Tim Tebow shunned, while Michael Sam has been picked for NFL first veterans combine, report says


Tim Tebow has been working on his throwing but the NFL wasn’t interested enough to invite him to the first-ever veterans combine on March 22. (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

Terrance Harris, NOLA.com | The Times-Picayune By Terrance Harris, NOLA.com | The Times-Picayune The Times-Picayune
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on March 12, 2015 at 7:01 PM, updated March 12, 2015 at 7:21 PM

We’ve been hearing for weeks Tim Tebow has been back working out and that his spiral is tighter than ever.

But apparently the NFL brass isn’t interested. The former Heisman Trophy winner and NFL quarterback flameout-turned TV analyst was not invited to the NFL’s first-ever veterans combine on March 22, according CBSSports.com’s John Breech.

But defensive lineman Michael Sam, the first openly gay player to be drafted into the NFL last year, has been invited the combine as he prepares to appear on Dancing with the Stars.

Sam, a seventh-round pick of the St. Louis Rams in 2014 out of Missouri, spent time with two NFL teams last season but did not make an active roster. Tebow, a former first round pick of Denver in 2010, also played for the New York Jets but has not been on an active roster since the 2012 season.

The veteran combine will give some players with professional experiences but who not exactly household names a chance to show their stuff in front of NFL scouts with the hopes of being invited to OTAs, minicamp and possibly training camp for the 2015 season.


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14 Responses to “Tim Tebow shunned, while Michael Sam has been picked for NFL first veterans combine, report says”

  1. ck says:

    Looks like Goodell has some “splaining” to do! Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  2. Shaztah says:

    I just wonder if he even applied. I wonder how many people are actually going to watch this if it is televised. I sure am not. If Tim were there I would watch and so would millions of others. The NFL is stupid!

  3. lex says:

    i would like to think this info of being ‘shunned’ is not true.

    perhaps,tim will show up at the very last minute because of all this media hysteria.

  4. David Oliver says:

    Buzzy and folks..

    I am not sure the NFL has made this decision regarding his
    not attending the Veteran’s Combine – Perhaps Tim Himself
    has decided, even he still wants to pursue an NFL QB,
    opportunity – that this might NOT be the Best Route.. Dave O.

    Tim Tebow News – Sports World News
    2 hours ago – Tim Tebow News: Quarterback To End Comeback Bid, Drop Out of The … On Friday Jason McIntyre, founder and editor-in-chief of USA Today’s The Big Lead sports blog, broke the news that Tebow had decided to back out of the combine’s proceedings. … Jason McIntyre (@jasonrmcintyre) March 13, 2015.


    Buzzy Says i saw both of those Links I didnt think they said anything for sure.

    • David Oliver says:

      Buzzy –

      The only thing that caught my attention was that ->

      “Tebow had decided to back out of the combine’s proceedings”

      by Jason McIntyre – seemed almost to be a quote from a source:
      from Tim or someone close to him.. but then maybe it is some
      kind of a “semantic” fabrication for this guy’s News Visibility…

      Time and maybe Tim Tebow himself will Tell..

      Dave O.

  5. DeLVen says:

    I noticed that Brady Quinn, was not on the list. Aledgley he is working out in an attempt to return to the NFL. I really don’t think the masses will find out anything until official practice begins. A team may invite him to participate. Time will tell. If he doesn’ t return he had an excellent run. I enjoyed every minute of it.

    Semper Fi/Sola Deo Gloria

    • brandi says:

      I’ve felt for years the bias against Tim is pure partisan politics. I might have even said here awhile back, some of Tim’s most ardent detractors seem to have this idea that success for Tim means millions of wild eyed evangelicals will be roaming the streets, grabbing people’s kids and hauling them off into indoctrination camps. 🙂

    • brandi says:

      In fairness to NFL Media on the bias thing though. They’re just really bad in general. There are definitely some exceptions. But for the most part, the one Sports Media niche that should be really, really good…those who cover the NFL…are the least prepared, least knowledgeable, most camp follower happy and waste the most time on nonsense. Yet, unlike other Sports Media, they have an entire week between Games to do some really good, thought-provoking knowledge building work.

      But they rarely do. And when they do something outstanding, like “League of Denial”, they can’t get it on the air.

      The odd major exception, NFL Films. I can’t knock those guys much. They do too much really great work.

  6. andrea says:

    shaztah – great article. The article says what I have basically been saying for the last 3=4 years on this board.

    Since I do not follow college football, my first exposure to Tebow was the Pro – Life Super Bowl ad. The mainstream media went ballistic over this (How dare a football player give his views on a social issue – he should just stick to football. Funny how they do not say this about Mr. Sam.)

    Then they said Tebow was lousy and shouldn’t be drafted. Then he was drafted and it teed the football experts big time. Then when Tebow started playing football games the experts mocked him saying he will never complete a pass. When Tebow completed a pass they said he would never complete a second one. Or Tebow will never be able to get a first down as QB. Such childish behavior from so- called grown men.

    How I long for the days of Dandy Don and Howard Cosell – they made football fun.

    I did not leave the NFL – the NFL left me.

  7. andrea says:

    OOPS – I meant pro -life Super Bowl ad. Sorry but when I think about how the sports media treats football players on a double standard my blood pressure takes off.
    Buzzy Says : I edited it for you

    • brandi says:

      Andrea–I think your language slip sums up not only what I think has been the true focal point of the Tebow-Fight that has overshadowed nearly all other public discussion. But also the single biggest plague this country faces. The plague that cost the American Generation, the Country’s hopes of restoring economic stability and international stature and source of the vast majority of the intractability of so many problems.

      You were, IMO, right the first time about that Tebow Super Bowl Ad. It was 100% Pro- “Choice”. It wasn’t political. It wasn’t offensive. It simply said Tim’s Mom faced a terrible choice and made the one fraught with risk. For the hope of living for a child we now know as Timothy Tebow.

      BUT because the only thing a sickeningly large percentage of people in this country want to do is fight with each other, even things that are just as they are on the surface are treated as always having a sub-text, hidden agenda, hidden meaning. In short, we’ve become a nation of JackA%$#es who take everything as a gauntlet cast down.

      If that doesn’t stop, this Country is finished.

  8. lex says:

    Amen, Brandi.

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