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Brenan from Oklahoma wonders if it’s time for quarterback ( PM) to hang ’em up

By Mike Klis
The Denver Post

In my estimation, the Broncos’ erratic performance relates to bad karma based on John Elway’s actions during the Tim Tebow period. Elway sold out and dumped the young, exciting, unconventional quarterback. He amassed a team around a single player (Peyton Manning) who when he does not perform well, the team loses. Tebow was a ratings sensation who could also rally his teammates to many great finishes. Tebow handled all the adversity with class where Elway and the organization did not. You have to have a solid foundation to stand up, and the Broncos do not.

— Steve Caffrey, Parker

Steve – Karma can’t be proven, even if many people believe in it. Some people are going to call your theory crazy, Steve. Crazier yet is you’re not alone with this thought.

I will disagree with the assertion Elway and the Broncos didn’t handle the Tebow-to-Manning switch with class. He and the organization were sensitive to Tebow’s enormous popularity both in Denver and across the nation. There’s just no easy way to say goodbye.

Tebow basically disappeared as an NFL quarterback after his magical 2011 season. Manning has had a terrific three-year run. No one in the media was a bigger Tebow supporter than me. The attributes you mentioned were spot-on, Steve.

But there’s just no way anyone with football sense can say the Broncos should have kept Tebow and passed on Manning. No way.

Now, karma is a different deal. That’s spooky stuff. I don’t go there.

 OK, here is an obvious one. Who are the free-agent QBs who will come available on the market this year? With Brock Osweiler having limited time, will they give him the first crack if Peyton does not return?

— Tim, Lakewood

Tim – The best quarterback on the market, in my opinion, will be Tennessee’s Jake Locker. He has a 9-14 record in four NFL seasons. He has just 23 NFL starts because he can’t stay healthy.

Which says all you need to know about the free-agent quarterback market. Next best are the likes of Christian Ponder, Colt McCoy, Mark Sanchez and Ryan Mallett.

Buzzy Says: Now this Lit Me Up

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  1. Jason Furst says:

    It boggles my mind when I see prospects at quarterback off of the free-agent list and Tim Tebow isn’t near or close to the top of that list. I’m hoping that Tim Tebow gets the chance to try out and show any improvement he may have made at the upcoming veterans combine being held in March in Phoenix. Maybe that will be Tim’s only way to have a chance to show that he deserves another chance to play

  2. ck says:

    Mark Sanchez etc. and I agree w/Buzzy! Gotta be kidding?!!!

  3. andrea says:

    I think Klis understands they are stuck with Manning – choke artist.

    I wonder how many people in Denver are secretly hoping Peyton Manning retires so they can start a new era?

    The only problem is that by taking Peyton Manning over keeping Tebow is that the Broncos will be in the wilderness for at least a decade.

    • brandi says:

      Klis has decided to drink the kool-aid. I think it was about 2 years ago I started saying here the campaign was going to be trying to sell the idea that Tim doesn’t have NFL QB skills AND that it wouldn’t work with the Fans.

      Now more Fans say he should be a Starting NFL QB than did 2 years ago. Yet even Writers like Klis who really has been fairly high on Tim seem to be on board with it.

      The NFL seems intent on going under and it’s taking NFL Media down with it. Nobody knows these numbers better than the Media. So why do they go along with the NFL’s Football Suicide Pact? Don’t ask me. But that’s what it is. A mutual suicide pact to take the league and maybe with it the Game itself under.

      NOBODY, NO BUSINESS actively shoots itself in the foot, actively defies its own Customers like this. Nobody. But they have been. And only a very tiny percentage of the Fans are going along with it. So why’s the Media? It’s the same Customers and all the Media does with the NFL is GIVE it Money. While Media Execs scratch their heads trying to figure out how they’re going to make anything off the piles of money it spends.

      It’s a Stanley Kubrick Film. 🙂

      • David Oliver says:

        I WONDER..

        And what happened to “Deflste Gate” ?

