Why Tim Tebow has a place in the NFL


The debate has died down recently. Johnny Manziel has become the new one man reality show of the NFL. Ray Rice punching his fiancé in the face and Adrian Peterson whacking his son with a tree branch, along with Roger Goodell’s responses to those incidents, have become the new hot button topics of the NFL.

I’m talking about Tim Tebow, of course. You may remember him as the guy who led Florida to a national championship in 2008 and played a key role in another one two years earlier. You may remember him for being the first to lift up the Heisman Trophy- with a Florida blue cast on his right arm, no less- as an underclassman. You may remember him for his speeches, such as the bone chilling halftime rampage in the national championship game, or the somber but determined pledge to outwork everybody else in the country after the puzzling loss to Mississippi a few months before that. And more recently, you may remember him as the guy who starting the whole “Tebowing” trend.

This article is about none of that. What Tebow did in college, on and off the field, is irrelevant. His devout Christian faith and Tebowing gesture are irrelevant. And most importantly, the wonderful person he is off the field is (for this particular topic) irrelevant.

This past weekend, I watched more pro football than I’ve watched all year. First I watched some of Jacksonville-Tennessee, followed by the two Saturday games (Philadelphia-Washington and San Diego-San Francisco). Then I enlisted in the help of NFL Red Zone to watch all the Sunday games at once, which was followed by the Sunday Night Football battle between the Seahawks and the Cardinals. Finally, I capped my NFL weekend by watching the end of the Broncos and Bengals.

From this extensive weekend of studying various NFL teams, the conclusion was easy to make: Tim Tebow absolutely has a place in the NFL.

Before I explain why, though, we need to be real with ourselves. Tim Tebow will never be a Hall of Fame QB. He is not, nor will he ever be, a better QB than Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers or even Ben Roethlisberger. Anybody who still believes that he is needs to let go of that. I am not arguing this, and anybody who does is plain silly.

But to say that Tebow doesn’t belong in the NFL at all, even as a backup, is also silly. I watched some QB’s this past weekend who had no business being on a practice field, let alone the NFL. And watching them made me more certain than ever that Tebow belongs in the NFL. Somewhere.

Look around the NFL. Are you going to tell me that Josh McCown is better than Tim Tebow? Are you going to tell me that Ryan Lindley is more deserving of an NFL roster spot than Tebow? Do you honestly believe that Mark Sanchez belongs in the NFL more than Tebow? How about Kyle Orton? Geno Smith? Jimmy Clausen? Johnny Manziel? Zach Mettenberger? Shaun Hill? Case Keenum? Brian Hoyer? Can you tell me with a straight face that each and every one of these QB’s deserves to be playing professional football and Tim Tebow doesn’t?

The mechanics of a QB are important, yes. I’m not in any way ignoring them, and I will address them later in the article. But the ultimate goal for a franchise is to win games. Not be the sexiest, not be the most exciting, not even necessarily to be the most talented. It’s to win games. And despite the fact that Tebow does have anywhere near the talent of the great NFL QB’s, he can win games as well as any of them.

As an NFL starting QB, Tim Tebow is 9-6 (60%), and has won a playoff game. Here is the complete list of current NFL quarterbacks with better win percentages than Tebow and two or more playoff wins: Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning, Philip Rivers, Ben Roethlisberger, Joe Flacco and Colin Kaepernick. Yep, that’s it. Tim Tebow really does have a better winning percentage than Drew Brees, Eli Manning, Matt Ryan and Tony Romo. Tebow really does have more playoff wins than Andy Dalton, Cam Newton and Nick Foles, and as many as Tony Romo, Andrew Luck and Matt Ryan. Does that shock you? It shouldn’t.

Yes, I acknowledge the fact that Tebow only started in 15 games, and that Eli Manning and Drew Brees play more than that every season- and that they’ve each started every game of every season (or most, anyway). Tebow played for most of one season and the tail end of a second, while Manning and Brees have been stuck on teams with few pieces surrounding them to help them out. I get that. Without Victor Cruz and an offensive line, Eli is left to win games with O’Dell Beckham Jr. (who he’s only had for a little more than half the season) and a young Andre Williams. Meanwhile, Brees quarterbacks the team with the most horrendous defense in an NFC South that’s filled with them. Even two-win Tampa has allowed fewer points per game than New Orleans. Again, I totally understand that this is not the QB’s faults.

