Tim Tebow focused on his foundation, but keeping an open mind about return to football

 By Garry Smits Sat, Mar 14, 2015 @ 11:13 pm | updated Sun, Mar 15, 2015 @ 8:40 am

Christina Kelso For the Times-Union  Former Florida quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow helps 8-year-old Seth Hale tee off on No. 3 of the TPC Sawgrass Players Stadium Course in Ponte Vedra Beach during the fifth annual Tim Tebow Foundation Celebrity Golf Classic on Saturday.  Christina Kelso

Christina Kelso
Christina Kelso For the Times-Union Former Florida quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow helps 8-year-old Seth Hale tee off on No. 3 of the TPC Sawgrass Players Stadium Course in Ponte Vedra Beach during the fifth annual Tim Tebow Foundation Celebrity Golf Classic on Saturday.


Tim Tebow is keeping an open mind about a return to the NFL.

But he said he’s got more important work to do in the meantime, such as raising money for his foundation through Saturday’s Celebrity Golf Classic at the TPC Sawgrass Players Stadium Course.

Luminaries such as country singer Jake Owen, former heavyweight champion of the world Evander Holyfield, Jaguars kicker Josh Scobee and Heisman Trophy winners Danny Wuerffel and Eddie George and PGA Tour winners Billy Horschel, Jason Day and Chris DiMarco appeared to help Tebow raise money for his outreach initiatives that center mostly on at-need children around the world.

The tournament has raised more than $4 million in the first four years of its existence. The total for this year will be announced on Sunday.

“I do believe we can inspire people,” he said after a round of golf that took more than six hours to complete.

“I believe we can encourage people and put smiles on their faces and through that maybe there can be change. We just set out to make whatever difference we possibly can, to be somewhat of a light to them, be positive, loving on them, caring about them and letting them know they’re special and they were created special, with a purpose. That’s our ultimate goal.”

Tebow, the former Nease High and University of Florida Heisman Trophy winner, also elaborated on another possible goal: a return to the NFL. He wasn’t on the initial list of invitees to the first NFL veterans combine on March 22 at the Arizona Cardinals training complex and said he wasn’t surprised.

“I did not apply,” he said. “But I don’t even know that’s something you do. I don’t even know.”

When asked if he would go to the combine if invited, Tebow dodged the question.

“For me, I try not to answer the hypotheticals,” he said.

However, Tebow said he’s ready if called upon and has been doing serious work with quarterback guru Tom House — who also works with Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Alex Smith.

“I feel like I’m in great shape,” he said. “I see [House] quite a bit. Fundamentals. Everything that we do is fundamentals, the rotation of throwing, being compact, to being on point … all those things. It’s been awesome. He’s really good. He’s been doing a lot for a lot of quarterbacks.”

When asked if he “needed” football, Tebow said it’s a matter of the opportunity presenting itself.

“Need football? No,” he said. “I think for me it’s when a door opens that’s exciting. When a door closes you look for the next one. You handle that, every opportunity as best you can. You treasure the opportunities when you have them. When they close, you look forward to the next one.”

Tebow spent 18 holes signing autographs, posing for selfies and basking in the adoration of fans — most of who would like to see him back in a football uniform.

Tebow said he had a message for those fans.

“I tell them God always has a plan and you just trust that,” he said. “Stay patient and stay passionate about whatever your dream is. Push forward and continue to be the best at anything you put your mind to.”


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28 Responses to “Tim Tebow focused on his foundation, but keeping an open mind about return to football”

  1. Justin Furst says:

    I pray for Tim Tebow every day. I want so badly to see him vindicated in the NFL as a quarterback with God-given talent to not only win, but will BIG. He has been underestimated his entire football career, and time and time again Tim has proved his critics wrong. Still, for some unknown reason, even when Tim Tebow has ALWAYS won more games than he loses, the powers that be work overtime to hold him back and keep him from proving them wrong. It’s quite possibly one of the biggest travesties I think I have ever seen in professional sports. This fine young man, such an amazing role model to so many young and old, who gives so much of himself on and off the field, and the NFL wants no part of him. I will never EVER understand this.

