Tim Tebow by Skip Bayless

2010: I said on air I would take Tim Tebow late in the first round. “If you let him run the read option he ran at Florida,” I said, “he’ll win games in the NFL. He’ll never make a Pro Bowl, but he can win games as a starting quarterback.”

 Josh McDaniels, then Denver’s coach, traded up from 43rd to 25th — late in the first round — to take Tebow. Unfortunately for Tebow (and me), McDaniels got fired 12 games into Tebow’s rookie season, before he had started a game. All bets were off.

Under John Fox, the Broncos began the next season 1-4, and a new Broncos regime (led by John Elway) that clearly didn’t believe in Tebow threw him into the fire, at Miami, out of desperation. I was asked on air what I thought Tebow’s record would be the rest of the season. I said 7-4. Chuckles.

Tebow went 7-4, led Denver to the AFC West title, led the NFL in QBR in the last five minutes of games and turned the Broncos into the NFL’s No. 1 rushing attack. He also beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in a home playoff game with an 80-yard overtime touchdown pass.

That offseason the Broncos replaced Tebow with … Peyton Manning! No shame there. Tebow was traded to the Jets, with whom he was never even given a shot at starting. Tebow began to doubt himself and drifted from one throwing guru to another. Bill Belichick gave him a look in training camp but that was all. Tebow was on the street at age 26.

It’s still possible the Philadelphia Eagles‘ Chip Kelly will sign Tebow, but again, I was so sensationally right … and ultimately condemned as so dead wrong.

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6 Responses to “Tim Tebow by Skip Bayless”

  1. ck says:

    Sometimes I wonder about this Skip guy…hmmmmmmm!

    • brandi says:

      Skip’s biggest mistake was sitting across from Stephen A. Smith. Not knocking StephenA. But there are a couple realities. One, he KNOWS the NBA. And not much else. Skip doesn’t know the NBA.

      StephenA, in other than talking about the NBA, is the typical look what others say and jump on board. Only louder and with more of a know-it-all attitude. That attracts the audience First Take has today and has had since Tim’s Playing days were over. Young what have you texted me lately Sports ignorant but attitude heavy young wouldbe turks who know everything while everyone else is an idiot.

      It was a set-up destined to become exactly what it’s become.

  2. brandi says:

    Jeff Capellini of CBS in New York told me early in the Season what was going to happen with Tim Tebow. And he nailed it. He likes Tim, though he’s not sold on him as an NFL QB. But he bought in early that Option-style very mobile QBs would become a standard in the NFL. He thought the Jets should look for every way they could to get Tim in the Offense as much as possible. And thought his being with the Jets was GREAT for them.

    But he said to me “You don’t know the Jets.” He called exactly what they were going to do. Misuse Tim. Not use him. Then dump him after the Season. Because that’s just how that Organization is and has been for a long time.

  3. andrea says:

    Steven A. Smith is in love with himself. No one else matters.

    Haven’t watched First Take in years.

    • tawk2 says:

      Not to mention Stephen A. Is a womanizer, all his comments about women who speak their mind, don’t keep quiet deserve to be abused! I too quit watching. Also, Skip did not help Tim when he said that Tim could not read defenses, seems to me that when I watched Tim being interviewed by John Gruden before the draft, Gruden said he was amazed on how well Tim read defenses. Also, that is one of the reasons Denver took him, was because he could read defenses, they were impressed with this among other things. It goes to show that a rumor can be started even if untrue, but others only believe the rumor and don’t look at the facts at hand.

      John Fox and Elrot did everything they could to make Tim fail, but Tim being who he is found a way to succeed.

      I just hope gets the chance he truly deserves again. Tim should not be out of the NFL, he deserved a starting position instead of what he got after Denver. I truly believe Elrot and co. Did not want Tim starting, they were afraid if Peyton did not work out and Tim excelled the fans would have their jobs! All you have to do is go back and watch the winning games under Tim and see the disgust on Elrots face up in the owners box, I rest my case!

      • ck says:


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