But Tebow wasn’t exactly playing with a Pro Bowl team in Denver either. That Broncos defense got trashed for 40+ points more than I’ve ever seen from a division winning team. You can sort of expect it from Green Bay (49 points) and from New England (twice- 45 and 41), but certainly not from a Ryan Fitzpatrick led Buffalo team (40) or Detroit (45). And giving up 32 and 29 to Minnesota and San Diego teams that totaled 11 wins that year is nothing to be proud of, either. Offensively, the Broncos were just as limited. Eric Decker makes a decent third or fourth option, yet he was the Broncos’ best receiver in 2011. And only having one running back (Willis McGahee) who can run for more yards than Tebow, is not exactly the best recipe for offensive success. Blame some of this on Tebow if you want, but note that the third leading rusher on that team was Lance Ball, who totaled 404 yards… compared to Tebow’s 660. And that’s despite Tebow not playing the first four and a half games.

The fact of the matter is, Tebow took over a 1-4 team with major weaknesses on both sides of the ball, and won them their division plus a Wild Card playoff game. That’s certainly not grounds for hailing him as the best QB ever, but doesn’t that make you as a GM of a random four win team intrigued enough to want to see more? That’s the entire premise of this article. Not that he should kick Tom Brady out of his starting job, but merely that he deserves a roster spot on a team with no proven better options.

Of course, Tebow has lots of work to do if he wants to be a successful NFL quarterback. His mechanics need to be retooled. He still has a tendency to drop the ball too low on his windup. His release point needs to be adjusted. That’s what scares teams off. Some teams have a right to not consider him because of this. You know. The perennial powerhouses with star QB’s. The playoff teams who already have a QB that’s not necessarily a star, but has cemented himself as the team’s leader- like Baltimore with Joe Flacco. The so-so teams who have star QB’s, or promising young ones. But there are 32 teams in the NFL, and several of them- more specifically, several GM’s- don’t have a reason like that not to take Tebow. Yes, I’m talking to you, GM’s of terrible teams. You know who you are, too: Tampa, Tennessee, Cleveland, Houston, Oakland, the Jets (even though, again, he’ll never go back there) and St. Louis are the obvious ones, and you could make the argument that Jacksonville, Arizona, Buffalo, Philadelphia, Washington and San Francisco wouldn’t be hurting themselves by signing him to a backup role. Tebow’s negatives are fixable through good coaching and Tebow’s reputable work ethic.

Objectively assessing Tebow’s career, I would currently categorize his worth as an NFL QB somewhere between fair and good. That’s not exactly a glowing endorsement, but that’s certainly more positive than any objective assessment of Josh McCown’s NFL career, or Ryan Lindley’s, or Shaun Hill’s, or even Zach Mettenberger’s. Yet those guys, and others of similarly modest respectability, currently have jobs in the NFL and Tebow doesn’t. Some of that may be by choice, as being an SEC analyst may appeal to Tebow more than being a third string QB, but there are teams out there who don’t have a single QB who’s proven himself to be better than Tebow on their active rosters, like Tennessee, Tampa or even the Jets (even though he’d never go back there).

Why teams who have struggled mightily did not take a chance on him this year is beyond me. Yes, he currently has a job as an analyst, but there is a clause in his contract that allows him to leave with little to no notice for a job in the NFL. Does Tampa Bay really believe that Josh McCown is more fit to lead the franchise than Tebow? Their failure to even give Tebow a tryout says that they do. Whatever, that’s why you’re 2-13. Or is that on purposes they can get a top draft pick? But see, that’s the real problem. Nobody is even willing to give Tebow a job on a short term basis. They would rather struggle with whoever they have and lose games than take a chance on Tebow and see what happens. That may come off as rather biting and sarcastic, but that is what the league wide refusal to sign Tim Tebow is saying about the NFL’s worst teams.

He deserves another shot. That’s all I’m saying. His 9-6 record on a Denver team that was far worse overall than they were perceived to be has earned him another shot on an NFL roster, and that’s putting aside the fact that some of the QB’s who currently have jobs are actually worse mechanically than he is. Now add that back in the equation, plus the fact that Tebow is a proven leader with off the charts intangibles, and he is more than deserving of an opportunity of an NFL roster spot.

