Despite some confusion, the Texans are not signing Tim Tebow

Posted by Michael David Smith on March 9, 2015, 5:51 PM EDT
Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 4.39.22 PMWhat could make an already big day in the NFL even bigger? Tim Tebow!

That’s what the folks at ESPN figured when they threw Tebow into the mix in a segment on today’s NFL Live. The segment was called “Overreaction Monday,” and it was intended to be a discussion of some over-the-top news items that could happen, but didn’t actually happen. One of those things was the quarterback-needy Texans signing Tebow.

The only problem was the ESPN illustrated the segment with what looked like a real breaking news graphic, and some people saw it and thought it was an actual breaking news update, and not just a discussion of a hypothetical. People were freaking out on Twitter, and some members of the media even bought it.

Tebow wants to come back to the NFL and may participate in the veteran combine to show teams what he can do. But the reality is, Tebow is still the same guy he was when he couldn’t find a job in the 2013 or 2014 seasons. A team is going to have to get extremely desperate at the quarterback position to sign Tebow, and the Texans aren’t that desperate. At least not yet.

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21 Responses to “Despite some confusion, the Texans are not signing Tim Tebow”

  1. andrea says:

    Just another positive article on Tebow.

    I’m being sarcastic,folks.

    • brandi says:

      Michael Smith won an ESPN Contestants Game to be an ESPN Intern. Then he was a Host of Numbers Never Lie. He’s the symbol of the All of my friends and None of my friends set of young guys who know more than everyone. And they have the spreadsheets and Fantasy Cred to prove it.

      At least with PTI, Wilbon & Kornheiser spent decades earning their stripes as SportsWriets before they became the knowers of all things. 🙂

  2. Shaztah says:

    Just saw this on twitter…. ‏@nfltrade_rumors 33m33 minutes ago
    RT @ChronBrianSmith: Vince Young was not accepted to and won’t attend the NFL Veterans Combine, according to a representative for Young.

  3. andrea says:

    So that means only one player has been accepted to participate in the Veterans combine?

    Are we sure its 100 veterans invited or just the chosen one?

  4. Pamelot says:

    Since when did it become a thing to say whom you’re NOT going to hire?
    I’m so sick of teams, or representatives of teams, seemingly going out of their way to announce that no, they AREN’T going to hire Tim Tebow. It’s practically slander. Maybe it is.

  5. ck says:

    Well this guy gets an F for “failure to report the TRUTH!” From what I have seen, teams hiring all the other QB’s who are not as GREAT AS TEBOW ARE DESPERATE, INDEED!!!

  6. Bigfan says:

    Just the same ol’ same ol’! Enough of the Koolaid!! Now to stay in the present…We have heard of 3 “Veterans” Sam, Young and Quinn (I guess the verdict is out on Young)? AND no one else? Hmmm sounds a bit odd to me. What about the other 97 “Veterans”? Is the NFL riding the Free Agent hype and know that by releasing the veterans attendees that could steal some thunder at this moment??

    Well we will see soon the 22nd is coming fast. Now when and IF Timmy is there everyone knows what to expect from the media right?? Learn from the past and TRUST!!

    • Larry says:

      “Is the NFL riding the Free Agent hype and know that by releasing the veterans attendees that could steal some thunder at this moment??”

      GMTA, Bigfan. That’s what I’ve been thinking, too.

  7. andrea says:

    How about this sports headline:

    Report – Tim Tebow can finally throw a spiral.

    This kind of sports “reporting” has been going on about Tebow before he was even drafted by the NFL for goodness sakes.

    So right now 12 days before the combine sports writers are treating Tebow’s participation in the combine as a joke.

    If and when Tebow attends the combine the hatred and nastiness of the mainstream media will explode.

    Then there will some players the media will treat as God – and Tebow will not be that football player.

    As Al Jolson used to say – ” You ain’t seen nothing yet”

    • ck says:

      Hey Andrea! Like the Al Jolson reference and wholeheartedly agree! 🙂
      Believe Tebow is destined for divine “GREATNESS” and no one person/persons or otherwise can stop his destination only God can make a way when it seems impossible…praying he overcomes ALL obstacles placed in his path too!
      Wish I had just 1/4 of what makes Tebow go above and beyond to accomplish all he has in no uncertain terms w/God’s favor/blessings!!!

  8. Bubbaelvis says:

    Some guy named John Strayer is tweeting that Tim is going to Philly to workout for Chip Kelly. I don’t know how true this is since I also read that Philly traded Foles for Bradford. I always thought that Tebow in the Philly offense would be deadly. Supposedly he is working out for him Monday. We shall see.

    • Larry says:

      That tweet comes from a tweet on a fake account of a well-known NFL Network reporter. Tim’s not working out for the Eagles.