  2. Shaztah says:

    That last quote was basically what he told me when I told him I wanted to see him play again. He does not need football, football (the NFL)needs him whether they want to admit it or not. The players who attack him are suffering from an inferiority complex. They know they can never be as “good” as Tim. Not as a football player but as a human being and that really hurts their ego. Many people say that he shoves their religion on them, he doesn’t all he does is pray, thank God and do what is right. He doesn’t preach to his peers or the media but they still criticize him. All he ever wanted was to believe in what he wants to believe in and if some of his team mates didn’t believe then so be it he would still be the same genuine nice guy. I guess the reason the wife beaters, dog killers, kid beaters, DUI drivers and druggies are so accepted in the league is because it makes the other players not look so bad, they can tell themselves “at least I didn’t do this or that therefore I am better than them”. I just hope that there is a coach, owner or GM who is curious enough or brave enough to take a leap of faith on Tim. I really wanted to talk to Urban yesterday and tell him that he needs to take an NFL job and then get Tim so that they can win games despite the so called experts and then go down in history as the greatest “coach and QB combo” ever despite no one being able to explain how they are doing it. Sorry to ramble but my mind has been going about a hundred miles an hour since yesterday.

    I knew that Tim did not apply and get rejected because the NFL is all about ratings and what kind of ratings are they going to get with Michael Sam being the headliner? They are probably burning up Mr. Sexton’s phone to get Tim there just so people will watch. Kinda funny if you ask me. I did tell as many people yesterday as I could that we all need to get together and send a message to all of the NFL teams that they should give him a try. I don’t think a petition or anything but an all out boycott, no watching, no merchandise buying, no reading articles no nothing and lets see how much we can drop ratings and profits. We need to make sure they know it is because they put their egos and greed ahead of what the fans want and believe me the fans want to see Tim play!

    • David Oliver says:

      Shaztah …. WEL SPOKEN !!


      GOD BLESS !!


  3. David says:

    Thank you Shaztah, for sharing your meeting with Tim. I think he made the right decision in not applying for the combine, because it subjects the players to the biased input of media scrutiny which would be rabid in Tim Tebow’s case. It’s a bit hypocritical of the NFL to say they won’t sign Tebow because of the media circus and then they create a media event to evaluate his progress. Tim is correct when he says that he’s not sure that this is the way this should be done. It’s not. The NFL should not be making money off of televised try outs without compensating the players. Where is the players association on the issue of compensation? Crickets.

  4. Bigfan says:

    The just had the USC Pro Day and one would think some coach might have just snuck a peek at Timmy working out??

    God has exciting things ahead. Trust folks…Trust in the Lord with all you heart…

  5. Sage says:

    Just read on Twitter that Tebow is doing a workout for the Eagles.

    Source seemed credible. Let’s hope!

  6. susie b says:

    FYI : according to ESPN, Timmy worked out for the Eagles TODAY 3/16/15.

    On the one hand, I’ve been wanting him back in the NFL (where he SHOULD BE if he wants!) since he left Denver (the Jets incarceration does not count, ahem). However, he’s been doing great on TV & I think he’s a natural there.

    Also, I’m not a fan of Sanchez, but you have to laugh – you KNOW he must be thinking – “I can’t get away from this guy!” 😉

  7. andrea says:

    I saw Tebow working out with the Eagles on the Drudge Report.

    Mainstream media and mainstream sports media will be in full meltdown mode.

    Hope he did very well – maybe another team will also give him a tryout.


  8. lex says:

    what promising news. thanks for sharing susie b.

    i am with you on that side by side next to sanchez. too funny!

  9. andrea says:

    Just read a vicious attack on Tebow by Mike Florio on PFT. It will get worse believe me.

    Then watch how the mainstream media reacts to another player on March 22 (who knows he may come with his dancing shoes).

  10. lex says:

    now CNN is reporting the info re tryout at eagles today.

    • brandi says:

      He had the workout. Eagles have said there’s no plans to sign him “at this time”. Eagles GM was pushed upstairs and out of Football Operations. So Chip Kelly now could bring Tim in for a look. (And a talk, much more important) Other Coaches have wanted to do that the last couple years. But the GMs cut them off.