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  1. David Oliver says:

    Duh.. Something wrong here – SMELLS LIKE the NFL has “Black Balled”
    Tim Tebow from having any fair opportunity to be a NFL QB?

    I wonder why – what is so unique and horrific about TT that would
    drive these NFL Elitist Owners/Controllers to take such a step?

    It would not be because Tim Tebow Unabashedly and Unapologetically
    when interviewed after a game would FIRST OF ALL SAY something to this

    and my Team Mates!”


    Just think about IT… THEY JUST WENT NUTS !! This is the END RESULT !

    • jp says:

      The Denver fans that forced Fox–cant win a super bowl— insured T getting blackballed— GM and coaches would rather lose than be told what to do… ironic that fox got run out of Denver by Elway because the greatest quarterback ever keeps going one and out 90 mill later and going no where

      • Sage says:

        Fox forced it on himself, by being 1-4 and down by 30 points at the half to division rival San Diego.

        • jp says:

          I wasn’t clear… the fans onslat of criticism forced fox to play T
          Fox would have been content to go 4-12 and insist that Orton gave Denver the best chance to win

          • Sage says:

            What you say is true, though I reject the inference that Tebow’s fans were at fault.

            Fox would also have been content to bench Tebow and waive him at the end of the season, depriving the world of 13 games of enthralling performances by Tebow.

      • ck says:


        • jp says:

          Sill not making myself clear…. T and Denver fans forced the Broncoes to play Tebow…. Fox and Elway could not stand to be humiliated and told what to do even though the Broncs. made the playoffs for the first time in six years. Other GM S and coaches feel the same way… and wold rather go 2-14 4-12 etc. than win and make the playoffs with T … that’s why T is blackballed

          • Sage says:

            Although your point is decent, you continue to underestimate the probability that blackballing would have occurred anyway. Did you read any of the Rick Reilly or Michael Silver columns on Tebow PRIOR to his time on the field? “High level” executive(s) were leaking that he was actually 4th string, not 3rd, and that his skills were an abomination.

            That high level exec was Elway, the pal of those writers, and the only one in a position to make such statements. Elway has always wanted to be loved in the media, and he leaks things that he thinks will improve his standing.

            Long before Tebow got on the field he had a large and committed group of detractors. Sure, it’s possible that if Tebow had been waived by the Broncos some individual in the NFL would have given him a chance, but I really can’t think who that would be. Can you? If so, what is your evidence?

    • brandi says:

      Hi David–I really think Tim has very little to do with why he isn’t busy reading his Playbooks, scheduling workouts with Teammates and generally getting ready for another Season.

      At its heart, I think it’s the same reason Coaches like Billick and Gruden won’t come back. Billick pretty much flat-out said it. The only thing keeping him from accepting any of the pile of offers he’d be receiving if he said he’d be willing to gi ve it another go is all of the nonsense in the Front Offices and Organizations that has nothing to do with Football, let alone Winning Football. Primarily GMs. Bill Walsh has called NFL GMs worthless and sneaky backbiting connivers whose influence over Owners far outweighs their value. (I’m putting words in his mouth. But that’s the gist of it)

      It’s a control freak situation and Tim’s popularity make him a control freak’s nightmare. The lines used is Fans will scream for Tim even if he’s losing. That just shows how little they think of the Fans. And of all the Fans, nobody would want Tim to call it a day if he was out there stinking up the joint more than Tebow’s most die-hard. None of whom would want a lingering image of a “Loser Tebow” dragging down a Team.

      But the Fans don’t get the chance to show they’re much better than the petty apparichnik that thinks so little of them.

    • brandi says:

      It’s hard to not take that “Nooo. Not Tim Tebow” tweet from the NFL as a bad sign. Or worse. An outright face slap.

    • ck says:


  2. David Oliver says:


    There is much truth in what you just shared.

    Also Mr.Neil Shulman in his article here made many significant points.

    However, what he says here is where I tend to disagree in regard to
    WHY the NFL Owners / Media Elite have efectively “Black Balled” TT:

    “This article is about none of that. What Tebow did in college, on and off the field, is irrelevant. His devout Christian faith and Tebowing gesture are irrelevant. And most importantly, the wonderful person he is off the field is (for this particular topic) irrelevant.”

