Tim Tebow describes ideal woman for him

Tim Tebow.......voted one of sexiest men by People Magazine.
Tim Tebow…….voted one of sexiest men by People Magazine.

Former Heisman Trophy winner and current ESPN sports analyst Tim Tebow recently described the ideal woman for him, according to an article in the Jan. 14 edition of the Christian Post. He said he placed a high value on a woman who does things for people who cannot help her.

“I’ve always been attracted to pretty girls whose biggest attribute is their heart,” he said on a recent appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Show.

Although he was voted one of 2014’s sexiest men by People Magazine, Kimmel forced him to read a mean tweet which disagreed with that assessment and claimed Tebow was ugly.

Tebow laughed it off and said when he reached 90 he hoped his legacy would be about things other than his physical appearance.

Kimmel has begun a segment entitled “Mean Tweets” in which celebrities are forced to read a mean twit about themselves. Tebow laughed after he read the tweet which said it was ridiculous he was considerd one of the sexiest men by the People Magazine poll.

The jab at him provided him a chance to explain what the important things are to him. He said a person’s physical beauty or lack thereof is not the way the Lord judges people. Tebow is correct based on the Bible which says God looks to the heart of a person in judging them rather than their outward appearance.

Tebow helped win two national championships while playing quarterback for the University of Florida before playing on the Denver Broncos and leading them into the playoffs. He was also the first sophomore to win the Heisman Trophy in college football history.

“Physical beauaty and attractiveness are minor in comparison to a person’s heart and how much they value that in themselves and others,” Tebow told People Magazine in a recent interview.

He further said: “Of course I want to look nice and have a good appearance. But more than the outer shell, I want people to want to be around him for my heart.”

He is single at age 27 but said he is open to having a relationship with the right girl.

Tebow spends a lot of his time these days with his Tim Tebow Foundation. The Foundation is hosting the upcoming “Night to Shine Prom.” at Geyer Springs First Baptist Church of Little Rock, Ark. Five hundred special needs adults are expected to attend. Attendees will receive the full red carpet treatment complete with friendly paparazzi and limo rides.

Special needs adults who attend will also receive flowers, makeup, food and a crowning ceremony courtesy of the Tebow Foundation.

Born in 1987 in the Philippines to Southern Baptist missionaries Bob and Pam Tebow, Tim has made no secret that Christ comes first in his life, family second and football behind that. His Christianity has always been the driving force in his life. He once said if he doesn’t start out with God first, things will go wrong that day.

He became famous during his football career for kneeling on the sidelines of football games and praying, which came to be called “Tebowing”. During his All-American career at Florida under the direction of Coach Urban Meyer, he freqently painted references to Bible verses such as John 3:16 in the paint black underneath his eys.

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