The Tim Tebow Eye Test ( TKS DO )


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The Tim Tebow Eye Test

Like just about everything else with Tim Tebow, the eye test has cut both ways. Or, as has so often been described about Tebow. It gives something for everyone.

The effort to say Timmy Tebow just isn’t up to it to play with the big dogs has managed only to convince more people that the NFL has just roundly rogered Tim Tebow. Fully 95% of Football Fans say he got a raw deal. The eye test convinces them. He Played. He Won. You called him a bum. And were afraid to put the Ball in his hands again lest he show you all up. Again.

On the other end of the spectrum. Tebow couldn’t hit the ocean with a pass to save his life. (To do some select quoting from Twitter.) Never mind he is one of College Football’s most accurate Passers. Or that every Pass he threw as a Jet…yeah, all 8 of them…went right where they were supposed to. And never mind that John Fox has tried a couple times to say don’t blame Tim. Blame him. Foxy’s the one who specifically told Tim to throw those worm killers and cheerleader headers. Foxy’s form of intentional grounding without the flag. Phil Simms’ CBS crew was assigned the Broncos Beat and tried to dispel the myth of Tebow the Poor Passer. He also put it all right on the Broncos coaching Staff and John Fox’s paranoia about Interceptions. Hard to blame Fox. Simms described John as a Coach who would throw “6 Passes a Game” if he thought he’d Win that way. And after Kyle Orton and his seeming ability to pick the worst moments to get picked, Fox was even more paranoid about airing it out.

Simms said the Broncos Coaches should get off Tim and let him play, let him pull the trigger, before Elway did.

The Broncos even broke NFL protocol and said, as described by Ian Rapoport, “to anyone who would listen” at the combines that the Jets blew it by not Playing Tebow. That he would have Won them games.

But none of this will mean anything to those who only want to see those dirt diggers.

This is the Tim Tebow eye test. He Won. Or he “can’t throw”. Nothing anyone says will ever mean anything when it comes to Tim Tebow because people saw what they saw and that’s it. Even as those who want to see Tim play and those who say he can’t will keep telling each other “I don’t care what you saw. It wasn’t the real Tim Tebow.” With Tebow what you get is whatever you want it to be.

In defense of some Teams that have passed on Tebow…

He’s not a Back-Up QB. For all but a small number of Teams, he’s your Starting QB or he might not fit in. Specifically, if it’s a System Program that likes to cut & paste, Tim’s not a piece you inject when needed. He’s a Leader and a Playmaker. He excels at both. It’s possible to try to make him more of a Game Manager. But even under Fox, Tim admitted he had to fight his instincts to try to make Plays. Except, of course, when the Game was on the line and the Broncos Coaching Staff put the Ball in his hands expecting him to go Win the Game. For some Teams, Tim could be a Swiss Army Knife. But for all but a very few Teams, that’s not the best use of his best abilities.

My problem is very basic and I’ve been pretty vocal about it. The Fans love him. ONLY in the NFL would that be a problem. That speaks to the NFL’s problem. NOT Tim’s. If your organization feels negative pressure from popularity the problem is your organization. NOT the person, product, whatever it is the Customers like. If you don’t get that, stay the hell out of Business AND Sports.

Tim’s popularity SHOULD convince a Team to hand him the Ball and see what happens. The worst case scenario is it doesn’t work, but you buy the organization time to build. The supposed worst case scenario is the Fans will scream if/when a failing Tebow is pulled. That’s just plain nonsense. And a piss poor excuse. If I was an NFL Owner I wouldn’t let the minute hand turn on my watch before I fired the people making it.

But then again, I wouldn’t preside over something nicknamed the “No Fun League”.


I Can See Miami From the St John’s River

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25 Responses to “The Tim Tebow Eye Test ( TKS DO )”

  1. jason says:

    The League will make billions upon trillions signing him. Why aren’t you happy brandi? You are set to make how much with tebow in “the league”?
    Buzzy Says : you just dont get it Jason

    • jason says:

      Understanding pro ball more than you buzzy? You know less than nothing as it’s been proven over and over again.
      Buzzy Says : Yes you are a know it all.

  2. Sage says:

    Very well written, Brandi. And you’re right, Tebow is not a backup.

    It’s still hard to think of Fox as some kind of Tebow believer. He just signed Jimmy Clausen, if I’ve heard correctly. Fox had the unusual blessing of going from first- year Tebow to 13th- year Manning. I could win games with those guys and so could my cat. Yet Fox thinks he himself is the secret sauce.

    It has taken a few years but I am now to the point where I have only a small and waning interest in nfl or pro sports outside of Tebow. Espn commentators are not just crass but dumb as well. Insufferable. You find out that guys like a former hero, Shannon Sharpe, are just bitter egotists

    CK and Andrea, hope you guys are well.

