Tim Tebow gets tryout, but is he still blackballed by NFL?

Tim Tebow could be making a return to the NFL. According to ESPN, The Philadelphia Eagles are working out the former Heisman Trophy winning quarterback. Tebow has not played in an NFL regular-season game since 2012 with the New York Jets.Tim Tebow could be making a return to the NFL. According to ESPN, The Philadelphia Eagles are working out the former Heisman Trophy winning quarterback. Tebow has not played in an NFL regular-season game since 2012 with the New York Jets.

Tim Tebow recently received a tryout by Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles, but has not signed a contract. It’s not known if he will receive a contract offer by the Eagles, but some believe that if they a backup quarterback position opens up on the roster, Tebow might be able to slide into that role.

But it’s been years since Tebow has been on an NFL roster. And while no one would mistake Tebow for Joe Montana, there are no doubt backups getting paid yearly salaries that are worse and less accomplished in the league than the former Florida quarterback.

So, is it possible that Tebow is being blackballed by teams and the league at large? That’s the question Camp Tebow and many fans are wondering as the young veteran quarterback sits without a job as mini camps across the country set to open up.

Following the NFL Draft, Tim Tebow’s old team drafted a young quarterback prospect in Geno Smith. Tebow’s old team, the Denver Broncos, couldn’t wait to dump him in favor of a talented but recovering (at the time) Peyton Manning (who had multiple neck surgeries and missed the entire 2011 season).

According to Yahoo, the reason that teams are unwilling to go all in with Tebow isn’t just because they don’t feel he’s a starting caliber quarterback.

The fact remains, multiple teams could use a backup (or even third string) quarterback in Tebow, if not to fill a roster spot than to also be a quality veteran presence who is also a good lockeroom guy.

And by all accounts, that Tebow to a T.

But it’s everything else that comes with Tebow’s presence that’s a major concern.

The celebrity of Tebow. The cult-like status of his fan base. The fact that ESPN will be camped out at the team’s offices day or not, or the fact that it appears Tebow’s mere presence in the lower room instantly polarizes teammates on the field and fans in the stands.

“He seems like a great guy to have on a team, and I’d be tempted to bring him in as our backup,” one NFC head coach told Yahoo this week.

“But it’s just not worth dealing with all the stuff that comes with it.”

And it’s exactly that “stuff” that’s keeping Tim Tebow’s phone from ringing.

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12 Responses to “Tim Tebow gets tryout, but is he still blackballed by NFL?”

  1. brandi says:

    Defending your Employees is a cornerstone of successful businesses. Defending your Customers is the bedrock of successful businesses. Defending your Employees’ fears of your Customers?

    I know I keep saying it. But that is a Stanley Kubrick film.

  2. Bigfan says:

    Just a cop-out, laim excuse, or whatever you want to call it.

  3. ck says:

    Yes, they will use any excuse instead of the obvious one…discriminatory due to PC you-know-what!!!:(

    • brandi says:

      IMO, Football Fans would be better off if it was a blacklist because of Tim’s Christianity. It also would be easy to believe, given the work that has gone into telling churches what they can and cannot do on Super Bowl Sunday.

      I think mostly, it’s more basic than that. Remember, it took a month into the 3rd Season of the CBA, after all excuses were exhausted (Lockout followed by Replacement Refs the next year) before Coaches spoke out about the inability to get Teams ready with all of the Restrictions. This is as basic as it gets. A Coach looking at the calendar and having a Team ready to Play Game 1. Throw in everything from the PR campaigns to brush over issues rather than fixing them to even things as little (but not really) as Woody sitting with an oblivious look on his face as Rex said he spent his whole time as Jets Coach just saying anything that sounded good whether he believed it or not. WHILE PSL Owners were already up in arms feeling like they’d been lied to and cheated and nobody cared.

      I think they do what they do because they have gotten used to not having to care. Fans are a pain, especially when they’re loud and act like they want something? OK, ignore them. We already have the TV money.

      It may change. Reality might be settling in on the NFL. But I think the reason they not only haven’t cared about the Fans wanting to see Tim Play, even considering it a great big bother, is because they didn’t/maybe still don’t think they have to. It’s just Fans. Who cares? I really think it’s as simple and as that. Tim’s Christianity might make for an easy excuse to call him “polarizing”. But it’s just he’s more popular than anyone they’ve ever had and to guys in the NFL who get paid whether the Fans are happy or not it’s just a great big bother.

      • David Oliver says:


        Sorry, I have to disagree – the ONE THING THAT MADE TIM ESPECIALLY
        Unique and Distasteful to these Elitist NFL & Media-Combine,
        Owner/Controllers WAS NOT his unorthodox Throwing Motion or his
        unique playing Running / Throwing Style etc BUT WAS IN TRUTH: >>

        His Unfeigned, Unashamed, Visible Faith IN JESUS CHRIST as shown by
        his Kneeling in Prayer, and ESPECIALLY – THE FACT THEY KNEW! that
        Every Time – WHEN – He the “NFL QB” would be interviewed after a
        game on “THEIR NETWORKS” he had the “AUDACITY” (in their minds)


        AS SOON AS POSSIBLE TIM TEBOW HAD TO GO – Regardless of what
        additional $$ income he and those who enjoyed his special brand of
        play brought to the NFL Game.

        Rex Ryan was the Lead Destroyer – after that it became an easier
        Process to implement: – Their “NFL/MEDIA” HATE Campaign and then
        onto their FINAL IMPLEMENTED “Black BALL of TIM TEBOW AS A QB IN
        THE NFL”

        And beware the NFL GMs and Coaches that would try to Thwart this
        surreptitiously mandated edict – they would soon realize their
        CAREER – would SOON, be “significantly affected” (or DELETED).

        This is the “Spiritual Warfare” Reality of Tim Tebow’s QB NFL Career.

        Dave O.

        • brandi says:

          I do agree with you that Rex started the spread of the bad seed about Tim. Even in the egomaniac world of big time football, they all have to see that Rex is one of the few people who can challenge Elway in the ego department. Only Rex is an even looser cannon.

        • Bigfan says:

          Indeed it is “Spiritual Warfare” David. Thanks for calling it what it is.

  4. DeLVen says:

    The article linked to below gives creditability to Brandi’s theory. Very interesting.


    • brandi says:

      Thanks. That’s a great find. 🙂

      I like a few of the reader comments too. “The NFL isn’t socialist. It’s a cartel.” Could it be said much better?

  5. Shaztah says:

    The guy is an idiot who wrote the above article but it just goes to show that the Eagles do want Tim. Hopefully they will get hi and then they start winning games and then Chip will be called a genious lol.

    • tawk2 says:

      I agree this guy is a total hater and idiot! I can’t believe the title the question mark at the end, really there is no question Tim has been blackballed! So tired of these reporters trying to get reads by hating on Tim and his fans!

      Another thing the NFL doesn’t mind negative publicity about all the thugs, but they mind good? Just another lame excuse to attack Tim and keep him out. Bunch of liars!

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