    The things above that make Tim Tebow Uniquely Tim Tebow IS NOT –


    ” As much as for his signature jump pass, Tim Tebow is known for inscribing Bible verses on the eye black he wears for games.

    Tebow’s choice for last season’s BCS championship game against Oklahoma, John 3:16, drew a reported 93 million Google hits that day.”


    • brandi says:

      Question–Freudian slip on NFL’s Twitter? Their real feelings? Or just the usual sloppiness? This will tick some here off alot. So be prepared.


    • ck says:


      • David Oliver says:


        And the important thing is whatever “WAY” or “Path” that is:

        The most important thing for Tim is that he will know and Chose
        God’s Path for his life – which MAY BE NOT FOOTBALL..

        How about President of USA !! WE HAVE DONE MUCH WORSE!

        • ck says:

          David O.: We could use a “REAL LEADER” in the White House for a change and that would be the ticket…GO TEBOW!!! Hey folks, you heard IT here FIRST!

  3. DeLVen says:

    From a business standpoint Tebow makes sense. Haters would watch to see him fail and his fans would watch to see if he could win. Teams with mediocre quarterbacks and low attendance have nothing to lose. If he plays and year and loses they get rid of him. Meanwhile they would boost rating and merchandise sales. What is the downside?

    • ck says:

      DelVen: Probably makes too much sense and they are admitting defeat in the face of Tebow and his legions/millions of fans…greed makes people do strange things and that COULD CERTAINLY WORK IN HIS FAVOR!

    • brandi says:

      Taken by itself, it’s almost unfathomable how some NFL Owner didn’t step up and make the move to bring Tim in and hand him the reigns. But the NFL has done different things that have shown they haven’t been as on top of recognizing the value of appealing to the Fans as they should have.

      MAYBE between the Networks unwillingness to jump on the Thursday Night Games and give the league the money it expected and Mark Waller’s acknowledging they run a real risk of losing their #1 Position in the US, there will be a new emphasis on the Fans that was lost. The moves with some new GM hires where GMs had their ultimate power stripped by the Owners is the Owners’ version of a wake-up call to the league’s organizations.

      If it is, it’s both about d%$mn time and perhaps a good sign for Tim.

  4. Bigfan says:

    Guy wrights a nice article in the past tense per se. Timmy has been working on his delivery amongst other things for some time (Remember what Trent Dilfer said)? Timmy claims he is in the best QB shape of his life. I certainly hope to see him on the 22 of March?

  5. David says:

    Tim Tebow’s name has been missing from the NFL webpage individual stats for about 2-3 years. You could type it in “current players” or “historical players” and it was not linked to the index. In the last couple of weeks his name has been restored and linked in the search index under “Historical Players”. This is probably because his guaranteed contract ended after the 2014 season, but the NFL made it almost impossible to find his stats on NFL.com over the past few years. You had to have it bookmarked or find an old article which linked to it.
    Type Tebow at this search page with the “Historical Players” radio button clicked.
    When you blacklist a player this good, you have to hide the evidence.

    • ck says:

      David: Didn’t they take all the pictures of Tebow out of the office when Elrot traded T2 ASAP? Talk about devious!:( Will never convince me that T2 had any say b/c the nut in NY (Rotten Ryan) was going to have his revenge on Tebow b/c he beat his loser team!!!

      • tawk2 says:

        I agree ck, I think they took down his records as well in Denver, I believe they did not want any connection with Tim anymore makes me sick!

        I will be having more surgery the end of this month day is not set yet. My cadaver bone has not healed and among other things. I hate another surgery, but to get well my surgeon said it is the only way.

        I hope everyone is doing well here. GO TEBOW!

        • ck says:

          Hi tawk2! Will be keeping you in my prayers and hoping that you don’t have to encounter any more problems…will be thinking of you and going to call The 700 Club on your behalf (1-800-759-0700) so you can be put on their prayer list too!

          • tawk2 says:

            Thank you ck! Just had another CT scan on my foot today, so tired of the pain, thought first surgery would have worked. I have a great surgeon and a wonderful husband and daughter for support and love. Just hate being so laid up again.

