Throwback Thursdays: The ‘Tebow 316’ playoff win vs. Pittsburgh

By January 1, 2015 2:39 PM Shutdown Corner


For a moment, let’s put aside the heated debate about Tim Tebow‘s NFL career, or even the undying notion that he might come back and play some day.

It’s hard, for sure. No player in recent memory has generated more extreme feelings on both sides. But let’s agree on this, unless you’re a Pittsburgh Steelers fan: On Jan. 8, 2012, Tebow was the central figure of one of the greatest and most entertaining games in NFL wild-card playoff history.

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This was the height of Tebow-mania, when he helped lead the Denver Broncos to the AFC West title. What a ride it was. There’s no denying that the 2011 Broncos were one of the most exciting teams in a long, long time, with a number of exciting and improbable wins. But they weren’t playing well headed into the playoffs. Specifically, Tebow was in a slump.

Then he played a classic. The Broncos took a big lead in the first half. The Steelers, playing through many injuries, came back to tie it in the fourth quarter. Then came one of the great plays in playoff history.

The Steelers walked their safeties up, expecting a run on the first play of overtime. Demaryius Thomas ran a crossing route against cornerback Ike Taylor. Tebow delivered a nice ball to Thomas, who stiff-armed Taylor.

“Here we go!” Broncos play-by-play announcer Dave Logan said, realizing what everyone else did at that moment, that Thomas had nothing but green grass in between him and the end zone.

I’ve covered many events through the years, and I’ve never seen a crowd absolutely explode like the Broncos crowd did as Thomas ran to the end zone and the win. It was an unbelievable scene. It was a phenomenal game. Tebow finished with 316 passing yards. Of course he did.

And who knew that would basically be the end of Tebow’s time as a relevant figure in the NFL? He started one more game at quarterback, an ugly playoff loss at New England the following week. The Broncos got Peyton Manning. The New York Jets acquired Tebow, for some reason. They never really used him. Tebow threw eight more NFL regular-season passes for 39 yards. He hasn’t been in the league since the New England Patriots cut him at the end of the 2013 preseason. Tebow is now an analyst on ESPN’s SEC Network.

Tebow’s last official NFL touchdown pass was that 80-yard score to Thomas to beat the Steelers. What a moment.

Game Highlites

Stay Tuned for the post game High lites and Presser about 20 of them

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8 Responses to “Throwback Thursdays: The ‘Tebow 316’ playoff win vs. Pittsburgh”

  1. Shaztah says:

    Yeah so I guess people are going to make a big deal out of SCAM Newton winning a playoff game. Well guess what Tim did it in his FIRST year of starting and it took SCAM 6 years to do it. Just upsets me because I saw some God aweful throws today from him and all you heard was excuses, excuses and more excuses. Some hit dirt, some overthrown, some way off course but of course he is a thug and looks so pretty throwing the ball…..SMH

  2. andrea says:

    Looks like the Arizona Cardinals could have used Tebow yesterday. Like I wrote previously – the Cardinals were going to sink faster than the Titanic.

    So true what you wrote Shaztah – the mainstream sports media make excuses for every bum in the league and Tebow is blamed for everything – even global warming.

  3. KingSolomon says:

    seeing that video and the way Tebow passed and drove his team to victory proves once again why he should be a starting QB in the NFL. It also confirms for me that he has been blacklisted by the NFL. Sadly, they only way he gets back in is if Urban Meyer can somehow be convinced to coach in the NFL, which seems doubtful.

  4. ck says:

    Tebow is not done yet…we have a new year to believe and it is about time b/c we ALL want to see him play in 2015!!! GO TEBOW!!!

    Glad everybody is on board “THE TEBOW TRAIN!” AND HERE’S WISHING ALL A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!:)

    (Had to take the computer in and it took longer than expected…missed seeing the news on T2 and all.)

  5. ck says:


  6. brandi says:

    Contrary to the impression some want to make, key decisions are made by the Owner. Tim’s getting an NFL job is an Owner’s decision. It became one the second NFL personnel used his popularity as an excuse. The very second. At that point they said it was no longer a Football decision. It was simply too big for them. If anyone wants to call it something else, that’s total nonsense.

    His popularity means he’s either a Franchise QB or he’s considered a problem by those for whom the success of the franchise is immaterial. That includes NFL GMs. Unless and until an NFL GM gets fired specifically for his inability to get along with Fans and Media, they’ve adopted an attitude that both are just a pain in their rears.

    Since noone can say if the success in Denver can be repeated, even improved upon, or was a one-time thing, then whether Tim has what it takes to be a franchise QB is still speculative. If even one NFL Coach, GM, Scout, Media Commentator says they “know” he doesn’t have it they are quite simply lying. Because nobody does. In any world other than the NFL, the benefit of the doubt would go to Tim. In any business world, professional sports world, just about anything else other than dictatorial regimes that fear for their ability to maintain control over the masses, Tim’s popularity doesn’t just give him the benefit of the doubt, it gives him almost a blank check to keep trying until fails so soundly his popularity takes a huge hit.

    This is NOT and never has been a Tim Tebow thing. It’s a GM control thing. It’s an NFL ego thing…no damn player is going to be bigger than them…not them. It’s an Anti-Fan thing. If Fans had exploded in outrage, as they should have, over threats to sue churches, the Tim “Blacklist” would have never happened. If Fans had made the NFL suffer in ratings and attendance over the revolving door of Player conduct issues, the Tim Tebow “Blacklist” would have never happened. If “The No Fun League” and everything that brought about that term’s ubiquity, same thing…NFL GMs would have been terrified to hold Tim’s popularity against him and NFL Media would have been equally terrified to call a massive fan following a “circus”.

    Tim is being “Blacklisted” because everything about the NFL has been allowed to become completely twisted backwards, sideways, every way but right.

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