Tim Tebow not on initial NFL Veteran Combine list

Posted by Mike Wilkening on March 11, 2015, 5:02 PM EDT
Tebow Getty ImagesThe NFL released its list of invitees for its first Veteran Combine on Wednesday, and a notable former first-round pick is not among the scheduled attendees.

Indeed, ex-Patriots, Jets and Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow is not among the players trying out at the combine, the league confirmed Wednesday.

The Boston Globe recently reported that Tebow had been regarded as a possible combine attendee. The quarterback has been taking part in throwing workouts the last two years, the newspaper said.

Though Tebow isn’t on the tryout list, three former first-round picks are: defensive end Jamaal Anderson (2007, Atlanta), defensive end Adam Carriker (2007, St. Louis) and tailback Felix Jones (2008, Dallas).

Other notable invitees are tailback Mikel Leshoure, tailback Michael Bush, defensive tackle Nate Collins, defensive end Michael Sam, linebacker Thomas Keiser, quarterback Mike Kafka and quarterback Tyler Wilson.

As the NFL notes, the combine list is subject to alterations, so there’s time left for additions and subtractions.

But for now, one famous name is missing.

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18 Responses to “Tim Tebow not on initial NFL Veteran Combine list”

  1. Sage says:

    Might be time to carry on my life without worrying about this anymore.

    Mankind is perpetually foolish, and the NFL is just a small exemplar of that.

  2. Larry says:

    “Mankind is perpetually foolish, and the NFL is just a small exemplar of that.”

    Very true.

    This vet combine seems to be only for players who’ve had little, or no, regular-season playing time. Players like Tim & Brady Quinn have had enough regular-season playing time so that there’s film on them that coaches can watch if interested. This combine seems to be for the guys w/little or no film.

  3. brandi says:

    There’s film on Takashi Kurihara. It’s just all in Japanese. And in Japan. Actually, I’d like to see the NFL bring more guys in from overseas leagues. Kurihara got a little time at the Ravens Rookie Mini-Camp because Under Armour wanted more sales in Japan and pulled a Sponsor’s privilege.

  4. andrea says:

    So the veterans combine is a fraud. No veterans invited – just players who can’t make a team or a practice squad.
    Seems to me their is plenty of “tape” on these players – college and of course when the actually were in training camp and stunk up the joint.

    I wonder how come the mainstream sports media hasn’t figured this out to be a fraud yet.

    Not only are the mainstream sports media bashing Tebow since the great 100 players list was released, they are also gleefully bashing the Tebow fan base – reminding us of how stupid we are to think that Tebow is any good and can actually play – after all it only took Tebow 27 years to learn how to throw a football spiral.

  5. DeLVen says:

    Tim must have some type of plan, otherwise why put all that time and effort into training. Imagine what type of questions he would be asked at the combine where Michael Sam was the featured player? It is probably better not to appear or if he is going to appear wait until the last minute to limit the negative publicity.

  6. Bigfan says:

    In many respects not surprised. Stay tuned more to come?

  7. tebow fan says:

    Tim tebow training was from last summer/fall. I don’t know that he has been training lately and he may not have had plan to attend the combine. He may be comfortable making $1m+ as an analyst.

  8. KingSolomon says:

    buzzy—the question is: 1) did Tim apply and get rejected; or 2) did he elect not to seek the invite?? My understanding was that you had to ask or apply to be invited. Can you clear this up???
    Buzzy Says : I heard Both but can not Confirm Either.

  9. andrea says:

    From my understanding you had to apply for a slot at the combine and pay a $400.00 fee. Even if you applied and paid the $400.00, it was the NFL’s decision to accept or reject your application.

    So the remaining question is – Did Tebow fill out an application to be selected?

  10. Bigfan says:

    Let Timmy be. It is in Gods hands and IF for a moment God wanted him back? God would open that door now matter what many believe otherwise!

    If he gets a shot we all will be rooting for him. If he does not you can share stories with your kids and grand kids about Timmy.
    I for one will never forget his trip to winning the first playoff game with Denver!

  11. Larry says:

    I saw someone on a forum say they discussed this on ‘Mike & Mike’ this morning. They said that Tim did apply, but the NFL didn’t accept him. I don’t know if that was from a source or if that was just their opinion, but I think Tim’s going back to training w/Tom House recently supports it. He hadn’t trained w/TH for months, then suddenly started again a few weeks ago, despite the fact that this is TH’s busiest time of the year.

    Also the TH interview that tawk2 referenced above is here-it’s w/Woody Paige:


    Buzzy Says : I am trying to confirm that he did apply and was not Invited so far i have heard both ways.

  12. tawk2 says:

    Thanks for posting the link to this video Buzzy. I did not agree with Les Shapiro’s comments about Tim he started out bashing Tim and laughing about him wanting to have another chance. He is such a moron! Woody Paige though still supports Tim, Tom House said a lot of great things about Tim, he also said he deserves another chance.

    Shapiro said Tim broke down under pressure, I remember seeing Tim making plays out of nothing and bringing the team back for a win time after time. So all we can do is keep our fingers crossed, Tim may not let anyone know he is showing up until the day of the veteran combine because of the press and those who tend to bash him. The vultures have already started and they don’t even know for sure if he is going to go.

    Lets all keep the faith, and if for some reason Tim never does play in the NFL again, I will hold onto all the wonderful and exciting memories from Denver! Tim has also done more for others on a daily basis than most, and he truly is a role model for us all! It will be a shame if the NFL does not embrace him, if not I am totally done with the NFL, right now I do not watch, but I keep holding onto the hope Tim will be back and Sundays will again be amazing and exciting!

    Go Tebow!

  13. ck says:

    Like the old 007 Bond film: “NEVER SAY NEVER!” GO TEBOW!!!

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