Buzzy Says : I hope T2 does not go to the Combine as the Media will chop Him Up if he does good or bad they are already started and he has not even been accepted as far as i can find out.

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13 Responses to “Buzzy Says : I hope T2 does not go to the Combine as the Media will chop Him Up if he does good or bad they are already started and he has not even been accepted as far as i can find out.”

  1. SB says:

    I disagree. If he looks good mechanically, especially after people like Tom House and Trent Dilfer have endorsed his improvements, I think it will be received positively. I’m sure there will be some Tebow critics who will be negative regardless of his performance.

    However, the bigger concern is that if he does apply and gets rejected, that proves he’s being blacklisted. Especially if Brady Quinn and VY are accepted. That’s what I’m anxious to find out.

    • luke says:

      Haters gonna hate when they see something good tebow will make it bc he has god and hes a champion its just like looking at me im a 175 pound varsity linebacker people be like run his way then i give them a whack throw it his way then i intercept it im a d1 player and going and tebow is a dual threat and he will be way better than he was before bc he has been working real hard watch him succeed

  2. David Oliver says:

    Buzzy – SB

    Yes, there are alot of variables here. But the bottom line is
    It is obvious Tim would like a viable opportunity to play as an
    NFL QB. Yes, there are many “Dark-Side” elements that Hate him
    for reasons nothing to do with his footballs skills but for –
    his unashamed Christian Faith.

    I believe in God’s Grace this could be a time where he could
    show off his true skill set – hopefully visible to millions of
    people on TV (If there is permitted this kind of TV coverage)
    where the “Hate Pundits” could not be as effective in trying
    OWN EYES. I Pray in God’s Grace Tim Tebow would have and take
    this chance – and that in God’s providence he would do his best
    and showcase his true skill set that “Some Brave owner/GM/Coach
    would have the “guts” to stand up and Break the NFL QB TEBOW BLACKBALL
    Conspiracy and select him for their team as a viable candidate to
    be a potential Starte at QB for their NFL Team – and in the future,
    reap GREAT BENEFITS as a REWARD !!
    Dave O.

    BVuzzy Says : His skillset is not Passing or Reading Defence His skillset is leadership and Winning games.

  3. tebow fan says:

    I disagree. It is his best chance to return to the NFL. Also, he has made a lot of friends in the media since he now works in the media.

  4. brandi says:

    I’m not sure it’d be a good move. The NFL has to accept something. The league has never had a SuperStar of Tim Tebow’s variety. Someone who’s popularity not only surpasses its own. But crosses barriers the league can’t break. He’s loved where the NFL is despised. Football Fans overwhelmingly thing he has gotten shafted by the NFL. His popularity not only would shore up the domestic base but also open International doors.

    In short, the NFL needs to swallow its pride and admit he’s bigger than they are.

    This Combine, IMO, is precisely like when the storyline was if Tebow fans would just back off, Tim will get another NFL gig. I called B&%^$$&Sh*&^t then. This is more of the same.

    So many want to give the NFL a graceful way out of the hole its dug. If I thought there was even a 1% chance the league has learned its lesson about how and how not to treat the fans, I’d say go for it. But I don’t see it.

    The heck with graceful. 🙂

    Buzzy Says : If a team was to pick him up as soon as the TV networks including Cable starting Bidding to broadcast his games like in Denver even Fox Sports was biding to get in the Mix then the other owners and GMs will start Bitching to the NFL screaming ITS NOT FAIR
    BY THE WAY WHO SAID LIFE IS FAIR.THE RATINGS for the late season games was better than monday and thursday night football and the NFL didnt like to explain that to the other owners. even the games that Denver lost the 4th qtr. ratings were off the charts. Fans looking for a comeback. As my wife says it was fun to watch.

  5. andrea says:

    Tebow was great to watch. I just loved those last minute 4th quarter victories and then watching the so called “football experts” heads explode.

  6. andrea says:

    As for Tebow’s so called friends in the media and Hollywood – I just looked at Tebow’s media and Hollywood stars attending his foundation golf outing this coming weekend and I do not recognize a media or Hollywood name in the bunch.(Happens every year).

    These so called Hollywood and media friends have not publicly come out and said Tebow deserves another chance in the NFL.

    They will stab Tebow in the back the first chance they get.

    I have to agree with Buzzy on this one.

  7. Bigfan says:

    Gee guys let’s rain on the parade. We all know what to expect from the media and so does Timmy. Give the man a break and just see how this all plays out. He is in God’s hands not those who doubt for sure!

    Concur David BIG TIME!!

  8. ck says:

    Well, “If God be for him, then who can be against him?”

  9. David says:

    The list of players has been published and Tebow is not on it. Young is also missing.
    These are the quarterbacks.
    Johnson, Jerrod
    Texas A&M
    Kafka, Mike
    Kay, Brendon
    Price, Keith
    Robinson, Zac
    Oklahoma State
    Thomas, Darron
    Wilson, Tyler

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