Here is a example of beaching it in the Bears Game also hiting recivers even throwing them Open 15 for 20 in the last 5 min. or 75%

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  1. brandi says:

    Mt favorite part of that Game was watching Tebow Truck Brian Urlacher. I know it was used as a punchline. But when Urlacher said Tim Tebow is a good Running Back in a way that was a compliment. Urlacher wasn’t used to anyone running through him like that. To say a Quarterback did it would be publicly emasculating himself.

    • David says:

      All of the Chicago game highlights are on this Gamecenter page.
      If Thomas had caught that long TD pass from Tebow, the score would have been 14-10 Broncos with 3 minutes to go. It wasn’t the only pass that Thomas and Decker dropped that day.

      • brandi says:

        Nowhere was that Season more misunderstood than that Game. Primarily because the “Experts” who had already called Tim a “Bust” before he was even Drafted & mocked McDaniels for trading up to get him. The only explanation they could find was the Broncos Defense. But Foxy knew something the “Experts” refused to accept. The Broncos Defense was every bit as weak, patched together, unreliable and often just capable of being bullied as its low Ranking when Tim took over implied.

        After the Jets marched downfield and nearly took the Game back in less than 2 minutes, Foxy was convinced he couldn’t trust his Defense to hold a lead.

        In the Bears Game, the Broncos were VERY deep in Bears territory with a 1st Down. a Field Goal to tie and go to overtime, a TD to seal it. EXCEPT there was still time on the clock. Foxy was more concerned with running down the clock than trying to score a TD and called 2 worthless Run Plays that were almost kneedowns, leaving the Broncos with a 3rd and 8 for a 1st down inside I think it was the 5-yard line or maybe even closer. Tim took the Ball and actually almost made the 1st Down. But came up short and the Broncos kicked a Field Goal.

        That was the other aspect of the Broncos Season. Get it to Overtime, they Won EVERY TIME. So Fox showed where he put his faith. It wasn’t in the Defense. It was that give him a chance and Tim pulled out Wins. I think Foxy really thought Tim was going to pull of that 3rd and 8. But that’s just speculating based on how he changed his Game Planning as the Season went on and he got a better feel for what he trusted and what he didn’t. He trusted his Punter. He trusted his Field Goal Kicker. And he trusted Tim Tebow.

        With his Defense, he knew they had to be protected as much as he could. t wasn’t a bad defense. It just wasn’t a reliable one which, considering all the injuries, particularly to the Secondary late in the Season, is understandable.

        Ask Foxy. But ask the “Experts” and they ignored all of it. They also, for the most part, only watched highlight reels and didn’t really pay attention to all of the nuances of that Season and Fox’s comments throughout it.

        • David says:

          Tebow helped his defense by throwing only 2 interceptions in the first 9.5 games he played in 2011. They went 7-2. Even if they had to punt it left the defense in a good position to stop the other team from scoring. Orton threw 7 interceptions in the first 4.5 games. Tebow also improved the running game and was able to run the clock and keep the defense off the field and give the opposing team fewer possessions. This strategy limited his passing attempts and kept the score low which are the 2 points that his critics attack most, but that was his coach’s strategy and Tebow ran it to perfection.

          • ck says:

            David: Will never understand how Fox kept saying that “ordinary Orton” was their best chance to win b/c all he did was LOSE! Don’t think Fox, having been fired from the Carolina Panthers for poor performance, was 100% behind him…he and Elrot felt pressure by the fans to finally let him play, but they thwarted him at every turn; i.e., giving away receivers who could actually catch! Thanks for proving what we know to be true of Tebow that he helped Denver’s Team by inspiring a losing team to want to WIN AND THAT IS LEADERSHIP THAT ORTON NEVER HAD AS HE DID THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT WAS REQUIRED!!!

          • brandi says:

            They said it over and over and nobody wanted to listen. They considered every possession that ended in a kick as successful. Even if that kick was a punt.

            Fox went to Complementary Football as close to its purest sense as any we’ve seen in the NFL in half a Century. Field Position is the #1 thing.