      MAYBE this was the Off-Season the Owners woke up and realized they needed to slap the GMs in their egos a little, because several Owners made moves to cut GM power.

  11. Pam says:

    I find it interesting this workout happened today on 3/16. Tims favorite bible quote is John 3:16.

  12. lex says:

    brandi- i pray that chip kelly will definitely set the ball rolling now for other workouts at other teams.

    your point was well taken.

    • brandi says:

      Tim has one…and only one, despite what the in-crowd wants people to believe…actual Football issue. He needs to be better in practice. NOT to impress the Coaches. That’s nonsense. But to help his Teammates be better prepared to Play. Tim has an internal on-off switch. Not every player has that to his degree.

      Tony Sparano made a huge deal out of it. Then Tony said later the reason he wasn’t able to carry out the Jets original plan of bringing Tim in and out during drives at key moments was because the game moved too fast for him to make the decisions as to when. Kind of a problem for an offensive Coordinator–the game being too fast for them to properly play call. Also, for Tony to make Tim’s practice issues the reason to totally trash him is the pot saying the kettle can’t boil water.

  13. andrea says:

    Going through all the hate and sludge the mainstream media is throwing Tebow’s way on the internet.

    However – I did find one great article that was very fair and very informative.

    It was from Bleacher Report and was written by Mike Tanier dated 03/16/2015. It is called ” Tom Brady’s passing guru puts some spin on Tebow’s comeback attempt”.

    It is the story of Tebow’s working relationship with Tom House the last three years.

    Great read.

    Sorry Buzzy – I do not know how to post a link.

  14. Bigfan says:

    Exciting for sure NOW give it this week to play out in all the experts minds.

    I know Coach Kelly and his assistants liked what they saw.

    Now the question for the Eagles is “Now whadda we do? We have Sanchez, Bradford and Matt Barkley. The draft lies ahead and that is a player $$$$$$$ factor”…stay tuned kids…this is going to get better…a lot better.

    • tawk2 says:

      Hi bigfan, I pray things work out for Tim. I just saw an story that said to the effect that Chip Kelly wanted a quarterback who could run but throw well too. The story then went on to say Tim was not the one. So I am wondering how much is true be reported or just plain lies to get reads. There is a lot of bashing going on about Tim.

  15. tawk2 says:

    My husband said even though Tim does great a team will not take him. Maybe he is right, I am holding out hope but the media already bashing may scare off any team interested. I hate to think that these morons that call themselves sports reporters can ruin a persons career with their lying mouths! Makes me sick!

  16. andrea says:

    Yes Bigfan it is exciting news !!!!!

  17. Bigfan says:

    Been thinking..you have 2 QBs that are somewhat fragile or one very fragile. Coach Kelly knows that so why not look at Timmy to see if in the least he would make a good back up for those 2? Better than Barkley or Kinne!!

    Bottom line Coach Kelly IMHO is covering all his bases for this scenario and that headed into the draft…stay tuned.

  18. ck says:


    Buzzy Says : He is the GM and HC Both dont have to answer to some kid.

    • brandi says:

      Buzzy–You mean some group of interns handing a spreadsheet to a GM whose never had to actually Win a Game in his life and probably hasn’t shown he can put together a Roster that can doesn’t have the first and, therefore, final say so? How can the NFL survive something like that? 🙂
      Buzzy Says : every losing team in the NFL has a Loser of a GM at the helm and the owners dont learn they just Retread the same ones or their asst. GMs like Caldwell the Colts and Falcons ran him off.He will be the GM of two more teams before he Bites the dust.

      • brandi says:

        I can’t even begin to figure out what Caldwell’s doing. He starts a range war between the Fans in his first press conference and doesn’t ever seem to notice. There’s oblivious. And then there’s Dangerous Dave.

        I kinda like Gus though. I think he has the kind of positive outlook that Franchise which is so filled with negativity desperately needs.

        Buzzy Says : But look at Bortles 3 TDs 16 INTs + 4 fumbles in first 15 games and Gus says he is learing if T2 had thrown 16 INTs Fox would bench him after 5 look at Orton.

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