    • Shaztah says:

      So the Eagles don’t mind getting Bradford who can’t stay healthy or win games but Tebow isn’t worthy. What a joke these teams are. Just like everyone saying that Jamies Winston deserves to be the #1 pick that is crazy. He is a thug and a kid with no morals. He is a thief and rapist among other things, he was not prosecuted because the police department and school covered it up. He stole from stores in Tallahassee and he shot guns and broke out windows on campus but it was all overlooked. Guess he will fit right in with the NFL.

      • ck says:

        Shaztah: Yes, the NFL’s standards are a “JOKE” compared to TEBOW’S! That is why they promote who they promote b/c they don’t want to be proven WRONG! Talk about egotistical and that’s the other problem besides bias which does not have anything whatsoever to do w/skill set!!! Agree w/u!:)

      • David says:

        The Eagles are going to find out the hard way that Sam Bradford averages about 10 yards per completion which is why he has a hard time scoring. They probably looked at his 60% completion percentage and no deeper.
        The completion percentage statistic favors quarterbacks that throw short, easy to catch throws. For example, in their first 16 games,
        Tebow threw 19 TDs in 374 pass attempts with 9 interceptions and 47.3%
        Bradford threw 18 TDS in 590 pass attempts with 15 interceptions and 60%
        Tebow also ran for 15 scores and 937 yards. Bradford ran for 1 and 63 yards.
        How does Tebow throw more TDs with fewer interceptions in 216 fewer pass attempts?
        Tebow threw 15.3 yards per catch while Bradford threw 9.98 yards per catch. Tebow throws the longest passes in the league while Bradford throws some of the shortest. Tebow was scoring every 19.6 attempts and Bradford was scoring every 32.77 attempts. Tebow was scoring every 9.3 completions and Bradford scored every 19.6 completions. Tebow scored more than twice as often per catch. You can’t tell how a player is playing from a completion percentage. It penalizes the QBs that throw aggressively and score more often.
        The 5.32 yard difference between Tebow’s completion and Bradford’s completion is so great that you can’t really use the same word to describe them. Tebow’s completion is 35% superior to Bradford’s so they aren’t the same thing.

        • brandi says:

          Statistics are meaningless unless all things are completely equal. Same Players, same conditions, same everything. That’s one big reason why even in the historically stat happy Baseball, the Stat Nerds have always had to back-peddle on the real value of them. Point out it takes 3 full seasons of statistics to have any accuracy and even then, only as a measurement of past achievement. NOT a prediction of future success. And that is what the creators and defenders of the advanced statistics say. You can guess what the detractors have to say. 🙂

          It’s why Baseball Teams uses advanced statistics to look for ways to better refine a Player’s Game instead of using them as the method for making Roster decisions.

          There is one and ONLY one Statistics-Based QB Measurement System that has had any accuracy as relates to Wins and Losses. Cold Hard Football Facts RealQBR. And Sports Illustrated/CHFF have been huge Tebow Advocates. The Miracle Season in Denver, the Players voted Tim a Top-100 Player, #13 on that list among Quarterbacks. CHFF had Tim in that same range. Not Great Statistically. But close to the Top Third of Starting QBs. And a couple bad Games skewed those numbers down alot. (But that could probably be said for other QBs too.)

          Here’s where the current argument against Tim Tebow falls apart. The last bastion of the detractors of…If he was any good, he’d be on a Team. I’ve felt and said for years…Tim Tebow is a Franchise QB. His Popularity makes him that. Which means, you can’t bring him in as a Back-Up. You can’t bring him in as a Tryout, let’s see what he’s got kinda thing. The decision to sign Tim Tebow is a decision to hand him the Ball and stick with him. GMs don’t like doing that anyway. They really don’t like doing it with someone else’s guy. Even if that someone else is the Fans.

          THAT, to me, is the measurement of how huge the gap is between the NFL and the Fans. In ANY other league, picking a Fab Fave is the safest of bets. In the twisted minds of NFL GMs, it’s a drawback. No Professional Sports League in history has had this mindset. None. In ANY other Pro Sports League, if there was any question about a Player’s ability the thought process would be…The Fans love him. Let’s hope he can Play.

          In the NFL it’s the fans love him. Geez, I don’t need that kind of crap around here.

        • ck says:

          David: I like to read percentages and all of that b/c it shows how illogical that the owners/GMs are when it comes to the selection process…if they want to “WIN” then they should pick the obvious choice; i.e., TEBOW! This justifies T2s credibility imo. so the stats are legit.

  9. Bubbaelvis says:

    Thanks for clearing that up Larry. I should have known it was fake. These fake reports come out about this time of year every year. It really gets frustrating, especially seeing these guys get signed and they are not as good as Tebow.

    • ck says:


  10. ck says:

    Hey Buzz! You haven’t posted the latest on Miss what’s her name and it looks like she is promoting video games now…hmmmmmm 🙂

    Buzzy Says : the girls here wont allow Katie.

    • ck says:

      Look for her supporting animals that need to be rescued as that is also her venue now…just thought I would make your day w/that one.

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