            Thanks again ck, you and everyone here are always in my prayers.

            I keep hoping Tim will get another chance, fingers crossed!

      • David says:

        ck, I think Elway said they gave Tebow a choice and then Tebow told the media that he didn’t get a choice. Then, Elway came back out and said that they got Tebow’s input which is totally different. Tebow never said any more about it and just said he was excited to be a Jet. If Tebow had told the media something incorrect, I think he would have corrected it publicly. Tebow didn’t correct his statement but Elway revised his statement. So, I agree that Tebow was told where he would be traded which is the normal way that it happens with all players.

        • ck says:

          David: And we know how credible Elrot is…he was trying to deflect all the negative publicity that was certainly raining down due to his unconscionable actions regarding T2! Anyway, there was definitely the spin via the media/Elrot which was what we were led to believe so, yes, input is different than actually having a choice even if it is SOP! Have to give Tebow credit for always having taken the high road in underhanded matters.

    • David Oliver says:

      David – Good point:

      And when you hide his historical stat evidence that good..

      It again reinforces the Reality of the Whole Black Ball Campaign,
      and becomes evidence within itself for that TRUTH!

      Dave O.

  6. ck says:

    Well Neil Shulman got it right, but I disagree about he could never be an elite pro QB and, if he were allowed to live his dream, would surpass the likes of all the “so called elites” impo!!! “ALL HE DOES IS WIN!”

    • brandi says:

      Nobody can know how well Tim would have done had he been handed the reigns to another Team. I think that’s one reason the numbers on Fans polled has gone up in percentages saying he should be a starting QB today…got a “raw deal”, etc. Much has to do with the last lasting image Fans have is of Tim Tebow taking a going nowhere fast Team to an exciting Playoff Win against the league’s best defense. Most Fans don’t even remember the Patriots Game the next week because everybody other than the Champion loses their last Playoff Game. 🙂

      But beyond this basic “Don’t tell us we didn’t see what we saw”, there’s something patently Un-American about telling someone they can’t do something. Especially when they’ve already shown they can. If the NFL had one working brain in their heads, they would have shut down that “skillset” argument faster than a Diva Receiver can get into his next embarrassing situation. Americans by their nature and culture hate elitists, they loathe people with the attitude, we’re the experts and you all are just the ignorant masses and they won’t stand for anyone telling someone “we won’t let you”.

      The NFL broke every unwritten rule in the book on America-101.

      • ck says:

        Brandi: I am w/u as I like to root for the underdog AND HE IS SOMEONE THAT LIKES TO PROVE OTHERS WRONG B/C HE USES NEGATIVITY TO HIS ADVANTAGE!!!
        GOD BLESS TEBOW!!!

        • brandi says:

          The single biggest mistake many young people in this country made, Millenials, was buying all the elite nonsense. I don’t think older generations realize just how much younger generations, particularly Millenials, got lost in the crap most of the 21st century in the us has been. Now gradually, some are growing out of it.

          But watching your parents and grandparents turn into someone you don’t recognize, watching an entire country go insane, watching everyone start doing things they said they’d never do in a million years and prided themselves on being the only country that never did, basically seeing everything they’d ever been told mattered most treated like none of it ever mattered at all…DESTROYED young people in this country.

          Now, having decided there is no such thing as a value system, young people are having to create one from scratch. And alot of mistakes have been made getting there.

  7. Shaztah says:

    Thought this was interesting!


    • Shaztah says:

      Maybe veterans combine training? I can only hope and pray!

      • David Oliver says:


        Thanks.. Neat Input & Pic – Especially the associated tag info:

        “Great Sunday workout with Tim Tebow#d1combinetraining”

        This gives us some optimism that Tim is in Training for
        and will hopefully be attending the Veterans Combine on March 22

        Dave O.

      • ck says:

        Shaztah: Thanks for the info. and it looks like he is getting ready for none other than “TEBOW TIME” and, like David O., keeping optimistic!:)

    • Anto says:

      Hmmm…Tim’s still looking like a body-builder. Has always worried me that he’s doing too many weights, rather than working on exercises which build and train his fast-twitch muscle fibres, especially in his upper body.

