Report: NFL investigated Jets over Darrelle Revis tampering



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The NFL reportedly showed up at the Jets' facilities to investigate tampering charges from the Patriots regarding Darrelle Revis.© Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images The NFL reportedly showed up at the Jets’ facilities to investigate tampering charges from the Patriots regarding Darrelle Revis.By Mike Cole

The NFL apparently took the New England Patriots’ accusations very seriously — when it came to the New York Jets’ pursuit of Darrelle Revis.

Sources told the New York Daily News that the NFL sent an investigatorto Jets team headquarters during the NFL’s recent “legal tampering” window to make sure there was no funny business going on in the Jets’ pursuit of Revis.

According to the Daily News report, the league sent the investigator to the facility on Sunday, March 8 where general manager Mike Mccagnan and front office personnel were questioned about the team’s pursuit of the cornerback. That “legal tampering” window took place in the three days leading up to the start of free agency. Technically the Jets wouldn’t be allowed to speak with Revis during that period because he was still a member of the Patriots. Revis didn’t become a free agent until New England declined his 2015 option. Revis signed with the Jets hours after he became a free agent.

The investigation came on the heels of the Patriots reportedly filing tampering charges against the Jets in late December. Those charges came after Jets owner Woody Johnson made public comments about Revis, who was then a member of the Patriots.

Who knows what, if anything, will come of this entire situation. We’re talking about the same league that’s taken two months to figure out how much air was in a football, so don’t expect any sort of resolution any time soon.

Buzzy Says: If that was Tampering then Caldwell Neg. Statement about Tim Tebow was

Certain to Be Tampering Anything that reduces the Value of a player while on another team

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4 Responses to “Report: NFL investigated Jets over Darrelle Revis tampering”

  1. brandi says:

    The NFL’s Tampering Rule is insane. If a Team Owner or Exec even says something as simple as “Who wouldn’t love to have (pick your Player)” directly violates the Tampering Rule, which comes with huge Fines and loss of Draft Picks.

    It’s as bad as the NCAA saying a College violated Recruiting Rules if a blog that has no connection whatsoever to the School or Program but focuses on a Team writes an article talking about a high school recruit in any sort or terms that would be appealing. A Blogger saying Joe Linebacker would love it here…BAM! Recruiting Violation.

    Sometimes these Organizations take themselves so seriously they make a joke out of themselves. 🙂

    • ck says:

      Brandi: Sounds like the “Ends justify The Means” kinda thing so no wonder it backfires!

      • brandi says:

        John Oliver did a big thing on the NCAA yesterday. It’s long (20 minutes.) But it is well worth watching.

        It’s focus is on paying student athletes. But it also has some bits on NCAA Violations. Like the one about Rick Majerus. One of his Players had a parent die. Majerus took the kid to the airport. While waiting with him for the plane and trying to comfort him he bought the player lunch. BAM! NCAA nailed him for a Violation.

        It’s gone from the absurd to the just plain stomach wrenching.

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