2015 NFL Free Agents: Quarterbacks ( Buzzy Says : This should Light Up Everyone Here

2015 NFL Free Agency: Star rating is out of five. Age listing as of Sept. 1, 2015.
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  1. Jake Locker, QB, Titans. Age: 27.
    Jake Locker has potential, but he just can’t stay healthy. He has missed 18 games in the past two seasons with various injuries. Perhaps a strong offensive mind can get the most out of him – he’d be perfect in a Shanahan offense – but I don’t know how anyone can even count on him playing.
  2. Ryan Mallett, QB, Texans. Age: 27.
    Ryan Mallett had one solid start before capsizing in his next game with a chest injury. He was then put on IR. Mallett has great arm strength, but the mental part of his game is a big question mark.

  3. Mark Sanchez, QB, Eagles. Age: 28.
    When things are going well for Mark Sanchez, he looks great. However, it can quickly snowball on the inconsistent signal-caller, who is very prone to turnovers. Sanchez is a strong No. 2, but he’s not reliable enough to be a starter.
  4. Matt Moore, QB, Dolphins. Age: 31.
    Though he has barely played in the past couple of seasons, Matt Moore remains one of the top backup quarterbacks in the NFL.
  5. Brian Hoyer, QB, Browns. Age: 29.
    Brian Hoyer began the year well, but things quickly fell apart for him when Alex Mack was lost for the season. Hoyer proved that he can be a very strong backup in this league, but he needs everything to be right for things to go well for him.
  6. Shaun Hill, QB, Rams. Age: 35.
    Shaun Hill is one of the better backup quarterbacks in the NFL, but he had to start this past season because of Sam Bradford’s injury.
  7. Josh McCown, QB, Buccaneers. Age: 36.
    Josh McCown has proven that he can be a reliable backup quarterback, and he can even start for a stretch if he has quality offensive coaching aiding him. He can’t do it all himself though, as we saw last year when he struggled with the Buccaneers. Still though, McCown is a solid reserve who should find work.

  8. Jimmy Clausen, QB, Bears. Age: 27.
  9. Christian Ponder, QB, Vikings. Age: 27.
  10. Austin Davis (RFA), QB, Rams. Age: 26.
  11. Tarvaris Jackson, QB, Seahawks. Age: 32.
  12. Luke McCown, QB, Saints. Age: 34. — Re-signed with Saints (1 year, $700,000)
  13. T.J. Yates, QB, Falcons. Age: 28.
  14. Colt McCoy, QB, Redskins. Age: 28.
  15. Tyrod Taylor, QB, Ravens. Age: 26.
  16. Josh Johnson, QB, 49ers. Age: 29.
  17. Matt Flynn, QB, Packers. Age: 30.
  18. Thad Lewis, QB, Texans. Age: 27.
  19. Jason Campbell, QB, Bengals. Age: 33.
  20. Matt Hasselbeck, QB, Colts. Age: 39.
  21. Former Jets/Eagles/Falcons QB, QB, Jets. Age: 35.
  22. Dan Orlovsky, QB, Lions. Age: 32.
  23. Blaine Gabbert, QB, 49ers. Age: 25.
  24. Jordan Palmer, QB, Titans. Age: 31.
  25. Kellen Moore (RFA), QB, Lions. Age: 26.
  26. Scott Tolzien, QB, Packers. Age: 27.


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21 Responses to “2015 NFL Free Agents: Quarterbacks ( Buzzy Says : This should Light Up Everyone Here”

  1. David Oliver says:

    Walter Cherepinsky – I see you are only listing NFL QBs that are on the
    “Sanctioned NFL NON-Black Balled List” NO CHRISTIAN QB THAT HAS EXCEEDED

    As one of the BEST PROVEN Candidates AS A NFL QB IS = TIM TEBOW!!




  2. Larry says:

    People have been wondering if Tim’s going to apply for the vets combine. It’s pure speculation, but I’m guessing that he is. Here’s why I think so:

    -2 weeks ago, he was spotted by a guy who’s going to USC, so the guy probably spotted Tim at USC working w/his accuracy coach, Tom House.

    -Then this weekend, he went back to L.A. Although he was defnitely in L.A. to attend the Oscar parties he went to last night, he also got in at least 1 workout someplace.

    So working out in L.A. along w/the workout he had w/that NFL player recently leads me to conclude he’s applied for the combine. Applicants are supposed to be contacted at the end of this month to let them know whether or not they’ve been accepted.

  3. andrea says:

    Of the 26 QB’s listed above Tebow is head and shoulders above everyone else.

    I would like to be paid $7000,000 a year to watch Drew Brees play football while I am enjoying myself on the sidelines.

    Very sad to hear Tebow went to the Oscar parties. Why he hangs with those low-life scumbags is beyond me.

    I wouldn’t want to be near those nasty pieces of filth if my life depended on it.

    I did enjoy hearing the Oscar telecast bombed last night – viewership way down.

    The good ole days when Bob Hope was in charge and the actors and actresses acted with dignity and class – boy do I miss that.

