Mr. Dave Caldwell “Dont You Wish You Had Tim Tebow About Now” Talk about STUPID Look it up you will find Davie’s Picture There.




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14 Responses to “Mr. Dave Caldwell “Dont You Wish You Had Tim Tebow About Now” Talk about STUPID Look it up you will find Davie’s Picture There.”

  1. brandi says:

    Sign Tim Tebow. Don’t sign Tim Tebow. But Dave Caldwell either intentionally starting a full-fledged fight among Jaguars Fans or doing so unintentionally and not caring enough to try to calm it down isn’t just something to be fired over. It’s something to be run out of Sports over.

    • ck says:

      Brandi: That could be the next step since he is so obviously ineffective when it comes to running a football franchise which has been literally run inot the ground w/owner’s consent!!! That is a capital “S”!

      • brandi says:

        New Owners are like new anything. They’re going to go through lots of bumps along the road before they get it figured out. Same is true of new GMs, Head Coaches, anyone taking that next step.

        With Shad I’ve tried to b e real simple. Stand up, don’t hide behind anything or anyone. Say the decision on Tim is and has been his. No hiding under his “Experts” skirts. Just call it for what it actually is. Shad Khan’s decision. #2: Stand up and make clear in unwaffled no-backhanded wording…There are no circumstances he can see by which he’d move the Jaguars from the Jacksonville area.

        As for Caldwell, firing him because the Jaguars haven’t been winning does nothing but kick the can on the real issues down the alley a bit further. The Jaguars couldn’t build solid sustained support even when they were Winning. The NFL plan for the Jaguars was to be a Franchise built on Regional Fan Support. Now they seem to have completely abandoned that for DUVAL! Caldwell became the centerpiece of the Tebow Fight. I think he did it by mistake and have been much more than willing to let the new ownership and Organization have time to get their act together.

        But if anyone either in the Jaguars Ownership/Organization or NFL headquarters thinks “Winning” fixes that Franchise, they need to find new lines of work because they know NOTHING about what works and what blows up in your face in this Market.

  2. brandi says:

    If the Jaguars survive as a Franchise in Jacksonville after “Even if he’s released” was allowed to become the rallying cry for “Go away Tim Tebow and take your Fans with you” (All 95% of Football Fans who say Tim got a “raw deal” from the NFL) the piddly small and small-minded Anti-Tebow zealots, I can’t see how. The Jaguars are at the top of every list of failed Sports Franchises and this is one clear-cut example of why.

  3. Sage says:

    It’s a difficult numbers game for Tebow. Every hater executive is given several years to blow up and be called a failure. Caldwell is about 60 percent of the way. If borttles wins five meager games they’ll call it progress and Caldwell will get yet another season before deciding to spend more time with his family.

    • brandi says:

      I don’t have a problem with Blake Bortles. And I kinda like Gus Bradley. Given the dark clouds that circle over Duval!, Gus’s positive attitude is a welcome change.

      I’ve never been sure Jacksonville is the best place for Tim. But that any Team can decide their minions are more important than the wishes of the Fans is a precedent so destructive for a league we rarely see it even on a here & there basis and when we do, that Team and its Owner, Executives, the whole Organization are totally annihilated by the Media.

      ONLY NFL Media has gone along with something so anathema to the fundamental reason Professional Sports even exist. To please the Fans.

      Put that in your Magic 8-Ball and ask how completely insane it is.

      • Sage says:

        My only problem with Bortles or any other QB is that Tebow deserves the job more than they.

        • brandi says:

          Tim got a raw deal. And only a VERY small number of Football Fans disagree. From Tebow to Bullying & even defending the Holy Pocket, the vast majority of Fans are on one side and a small group within the NFL and some “insiders” and sycophants are on the other. The Thursday Night Games and Mark Waller finally admitting if the NFL can’t crack the International Code even the domestic market is in jeopardy and the league’s position as “#1”, even the Game of Football itself’s position as #1 are at risk…these should have been serious wake-up calls to even the biggest knee-jerk defenders of the NFL can do no wrong set…especially NFL Media, whose very livelihoods depend on it.

          But it hasn’t. And I can find no reason other than support for the NFL is so soft even most “die-hard” Fans won’t die very hard if the disappearing ink writing on the walls suddenly starts getting very dark and indelible.

    • ck says:

      Sage: You’ve got that RIGHT!!! Different set of rules when it comes to Tebow AND SETS HIM APART DUE TO HIGHER STANDARDS ETC.!

  4. ck says:

    Even when they are wrong they think they are right…Grrrrrrrrr!! Well, they have got some “splaining” to do and the FANS KNOW IT WHERE T2 IS CONCERNED!!!:(

    • brandi says:

      It totally ticks off the In-Crowd. But each new study that comes out reinforces the Jaguars as last in the league in most measurements of franchise success.

      The City Council OK’d the stadium upgrades with only one asking shouldn’t they try to get something indicating they weren’t throwing the money away on a Team that will leave. But Fear-Factor has taken over Northeast Florida. It’s as if they’re all afraid to even talk about the Jaguars future in Jacksonville or talking about it will cause a move. The same thing is true when talking about the financial situation. Bring it up and wait…not very long…for the attacks. As though not saying there’s real financial struggles there is the same as there not being financial struggles there.

      CK–I’ve just totally given up on the “real” Jaguars Fans. Somehow they haven’t gotten it through their heads that the odd combination of ignoring everything and simultaneously treating anyone who doesn’t like a blood enemy is the fastest way to guarantee they will lose the team they claim to love.

  5. ck says:

    Buzzy: I hope you send this directly to the JERK!

  6. Larry says:

    A baseball player at USC tweeted that Tim *has* been working out at USC. That means he’s been working w/Tom House again as I suspected. So it looks certain that he’s applied to be in the vets combine.

    And in “celebrity Tim” news, he was also spotted hanging out w/Justin Bieber last night after the Bible Study they both attend.

  7. brandi says:

    Hiring Idzy definite;y caused alotta laughs in New York. Hey Buzzy, what do you hear on the rumors Khan’s setting up the replacement team in-house if/when he pulls the plug on Gus and Caldwell?

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