      Buzzy Says : I have to agree with this statement.

    • David says:

      That must have been a very competitive workout.

  8. andrea says:

    I hate to throw cold water on this project but so far the only names invited to the NFL combine are –

    1 The Gay God – How can one be considered a veteran when the said one never made it on a football team roster?

    2 Vince Young – what can you say?

    Let the freak show/media circus begin !!!!

    Buzzy Says : Tthe rumor is that Tim Tebow is not going to apply for an invite to the combine.Because of the chance he might get turned Down and the other type of players that will be there.(HasBeen QBs)

    • ck says:

      Andrea: You’ve got to be kidding, right? Speculation until further notice…:) Couldn’t help laughing about #1, unfortunately.

    • David says:

      For the NFL to invite Tim Tebow to a combine is an insult, after he set NFL passing and rushing records and won his first playoff game in his first 16 games and outscored both of the 2014 super bowl quarterbacks. Choosing to not apply might be the right decision. A lot will change on March 10 when quarterbacks are released and free agency starts.

      Buzzy Says : I agree with the above statement.

  9. bubbaelvis says:

    I think Tim is going to go for it. His latest tweet is “For with God nothing shall be impossible.” – Luke 1:37. Sounds to me like a guy who is still believing. I saw that tweet and the one that said he was working with Tom House recently and it got me totally excited. I believe he will go to the combine and nail it. He has said himself he will do everything he can to fulfill his dream so that he won’t have any regrets that he didn’t do all he could. No matter what happens you got to respect that.

  10. andrea says:

    I am hoping that Tebow is allowed to go to the veterans combine but the decision to attend the combine is the NFL’s. Tebow can not just show up – you have to be invited.

    Anyone hear if Tebow received an invite?

    • Larry says:

      The application page for the vets combine said that players would be notified of their acceptance or rejection by the end of February. Tim started working in L.A. w/his accuracy coach, Tom House, a few days before the end of Feb, and he’s still working w/him (he & Eli Manning were both working w/TH today). So it’s safe to say Tim’s been accepted to the combine.

      Buzzy Says : If T2 on the Combine List i cant find it anywhere.

      • David Oliver says:


        Significant Observation – and Resultant Conclusion !!

        Tim would rather in this instance, I believe, be Low Key at this Point!

        Go TT !!

        Dave O.

      • Larry says:

        Buzzy, as far as I know, there hasn’t been any list released as of now (3/4/15 night). A few guys have informed the press that they’ve been invited, but no official list of invitees has been put out. I think the full list is supposed to be released sometime in the next week.

        As I explained, I was simply basing my assumption of Tim being invited on his suddenly working w/his accuracy coach again around the time he would have been hearing whether he was accepted or not.

  11. andrea says:

    David Oliver – you are not going to like this.

    In baseball, the New York Mets invited Billy Beane ( the major leagues gay ambassador) to spend a day with the Mets to speak about accepting gay people as teammates.

    Afterwards the press spoke to the Mets second baseman Daniel Murphy (a proud Christian man) who said he would not have a problem with a gay teammate but Murphy said he would still disagree with the gay lifestyle.

    Well – the New York Mets have told Murphy he can only talk about baseball and can no longer discuss his Christian religion and faith.

    Yet the gay ambassador to baseball can talk about anything he wants to – no restrictions on the gay ambassador.

    This is why I am convinced that Tebow will never be accepted in the NFL because of his strong Christian faith and the anti-Christian bigotry of the sports press and the mainstream press.

    I hope I’m wrong on this but we shall see.

  12. David says:

    Why Tim Tebow has a place in the NFL.
    Wilson threw 20 TDs in 452 attempts with 7 interceptions and ran for 849 yards and 6 TDS in 2014.
    Tebow threw 19 TDs in 374 attempts with 9 interceptions and ran for 937 yards and 15 scores in his first 15.5 games and 13 situational plays in 2010/2011. Tebow threw a TD more often per pass attempt and scored 8 more times than Wilson.
    In 2014, only 3 quarterbacks scored more times than Tebow’s 34.
    Wilson scored 26 times this year
    Brady scored 33 times this year
    Tebow scored 34 times as a first time starter
    He also scored with the pass every 9.3 completions while Brady scored every 11.3 completions this year.
    Tebow scored more times than both of the QBs in the superbowl in less than 16 games of total playing time as a 24 year old first time starter.