    • ck says:

      Well, Andrea, have to agree that The “Oscars” are nothing I want to see and did not tune in due to how “CLASSLESS” it has become and overly PC to its detriment. Glad no one wanted to watch “Lady CaCA” as she has been called, lol!
      Tebow is going to make his mark no matter what and they can’t stop him…only God has that power and far as I can tell, he is definitely on his side! Too bad T2 thinks that he has to go to their so called events to raise money for all his charities…Hollywood is debauched impo!
      Beleive, too, the real stars are long gone and evidently they had a lot more CLASS!!!

    • Larry says:

      I agree w/you about the Hollywood parties. However Tebow must like them, since this is the 4th year in a row he’s attended them.

      • David Oliver says:

        Guys and Ladies ..

        Tim Tebow has been called out for “Ministering For Christ” in his
        own unique path of witness for Christ. I would be careful in making
        judgement in why he was there.. God has the big picture and I believe
        Tim Tebow’s life has shown that HE IS CONCERNED WHAT IS GOD’S unique
        and specific will for HIS LIFE – and it may be significantly different
        than what we might predict or judge from our limited understanding of
        this “BIG PICTURE”. His Known convictions and courage for Christ can
        have an affect for witness – beyond what we can anticipate or
        understand. I would suggest that WE give him some Grace more than
        some – JUDGMENT… HE HAS HAD MORE OF “THAT” he deserves…

        Dave O.

        • ck says:

          David O. Just concerned about all the negatives associated w/it! Guess you have to go where the sinners are and lead by example…he is better at it than most will grant him that! Tebow is BRAVE in that regard b/c that is a viper’s pit impo!!!

          • David Oliver says:

            CK – Yes a few are called to be THE Bright Light Even in Extreme Darkness, and if anyone can do it, Tim Can !

  4. ck says:

    Looks like the same old, same old, when it comes to second rate QB’s in the NFL and at least Tebow is not in that category as he EXCELS IMPO!!!

  5. ck says:

    Never heard of this Mr. Walter C. guy and thanks Buzzy for the info.

  6. brandi says:

    Let Tim be Tim. Everyone…

    If Tim wants to walk the red carpet, that’s his business. If he wants to hang out with hookers and lepers and little lame children, that’s his business. If he wants to say to a scantily clad cast of a play, sure take your pictures…that’s his business.

    He has a better internal compass than anyone I’ve seen or heard anywhere thinking he should be doing this and shouldn’t be doing that.

    Now, as for this list. Right after signing the new deals before the Lockout Off-Season & CBA fight got firing up heavy the Network Execs already were shaking their heads over the amount of money they just gave up and saying they’d have to be real creative to find ways to get value so they didn’t lose their shirts off those deals. A little hint to some blinded by the bright lights, a couple million viewers than shows that cost them dimes to the NFL dollars to produce was not and is not the way they’d even make any money. They need far too many more viewers for Ratings alone to come close to cutting it.

    But from that time, the Networks have played an odd game of saying never again…which they showed with the Thursday Night Package they meant…and just bending over for the NFL.

    Goodell has said he wants Tim in the NFL. NFL Owners have said they want Tim in the NFL. The Networks paid a premium…the only time in history they’ve done that for one Player…because Tim was in the NFL. The Fans by overwhelming numbers want Tim in the NFL. So why do the inmates run the NFL AND NFL Media asylum?

    Your guess is as good as mine. But it’s a mutual suicide pact. Without something major happening, the NFL crashes from the sky with the next CBA. So why not move mountains to make sure the one Player who can help make the league stronger is Playing?

    Do the Owners want the crash for some reason? Like finally completely breaking the Union’s back and see it being worth the risk? Are they so intent on getting the Premier League to save them…which it won’t…they’re not taking care of business? Are they all like Ravens Owner Steve Bisciotti and they just don’t really spend much time on their Teams and the league and won’t miss it if/when it’s gone? WhoKnows?

    But it’s pretty clear the Media’s gotten the message he’s untouchable and just don’t even think about him anymore.

    Or they’re just really stupid. 🙂

    Buzzy Says: I wonder about that (Just Stupid) Look at Jax the still cant win any games or fill the stands no one watching on TV Monday and thursday Nite Game worse rating in the NFL. and T2 a Jax Hero cant get a Job. [Untouchable or Just Stupid ] The Jags are so bad the outlaw Free Internet networks wont even show their Games.

    • David Oliver says:

      Buzzy – Very Significant observation!

      AMEN !!

      Dave O.

      • ck says:

        Yes, I’l agree that they are obtuse…blind leading the blind and that IS, for lack of a better term, what they stated. They must like the blue covers taking over 3/4 of their stadium!!! How’s that working for YA JAX?!