    • brandi says:

      Thanks Sage 🙂

      Mic Sports has an article about some of the NFL’s issues. In it, they’ve pulled numbers from a survey recently done.

      48% (including 61% of Millenials) consider the NFL to be “sleazy”. It has the lowest Trust factor of every Major Sports League and NASCAR. And is considered to have no compassion. By comparison, Major League Baseball rates 6 times higher for compassion.

      Basically the NFL is losing the Fans. They might still watch the Games. But they have no use for the league. It doesn’t represent their values and they just plain don’t trust it. I mean “sleazy”? About half the people including almost two-thirds of the very audience the NFL is counting on thinks it’s sleazy.

      I don’t know how they figure they’re going to last like that.

    • ck says:

      Hi Sage! Happy belated April Fool’s Day! No, did not get any jokes played on me; although, it is fun to play on others…I can think of a very special entity that also qualifies as “INSUFFERABLE”, but will be admonished, lol! 🙂

    • TheMascotArmy says:

      I’m with you completely.

  3. tebow fan says:
    Buzzy Says : I posted this on the main page 2 days ago i guess you didnt see it

    • Sage says:

      Excellent. Thanks.

      Old time guy from Denver news “sports,” les shapiro, proclaims publicly that Tim Tebow is not good under pressure. Ludicrous.

      What’s neat is that with satellite radio and the Internet, I can live and move through Denver with almost no notice of the local media dinasaurs who have earned their place in oblivion. Not saying sat radio is everything, but a few music stations are good enough to create the right atmosphere. *Anything* is better than the local sports guys or the espn asses.

      • Sage says:

        Woody Paige could and should have done 3x more to voice belief in Tebow’s ability. Same goes Skip Bayless. Ultimately they were afraid to be mauled by their hyena brehtren.

      • brandi says:

        There’s a huge beginning to take place in Sports Media. Target Markets will be broken down by interest. Think CNN, MSNBC & FOXNews. They all do news. But they all appeal to different audiences. Before they get to who is first on the scene, who gave the story better coverage, etc. they begin with a core audience that likes their general approach.

        This is coming quickly in Sports and it’s happening for several reasons. One, it is now real easy to start up a Media operation and target its appeal. By not trying to be all things to all people, they can be almost all things to alot of people and do it quickly and cheaply. Because of this, the Big Networks have to look more closely at how they build a core audience. And that gets to the third reason. Sooner or later they’re all going to go largely Subscription-Based.

        The Leagues are all positioning themselves to do their own Media thing and the last thing the Networks want to do now is buy loss leaders by having to give the leagues all the money they want just because they don’t have anything else.

        We already are seeing Sponsorships beginning to shift back toward the days when soap operas got their name because they were paid for by the soap companies.

        What’s coming real fast is Sports Channels that are specifically designed to appeal to families. Others aiming for some other audience. But they will pick their core audience and build the programming around that. FOX began preparing for this years ago. It’s no shock they’re the first to say they’re looking at all programming, not just Sports, being 100% Subscription-based. It’s also no shocker the focus they’ve placed on Baseball. The “Family-Friendly” Sport.

    • ck says:

      TebowFan: That guy, Scott J., NAILED IT WHERE TEBOW IS CONCERNED IMO AND THAT IS “CLUTCH”! Great post too btw as well as Mr. Buzzy. Would like to see more articles that he has written especially PRO TEBOW!

  4. Shaztah says:

    I found it kind of interesting that the SEC channel released their spring line up for what people were covering what schools on their spring games. One name was totally missing from any of the coverage. Tim is not listed at all….Hmmm maybe he is on vacation LOL! I know he is a lot of their ratings so just seems weird.

    Buzzy Says : HMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  5. ck says:


    • brandi says:

      I think the NFL may have an Owner issue. It happens to every league one way or another. Baseball has certainly had its problems with it.

      Years ago NFL valuations were flat for several years. It was at that point Malcom Glazer told the other Owners to look at the Premier League. Cross Ownership in Spots is also pretty common.

      BUT, if you’re an NFL Owner, you could be someone whose Family was part of building both the NFL and Football itself. Or you could be someone who sees it as a cool investment. But just an investment. And investment does not necessarily translate into thinking long-term. Bisciotti showed that when asked about what he’d do if the NFL made him sell the Ravens and he waved it off with he wouldn’t miss it and doesn’t give it much of his time anyway. Now look at a Game and a league which is making lots of money right now but whose long-term prospects are grey. Mix Owners who the Game and league have literally been the only life they’ve ever known and those who couldn’t care less about either.

      Throw in the colossal error of totally mishandling Player Safety years ago in ways that are biting back today and could bite back in bigger ways.

      To me, this is the time for NFL Owners to be taking charge. But I certainly understand if they have advisers telling them to be hands off and put layers between them and anything to do with well, anything. Protectivism has been the death of businesses, industries and countries. But that really bad history doesn’t stop people from gravitating to it.

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