Tim Tebow Shows Courage in Eagles Tryout (TKS Shaztah)

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It would be easy for Tim Tebow not to try out for the Eagles.

He knows his tryout will lead “SportsCenter” and result in mountains of scorn and ridicule directed at him and his quarterbacking ability.  He knows if he stayed on his couch and off the practice field he wouldn’t again serve as a piñata for social media, talk radio and Merril Hoge.

It would be easy for Tim Tebow to confine himself to the role of football commentator.

Tebow far exceeded my expectations as a broadcaster.  He proved more candid, more insightful and more full of genuine personality than I imagined.  No one criticized Tebow as a commentator the way they criticized him as an NFL quarterback because he was undeniably good.

It would be easy for Tim Tebow to keep cashing six and seven-figure paychecks as a celebrity contributor to “Good Morning America,” corporate pitchman and motivational speaker.

Tebow’s enormous fame and cult of personality allow him to be wealthy simply by “being Tim Tebow.”  He wouldn’t need to work hard another day in his life.  He could be fabulously wealthy, famous, and inspirational simply by showing up, shaking hands and smiling.

Tim Tebow has never been about what’s easy.

Tebow’s latest attempt to chase his NFL dream puts him squarely outside of his comfort zone.  Playing quarterback in the NFL seems to be the only thing he isn’t a natural at.  It makes him a target for skeptics.  It opens himself up for ridicule.  It casts a spotlight on his past failure.

That’s courage.

Living outside your comfort zone chasing a dream is courageous.

How many of us do that?  How many of us even briefly trespass in our un-comfort zones, let alone live there?  How many of us invite skepticism by continually trying to achieve where we’ve failed before?

How many of us would do what’s difficult when doing what’s easy could be profitable?

Whether or not Tim Tebow ever plays another down of football means nothing.  He’ll be fine without the NFL and the NFL will be fine without him.  The greatest result which could come from Tebow’s latest comeback attempt is his courage inspiring others to try.  His courage motivating someone else to follow in his footsteps, not to professional football, but to chasing their dream, which exists outside of their comfort zone, which opens themselves up to critique.

That might be starting your own business.  It might be going back to college.  It might be competing in a power lifting competition, beauty pageant or triathlon.

You can do it.

Tim Tebow is just a man like you or me.  But he believes.  He believes and he refuses to allow past shortcomings and critics to prevent him from trying.

That takes courage.  Courage you have in yourself.

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  1. tawk2 says:

    Tebow is such an inspiration to all, I know he inspires me! I hope one day to be able to meet him in person. Tim is the real deal, nothing phony about him.

    Thanks Shaztah for finding and Buzzy for posting.

  2. ck says:


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