Is Matt Barkley the key to Tim Tebow joining the Eagles?


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Eagles coach Chip Kelly might find a better backup quarterback in Tim Tebow than Matt Barkley.© Streeter Lecka/Getty Images Eagles coach Chip Kelly might find a better backup quarterback in Tim Tebow than Matt Barkley. 

By Vincent Frank

Sometimes the headline just writes itself. Shortly after the world found out that Tim Tebow was visiting with the Philadelphia Eagles, it nearly stopped spinning on its axis.

Luckily for the cosmos, Tebow left Philadelphia without a contract.

However, Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole is now indicating that Philadelphia will look at Tebow should Chip Kelly and company find a trade partner for former fourth-round pick Matt Barkley.

Let’s be real here for a second. Is it a given that Barkley is a better quarterback than Tebow?

Cole indicates that Barkley is on the market, and could be had for a late-round pick. In a weak market for quarterbacks, Barkley may actually draw some interest.

The BR scribe also goes on to indicate that Tebow would fit Philadelphia’s spread attack, which is something no one has really focused on as it relates to the team’s interest in the former first-round pick.

On the field, it at least makes some sense.

Let’s now sit back and see if a team is willing to throw a draft pick the Eagles way for a player in Matt Barkley who has been stunningly bad in sporadic playing time during his young career.

If so, Tebow may very well end up in Philly.

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16 Responses to “Is Matt Barkley the key to Tim Tebow joining the Eagles?”

  1. Shaztah says:

    WOW Buzzy you are going to be a busy bee…. Tim is making headline after headline. I am just glad that ESPN has not decided to spend an hour on Tebow news like they did before.

  2. Shaztah says:

    As much as I want to see him play I also hate watching him play. I only say that because I remember screaming at the TV for the announcers to STOP dissecting every little mistake and down putting him every chance they could. Even when he was winning they had nothing good to say. So I think if he plays again I will watch with the TV muted I know what Tebow looks like so I will know when he throws the ball LOL.

    • David Oliver says:


      Amen ! I understand .. But one step at a time, hopefully,
      he will get that FAIR Opportunity to “Do his Stuff”, as an
      NFL QB, AND .. continue to be the Bold Witness for Christ
      that HE IS..

      Dave O.

      • jason says:

        Explain the black balled thing again or too christian thing again. …or let us be honest you are just angry without a cue which is the truth of things.
        Buzzy says : yes Jason you are making me upset and somewhat angry.

        • David Oliver says:


          Your Motto must be “Ignorance is Bliss”

          AND As a Chief “Tim Tebow Hater”

          Also YOU = “My Hater mind is made up DO NOT CONFUSE ME WITH FACTS”

          • brandi says:

            I think the NFL really thought they didn’t need Tim. This is a league that had begun to get used to getting whatever it wanted and a whole culture built up around that. Including a culture of defending NFL attitudes and arrogance. I still don’t think there was any kind of actual blacklisting and, though Tim’s effusive expressions of his faith annoys some, I don’t think that has been any great cause to bring him down. Other than by some idiots in forums, on the internet, in media.

            Tim has so many Fans, Elway said it best. The NFL has never experienced anything even close. The arrogance first took root in being offended. Ah, he really doesn’t have that many Fans. This is the NFL. NOBODY is bigger. but he does and in many ways he is. All of that buzz and attention is just annoying has been the feeling and we’re the NFL. We can do without it.

            I said years ago, the NFL needed Tim Tebow to be their new icon or those predictions of the league’s demise would likely come true and they could bring the whole Game of Football down with them. It was treated as a joke. There are still many laughing. But in the NFL higher ranks, some aren’t laughing as loud as they used to. They’re now admitting the league and the game of football is at risk of falling out of its spot as the #1 sport in the country. Without that #1 spot, the NFL is screwed. Football is expensive. And nobody wants to pay those bills anymore. I said right here the Networks are through doing it. Roger Goodell was dumb and arrogant enough to not have listened to them and put his foot in his mouth on the Thursday Games. The NFL “defenders” say “Yeak. But look at the ratings. Nobody gives a damn about the ratings. They care about how much buying those ratings costs and the NFL just costs too much for too little back and if it loses ground it’s over.

            And too many inside the NFL and lots outside “defending” it took too long realizing this…many still refuse to accept it…because A) they’re blinded by current numbers that mean nothing for the league’s long-term health and B) they’ve gotten used to thinking no matter what the NFL always Wins. So who needs the Player who all he does is Wins?

            They do. Even with Tim it might be too late for the NFL and there are people inside the league, including the man tasked with keeping it from happening, Mark Waller, who know that.

    • tawk2 says:

      know what you mean, I got so aggravated at the commentators making insulting comments about Tim. I too will mute the volume, lol.

  3. ck says:

    Keeping more than my fingers crossed!

  4. tawk2 says:

    Has anyone heard anything today about Tim? I seen another story from Tom House is really pulling for Tim, a new story. I don’t know how to copy and paste the link on my tablet. The title is “Tom House Declares Tim Tebow Ready To Play”, another spin on the first story, Tom House literally says so many great things about Tim’s playing ability. I don’t think Buzzy has posted it yet, if so sorry I missed it. It was from 10 hours ago this morning.

  5. Bigfan says:

    here ya go tawk…
    Let’s everyone be patient here…lot of time between now and the draft. I am hopeful he gets another workout or two (you know these guys (coaches and GMs) talk amongst the industry. That’s football.

    Well now IF the Eagles make a move/moves we could see Sanchez, Bradford, Tebow and Mariotta….Only just another scenario you can bank on…of coarse everything has to align…stay tuned.

    • tawk2 says:

      Thanks for posting link, I am new to my tablet and used to a desktop computer, have to keep my foot elevated most of the time. I know it will take time, I just pray it is the right fit for Tim. For all we know he may working out for other teams, just being kept quiet. Remember the Patriots? Hopefully everything will work out and we will be able to see Tim play again!

    • David Oliver says:

      thawk2, Bigfan ..

      I ESPECIALLY liked the note one of the comments shared -> I thought was

      short, basic, and efficient that.. Tim Visited the Eagles on “3-16” !!

      (A familiar “Number Theme” for Tim as God works in his LIFE.)

      PTL !!


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