    • brandi says:

      Hi Buzzy– There isn’t anyone here who doesn’t know what happened to the Jacksonville Jaguars Franchise. Every Sports Team has a group that becomes a cult revolved around a twisted Cuckoo’s Nest collective mentality that they are the only right and anyone who is not them is an inferior sub-species of ignorant Fan Wannabes who must be quiet or leave. The Jaguars are one of the few Sports Franchises dumb enough to not be able to recognize it and ended up becoming a perfect picture of that group. Everyone here knows who that group is. Some of their members wrecked other Tebow Forums and tried to wreck this one. Buzzy I know you know the group I’m talking about and write this down and put it on your fridge…They have been and will be responsible for the failure of the Jaguars Franchise in Football because they have spent so many years chasing away every other Fan and making trying to be a Jaguars Fans just a distasteful experience.

      • ck says:

        Brandi: Have anything to do w/a certain JA _ _ _?

        • brandi says:

          I think you’re talking about a free agent. But could be. I’ve written about these folks enough times. They took Caldwell’s infamous statement and turned it into a click-counter masked as a voting site then got groups like this one to to go “Vote” on whether Jags should sign Tebow. But every page hit was just a “No” Vote and then they crowed how many millions of “Jaguars Fans” didn’t want Tebow.

          What we’re talking about is Bold City Brigade and Big Cat Country. BCC is just a forum that has attracted some cuckoo’s nesters types and run off most who disagree with them. That started long before Tebow. As did some of the more aggressive BCB Members. I’ve called these folks the Jags Dangerfields for years. Long before Tim Tebow came into the NFL. The “We (Jacksonville) don’t get no respect” crowd whose chip on the shoulder had to have targets. “Hicks”. Their President tried to stop the hate campaign against Tebow Fans. But it’s been a tough go of it.

          These folks have gone after Sun-Sentinel Columnist Mike Bianchi for having the temerity to say Tim would make the Jaguars relevant and popular. They’ve gone after him for saying the Jaguars should pay more attention to the Orlando Market. They’ve had Members in pretty much every Tebow Forum trying to bust them up and have accomplished it in some cases. Meanwhile the Jaguars have made them everything short of part of the Jags Marketing Dept. Either they never knew just how long and how viciously BCB Members have attacked anyone who disagreed with their more aggressive Members about anything. It was Gene Smith before it was Tebow. Yet they then pounded Smith themselves. Then it was Blaine Gabbert who also met the same fate. Basically being smarter about Football than them is a capital offense.

          I spent a year praising Shad Khan’s effort to expand the Fan Base and trying to run contests to give away tickets to Jaguars Games and it was met with crickets from them. Even after Caldwell came on board, I tried to give he and the Jags some time to realize Dave’s Intro was a really dumb mistake and got with a couple blog owners to put together a contest to give away a trip to London to watch the Jags Play. Again, crickets from these guys. But say anything good about Tebow and the attack squad comes out in force.

          So basically they put the lie to every positive thing the group tries to do and embolden their most disgusting Members’ practices. And the Jags might as well just call them part of the Organization. Either they never bothered to see how many Fans they’ve turned off the Jaguars and for how long or they just don’t care.

          It’s a bad situation and I’m not sure at this point there’s anything they can do to fix it.

  7. jp says:

    What is really amazing is not that Tebow is better than the free agents
    but actually better than many starters:
    any of Tampa QB’s
    Jacksonville Bortles Jack Fools think he is the new Rothenburger
    Ptts. Yes Virginia Roth has lost his magic has trouble making the playoffs and then cant win in the playoffs
    Bears Cutler one play win in 7 yrs Jimmy Clausen nuff said… Im in chgo. trust me the biggest moron fans in the Usa
    Jets T cant win more than 4 games?
    Tampa The 6 ft 7 below talent player..T couldn’t do better give me a break… I just bought a place in Tampa and am surprised how much T is dissed in Fl.
    Any of the Raiders bust outs… Al Davis would have grabbed Tebow in a second just to nail the broncos
    Broncos… T is not a one and out guy.. What a joke manning win a super bowl.. runnin out of space someone come up with more examples SD Minn et

    • brandi says:

      I’m more disappointed in Football Fans than I am the NFL. For reasons that have nothing to do with Football, one small bloc of Fans declared some sort of war on Tim Tebow and anyone who likes him. Then another small bloc signed up for the fight. Neither group seemed to realize the overwhelming support Tim has and continued street fighting in the pettiest of ways.

      Now we have a Player who did what eh always did…Won Games. Who is what he has been for a long time…stratospherically popular. And a league that is slipping backwards in support, now admits not only that it has peaked in this country, but also that it’s at a huge risk of slipping back so far they lose the status as #1 they spend decades struggling to build.

      And the most popular player in league history is doing red carpet walks and color commentary.

      This is a Stanley Kubrick movie. It’s not Sports anymore.

      Buzzy Says : Take a look at the Idzik Move By The Jags.

      • jp says:

        Im continually surprise by football fans and Tebow. Surreal… he had many weapons… defense won all the games… receivers put on huge runs after they caught passes= this gem from a bears fan to justify why T beat the bears… you are right many fans from many teams would rather watch losers than watch Tebow…this is cultural and trancends sports
        again this is even in florida… things are not looking up in American culture

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