One year later, has Michael Sam been frozen out of the NFL

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11 Responses to “One year later, has Michael Sam been frozen out of the NFL”

  1. andrea says:

    Believe me, this Cyd Zeigler is anti- Tebow as you can get.

    Any football player who shows his Christian faith ( Kirk Cousins, Tony Dungy) is ridiculed and called nasty names.

    Mr. Zeigler on his real publication gave MR. Dungy a end of year award.

    Since children read this site , I will not repeat it but it was nasty.

    This Zeigler guy makes me physically ill.

  2. ck says:

    Anyway, will try again b/c the guy who wrote this is GAY AND BIASED!!!

  3. andrea says:

    Looks like Michael Sam has applied to be a participant in the veterans combine.

    How can someone who never made a football team claim to be a veteran?

    Looks like Tebow’s spot in the veteran combine must be given to Michael Sam.

    Biggest mistake of the veterans combine was the invitation only policy of 100 football players to participate.

    It appears very likely that the NFL will cave and give Sam one of the 100 spots.

    If the NFL doesn’t give Sam a spot – the media circus will explode in a hissy fit that hasn’t been seen before.

    • Lynn B. says:

      Tebow will have a spot; not a chance he will not. There is no down side for the league in having him and they know there will be a huge outcry if he does not. Besides which, on a purely practical level Tim put up some numbers with very limited opportunity and can demonstrate that he has worked diligently to improve his game. He’ll be there and he will be signed. There will be more than one team interested, but if nothing else, Belichick will have to take a look even though me otherwise may have passed. Hopefully, Tim’s fans will be silent and not interfere and hurt his chances.

    • ck says:

      Andrea: Looks like the glitch was fixed as I can now see what I am typing onscreen:)
      Anyways, if enough pressure tactics were exerted like what has happened on the other end of the spectrum then Tebow would be on a team now…problem is that apathy lets them think they have the right to a “free pass” where he is concerned or any christian for that matter!:(
      (Case in point: Remember Anita Bryant?)

    • brandi says:

      Has Tim even applied for a spot in this Combine? If he hasn’t, I hope he doesn’t. JMO, Tim’s applying for this Veteran’s Combine is essentially giving the NFL a Pass on the way he and Football Fans have been treated.

      I know not many agree with me. (I think some of that is because Fans have been slow to accept how shabbily the NFL operates and has for years. To admit it means having to think about doing something about it.) Anyways, I’ve said for years Tim Tebow’s “Blacklisting” has nothing to do with either his abilities or with his being a Christian. It’s part of what I call the NFL’s “War on Fans”. It’s a control thing.

      Albert Spalding said not only would Baseball not survive as a Professional Sport, it couldn’t. Because Players are greedy and selfish and Fans are fickle and never satisfied. 100 years ago, Spalding stated the attitude that many Pro Sports Owners have had for this past century. (What Spalding didn’t state was his agenda…which was to sell Spalding Bros Sporting Goods, the same reason he wrote the Rules of Baseball and made certain ONLY his Family’s equipment met the specs. Owner claims have almost always been from an agenda.) Bud Selig said the same thing to Congress in 2001. Baseball could not survive because of Players and Fans.

      The NFL Owners have, in many cases, had this same attitude and NFL Player Relations are the worst in Professional Sports BY FAR.

      The Owners want to establish their complete dominance. GMs have been their proxies. THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is why so many of my articles, tweets, etc. are about NFL Owners not hiding behind their “Experts”. It’s also why I’ve said if/when Tim gets another shot, it will be an Owner’s decision.

      Fans, have to MAKE the Owners understand there is a HUGE price to pay for screwing with them, including defying over 95% of Football Fans who say Tim Tebow should be a Starting NFL Quarterback TODAY. He in no way should have to “apply”. That would be saying the NFL has done nothing wrong and it’s been Tim’s fault and he now has to show he’s “improved”. Every time a Fan says he just needs a chance to show his “improvement” they are saying “You were right NFL. But he;s much better now.”

      That’s crap. It is THEM. Not him. And that the Media went along with this “circus nonsense shows how much the NFL has browbeaten NFL Media into being mindless puppets. This has to stop. Period. There can be no backing down and there can be no backhanded compliments by playing into this PR game. The NFL has been WRONG. Period.

      Buzzy Says : If He does Apply I dont think he will get an Invite and if he gets there then with only scouts there they wont be able to pick him up without a GM or Owner approved contract.

  4. andrea says:

    I haven’t watched a NFL game for two years now. I agree with Brandi on the point she is making.

    It is unreal that Tebow who won 7 regular season games and took his team two games into the playoffs and there are many teams in the NFL who have not won 7 games in two years !!!!

    The fans should demand that the owners of these teams be fired and replaced.

  5. ck says:

    Agree that the LAST THING that fans need to be is silent! That is not how the other side is going about it and they get RESULTS by doing so!!! The old cliche actually does have merit…”THE SQUEAKY WHEEL”…FILL IN THE BLANKS! Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm to that!:(

  6. ck says:

    Besides, it is the fans who run AND ULTIMATELY “CONTROL” the show b/c they generate the money and the companies who pay millions for commercials to lure customers KNOW IT!! The owners better watch their bottom line b/c if the fans go away then who will have to pay for all the stadiums etc. if the taxpayers/fans refuse? (This is what they don’t want you to know that YOU have the power to change things and don’t need their permission whatsoever! $$$ speaks volumes…boycott until they hear you!) That’s my po and what has been observed watching, among others, the infamous Al “better pay his taxes” Sharpton!

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