        I wonder WHAT IF Seattle had won the Super Bowl INSTEAD ?

        There would probably be a bit more news about THIS NOW,if so.

        But, the NFL is obviously maximizing THE Patriots win for $$.

        So, NO news on “deflate gate” investigation… (ON HOLD)

        How can they hang the Hero “Brady” they are NOW “Puffing Up”

        Decisions… Decisions… Not about Truth or Justice – BUT

        About $$$ and in Tim Tebow’s Case – About Control – He has

        Exceeded These Elitist’s Christian Visibility Limits and THUS:

        Their Priority at THIS Time is NOT to give him a Fair CHANCE to

        Be an NFL QB. Thus his being “Black Balled” by THESE NFL Low Lifes.

        Unless Something Changes?? Could TT be in the NEW Veteran Combine?

        Time will Tell. God Bless you Tim Tebow – YOU ARE THE EXAMPLE THE

        NFL NEEDS – But DOES NOT WANT! Welcome Murderers, Wife Abusers, Drug

        Adicts, and other Criminals. BUT NOT – UNASHAMEDLY “BOLD FOR JESUS



        • ck says:

          David O.: A BIG CAPITAL AMEN TO THAT!!! 🙂

        • brandi says:

          For some Tim’s expressions of his faith & his credo are an issue. But, IMO, it has had almost nothing to do with why he isn’t currently listed on some NFL Team’s Roaster as #1 QB.

          You nailed it with the word “Control”.

          Some of the most successful and coveted Football Coaches are working for the Networks. For many of them, it’s specifically because of that one word. Control. Toss in a heaping helping of over-inflated egos and over-inflated feelings of self-worth of so many NFL GMs and a long history faced by many Coaches of getting sucked into fights that, to them, had nothing to do with Winning Football, fights they usually lost, and you begin to get a pretty accurate picture of much of what has gone wrong in the NFL.

          You can toss the Owners into this as well. They allowed the issue of Player Safety to become one of the ugliest things in Sports History. Ask ANY SportsBiz Commentator about the central issue in the Ex-Player/NFL lawsuit battles and they’ll tell you one word. SECRECY. Keeping the dirty secrets hidden behind legal gymnastics so even as they become public there’s always the veil of “That was never proven in court” to hide behind.

          NFL Fans have as much to do with why Tim Tebow isn’t playing as anyone. And, no, it has nothing to do with banners & rallies. It has to do with too few of them far too late. When the NFL threatened to sue Churches over holding Post-Service Super Bowl Gatherings, they should have had their head handed to them by every Church Member, every Social Club Member and everyone in this Country who believes there are lines you just don’t cross in the name of money. But it didn’t happen.

          NO other Professional Sports League has ever even considered doing something so risky and so arrogant as that.

          JUST as no other Pro Sports League has ever “blacklisted” a Player for being bigger than the league and, therefore, challenging (by Fan Proxy) the league’s absolute control. EVERY Pro League has faced it. None of them like the feelings of loss of control. ONLY the NFL was arrogant enough to run off its Most Popular Player and risk enormous Fan Backlash.

          Want the NFL to be better? Don’t let them continue to be bullies and write it off as “just the way things are”. It isn’t just bad for Football Fans, it runs the huge risk of being bad for Sports Fans in general. Establish the precedence that leagues can run total roughshod over everyone and everyone will simply put up with it and just watch what’s coming. Major League is going Global. Eventually Leagues and Teams will have to open up Ownership because, simply, they’re getting FAR too big for Billionaire Owners. Just as Major Multi-Nationals are. The only thing Pro Owners have before finally accepting the Sports World is changing, is bullying for control.For the NFL, GMs are the proxy bullies.

          And we all watched it happen and did nothing.

  4. David Oliver says:

    Yes, CK … THUS:


    FACTS – God does have the big picture – and IS JUST – also He has
    a Devine Sense of Humor – Tim is His Servant – ALL IS WELL ! PTL !

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