow. IMO, it lost that bet. I know I’ve been saying this for years. But now we’re already seeing the signs that the NFL needs every bit of popularity it can get, needs to both solidify and expand the domestic base and break open Internationally.

    Tebow does all of that. Maybe only for a few years. But he does provide those few years bump and boost. The NFL bet on Thursday Games and lost. The Networks said they would not pay the kind of money they agreed to in the TV deals again unless they saw money in it for them. Tim was the one and only named Player in the history of the discussions leading up to Network deals and the NFL ran him off. The Thursday Games came up and the Networks said No. You aren’t getting what you want this time just because you want it. Now Mark Waller is saying what I’ve been saying for years. If it can’t crack the International market the domestic base is at risk enough to drag the league and the game out of top sport/league in the US.

    Hubris had alot to do with the NFL’s rise. It also is what has led to it’s fall.

  2. andrea says:

    Excellent points Brandi.

    I would only add the mainstream sports media ‘s obsession with social issues is teeing people off big time.

    Who watches football to hear Bob Costa’s views on gun control?

    • ck says:

      Andrea: Looks like your fav, Sam, didn’t do very well in the NFL “Old Timer’s” Combine nor Mr. Negativity, Brady Quinn…epic FAIL!

    • brandi says:

      I’ve stopped trying to figure out why NFL Media just keeps being a Communications Dept tool. I kinda get the ones who are National “Insiders”. They have a very specific audience. And that audience can best be described as the kind who come here to spread stink bombs. But the Beat Columnists have audiences that go beyond the typical ESPN2 *Numbers Never Lie crowd. They hit a piece of the viewing audience for the Games themselves and there’s a pretty clear line drawn between the attitudes of the small group that consumes every morsel of drivel and the 96-97% who generally only watch the Games. The latter group is extremely Pro-Tebow and don’t get caught up in the agenda-driven fighting.

      I do see a few Columnists stepping outside the lines occasionally. But not nearly as much, IMO, as reflects their readership.

      • ck says:

        Brandi: Makes a case for the “SILENT MAJORITY” whom they do not wish to continuously offend…$$$!

        • brandi says:

          I really think it mostly comes down to that CK. Jason made one point in a comment somewhere else. Nobody cares what the Players do. I think he reflects an attitude that is very much true for a small percentage and by those running Football. But I think for most people, they care. Just generally not enough to stop watching the Games. They just don’t enjoy it as much and they no longer identify with the NFL.

          Unfortunately, it all comes down to numbers. It shouldn’t. But it does. And numbers lie every day. Numbers are always in the eye of the beholder. Because when people are involved no two numbers are ever the same. Sports are a hot commodity not because lots of people watch them. (And not because they watch them live.) But because they identify with them. Ultimately that’s what makes them command premium dollars. Networks don’t pay $50 million for 3 hours of programming that has 18 million viewers when they can have 3 hours of programming that gets 16 million viewers for $5 million people they’re that desperate for those other 2 million. They do it because Fans identify. But now gradually they don’t with the same passion they used to.

          Stephanie said the attitude that the NFL has to be most afraid of better than any I’ve heard. The NFL has become such a terrible example she almost doesn’t want her kids having anything at all to do with any Sports. If the Networks and the other Sports decide the NFL is hurting all of them, you will see Congress faster than you can say steroid hearings.

  3. andrea says:

    The ” culturally historic ” football player did worse at the veterans combine then he did last year.

    I believe Sam knows and understands that the mainstream sports media was using him for their propaganda purposes.

    That’s why he is on “Dancing With The Stars” – to get as much money out of this before his 15 minutes of fame is up.

    Noticed the other day he said the closeted “gay players” in the NFL did not have the “courage” he has. Delusional.

    He seems to be a bitter old queen. Feel sorry for him in away – was used by the likes of Chris Kluwe, Jason Collins and other sports media activists to throw his future away listening to these activists.

    • ck says:

      Andrea: Glad to see you are NOT disappointed and too bad he was the poster boy for all things PC b/c they are dropping him like a “HOT POTATOE” NOW…DEFINITELY A FICKLE MINORITY BUNCH I WOULD SAY!!!

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