  13. DeLVen says:

    Lets have a little fun with speculating possible teams where Tim could go. I will guess the Bears, only because of the Coaching staff. If Tim does not get picked up this year I think it will be all over for his NFL football career. Give it your best shot. GUESS

    • David says:

      I agree with the Bears. Fox should have some insurance sitting behind Cutler for when he starts throwing too many interceptions. Tebow throws more TDs per completion than Cutler so putting Tebow in is an upgrade and he brings his own running game.
      Greg Rosenthal said this about the QB Market
      “Trade possibilities
      The amount of teams needing a quarterback this offseason far exceeds the amount of quality veterans available. The thin quarterback crop in the draft only makes matters worse. We count nine teams that need a starter or would like to upgrade their starting quarterback: Buffalo, Houston, Tampa, Cleveland, New York Jets, Tennessee, Philadelphia, Chicago, and St. Louis. There are also plenty of teams looking for potential backups: Baltimore, Miami, Washington, San Francisco and Arizona.
      We could see the trade market being more interesting than free agency. Jay Cutler, Sam Bradford, Mike Glennon and Kirk Cousins could likely all be acquired for the right price.”

      • jp says:

        Don’t think Fox has the guts to go with Tebow…I’m in Chgo 65 yrs and can assure everyone chgo has the dumbest fans and sportwriters in the country..they are stuck with the 50 mill bustout and consider T the biggest joke in the history of football… I think Forte would jump to the best back in the NFC if he was paired with Tebow… the 3 receivers
        they have are one of the top groups…ironic that they cant put points on the board with Cutler…T and Forte would force man coverage on all of them… packers vikingings lions wouldn’t know what hit them.. however as ive posted before Tebow is blackballed and fox would rather go 4-12 than 10-6 with T… Also interesting is Tampa…I got a place
        last month so im in 2 citiies with two of the worst offences and least effective qbacks that are both looking at 4-12 who do not want T… while they don’t ridicule and belittle T in Tampa like they do in Chgo.
        they don’t want him ca la vie

        • BuzzyBuzzard says:

          I think Fox might take T2 as a Backup and shove him in later like in Denver.You all can rub my nose in this later.

        • TheMascotArmy says:

          Fox hates Tebow. He loves the conventional wisdom that he is such an amazing coach, that he even got Tebow a playoff win. As though it was an uphill struggle rather than Tebow carrying his 1-4 nonsense coaching.
          Tampa could, but i think they’re chickenshit of the spolight.
          I think arizona could be a real possibility. They had a hard lesson last year, and took a lot of criticism for starting guys so obviously worse than Tebow. I also get the sense their fans are not groupthink sheeple who parrot what they hear on espn so they can feel smart.
          Buffalo should, but wont.
          I could imagine the eagles. I think their staff could do it, but their fans are among the biggest morons in all of sports and would have their panties in bunches.
          I could imagine the pats, but they just drafted that other guy.

          However, if tebow goes to the veteran combine, and the first few talking heads talk about how much improvement hes made(a real possibility for the attention thus would bring), and that he could now maybe play, that will snowball into mass groupthink of experts claiming that they were right all along, but that Tebow could finally play now that hes addressed the things their wonderful expertise pointed out all along. If that happens, maybe a dozen teams might actually think about it.

          My fingers are crossed; this is all of our last shot to watch the most exciting football we’ll ever see during our lifetimes. I pray the nfl doesnt squander this opportunity.

          • ck says:

            TheMascotArmy: Well said and hope/pray it is not his last chance for exciting over-the-top football for his fans too!!!:)

  14. Bigfan says:

    Eagles…??? Mariota might not be there. Let’s just hope Timmy gets picked up IF that’s God’s will with someone who will give him a fair shot through next season.

  15. DeLVen says:

    I am sure Tim’s belief is, “if God wants him on a team he will be on a team.” If not God’s will be done.
    Semper Fi/Sola Deo Gloria

  16. jp says:

    the dumbest fans and spoetwriters get to watch a bumbling offence again next year,,, by the way they stop going when it gets cold even if its the Packers… to bad for Forte … chgo deserves fox

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