            What the StatNerds who wanted to say it was the Defense because they looked at the score showed what I’ve said about Sports Statnerds for years. They really stink at understanding statistics and what they really mean for a Game. If they’d looked more closely they would have seen that statistically the Broncos Defense didn’t improve very much and what there was goes right to your point. Even 3 and outs ate up clock and minimized possessions. But the key shift was average Field Position. Before Tebow the Broncos were Playing the Game on their own side of the Field. With Tebow they Played it on the Opponent’s side.

            That results in giving up fewer points. Alot fewer.

          • brandi says:

            As an aside, besides their lost fight with ESPN who wanted their own QB Rating to be the standard, I think the reason Cold Hard Football Facts can’t get more acceptance for their Ratings Systems is because they are based on the things that actually Win Football Games as opposed to the ones that A) Give good TV visuals and, more importantly, B) Play directly into Fantasy Football

  2. LuitLipton says:

    Clicked the link but it said video no longer available. Help?

  3. andrea says:

    I was able to get the link to work.

    I’ll tell you football hasn’t been this fun to watch ever since the NFL blacklisted Tebow.

    I still remember my brother hooting and hollering with glee when Tebow would always pull it out in the fourth quarter.

    Good Times!!!!

    • ck says:

      Andrea: I remember how exciting it was (past tense) to watch Tebow play and they will never get that back without him impo!!! He made the IMPOSSIBLE LOOK POSSIBLE AND ACCOMPLISHED WIN AFTER WIN…AND, YES, IT IS ALL ON TAPE!!! THEY BETTER GET ON BOARD W/T2 BEFORE THEY LOSE EVEN MORE MILLIONS OF PAYING FANS!!! THEY CERTAINLY HAVE A LEARNING CURVE THAT IS MORE THAN A LITTLE S-L-O-W!!!:(

  4. David says:

    A really smart throw. Tebow beaches the ball. Fox explains that he told Tebow to beach the ball.
    “Now let me just show you where this guy is real smart. Now here’s a quick route. Now everybody in the stadium thinks he can’t throw…because he throws it right in the dirt right in front of me. He’s going to the outside guy and he saw color so he just beached it…which is a really smart throw. That’s why we’ve been able to win a couple of games because we’re not throwing so many interceptions.” John Fox
    Tebow threw only 2 interceptions in his first 9.5 games in 2011 and Denver went

  5. David says:

    Watch as these pundits wring their hands that Manning might not come back and Denver will have to depend on Brock Osweiler. Then at the very end the little lady states the obvious to the dismay of all the men who are on record as Tebow critics.
    Buzzy Says : As she said “They Can Always Bring Tim Tebow Back”
    Did You Notice they Cut It as Soon as that came out.

    • andrea says:

      So – 19 million dollars for a choke artist?

      I think they should get rid of him.

      • ck says:

        Andrea: Thought it was more like $98 million altogether and they over paid w/Bolen’s money…bankrupt b/c of Elrot and NO SB!!! NOW THAT’S GENIUS!!
        Couldn’t agree more, Andrea! 🙂

    • ck says:

      David: Well, at least she got it right…TEBOW! Wouldn’t blame T2 if he passed on Mr. Classless a.k.a Elrot! Maybe when the fans get rid of him then he might consider leading them to a victory in the SB! Thanks for the link, David.

  6. David Oliver says:

    Folks: Lots of good stuff!

    Also – Just saw this..

    NFL: Is Tim Tebow Better Than Any Other NFL Free Agent Quarterback?

    Go TT !! Show ALL your Stuff – in the Veterans Combine – Will the The NFL “Elitist Controllers” Filter that TT SKILL “Demonstration” .. and STILL Maintain – their NFL Blackball of Tim Tebow as an NFL QB?

    Time will reveal all…

    • ck says:

      David Oliver: Thanks for the upbeat info. At least the writer recognizes the TRUTH that The NYJ were nothing but a “sideshow” and T2 deserved better! (Did u notice that JA/M.Jason Howe has found a negative environment elsewhere to show his true I.D.! BuzZy did the right thing!

  7. JP says:

    Didn’t know where to post this… gos with beating the bears… by the way I think Tebow could win more than 5 games with the Bears

    Tebow 343 yrd dr.

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