Stephen A. Smith Makes Terrible Mistake, Pisses Off Tim Tebow On First Take

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Stephen A. Smith: I understand all of that about Pete Carroll and the yoga classes. i didn’t know that, but i appreciate the information. maybe cari can join that class. she talks about yoga. does it really matter? all cam newton has is cam newton and kelvin benjamin and tight end greg olson. they have a decent running game, but they took away his four primary targets in the offseason. steve smith, gone. ted ginn jr., gone, brandon la fell, gone. you can’t take weapons like that away from cam newton.

Tim Tebow: you can’t say ‘does it really matter.’ yes, it really matters. motivation and inspiration is the best part of this game we love called football. coaches provide that to players, that are giving their team an advantage. it is a fact. some people go out and play harder than others. some are more inspired. why do you think when tragedy hits a player, they play harder and better? you don’t play the same every week. i’m not the same player when i would play every week. some weeks you play better than others. why? you don’t always know why. most of the time you are more focused, more inspired. and a great coach does that for you.

Stephen A. Smith: Well, excuse me.

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16 Responses to “Stephen A. Smith Makes Terrible Mistake, Pisses Off Tim Tebow On First Take”

  1. andrea says:

    Stephen A. Smith will never change – has been and always will be a jerk.

    Tebow should have been on the Arizona Cardinals once they made the playoffs.

    Heck, he should have been kept on the Broncos to replace Peyton manning in the playoffs when Manning starts to choke.

    The Broncos could have won the Super Bowl last year if they replaced Manning with Tebow after Peyton Manning screwed up the first play of the game resulting in a safety.

    • brandi says:

      Now that the Patriots have gotten past their biggest hurdle, the Ravens, it looks likely this won’t be the year the Broncos get that first of the two Super Bowl Championships John Elway said they were going after with Peyton. Which would mean the likelihood of even one is getting slimmer.

      That was the entire rationalization of trading Tim and getting Peyton. Playoffs are nice. But he wanted Championships.

      I’m not jumping on John. It was a huge gamble. One that, if it worked, would have made him a “genius”. And established him as a power player in the NFL Exec Ranks. But what constitutes not working? The Anti-Tebowists would say anything is better than Tebow. And Tim wouldn’t have even gotten them to the Playoffs. Let alone a chance to get pummeled in the Super Bowl. BUT they also said the Broncos wouldn’t win anything with Tim. They were everywhere after the Lions loss. Then disappeared in the midst of the streak. Then right back again after the Pats loss. Then absolute quiet after the Steelers Playoff Win. Then totally riding a high after the Pats Playoff loss. And yet they crowed they were the only “Real” Broncos Fans?? WTH kinda you know what is that!? When it comes to Tim they act just like Jets Fans about the Patriots and vice versa. They’ll hate their supposed own Team if he plays for it. And have. And would all over again.

      Conversely, some of Tim’s most ardent supporters are almost as bad in reverse. They’ll hammer any Broncos trip-ups with Peyton and will disappear when they do well. So it’s a mixed can of nuts.

      But what about everyone else? At what point is the Manning Experiment considered successful enough to have “justified” (Not that you ever really can justify starting a civil war among the Fans) trading Tim and bringing in Peyton? I think most Broncos Fans would be OK with one Super Bowl Championship, regret the grief that’s gone on and wish there’d been more Championships. But they’d be OK. But what about none? What about the last memory being a pounding by the Patriots followed by a deflated broncos Team and an even older and more worn down Peyton?

      What would Broncos Country be like this Off-Season? I’m not just pondering. It’s a real question. Thanks. 🙂

      • andrea says:

        Good points Brandi but Peyton Manning is being paid 90 plus million dollars to win no Super Bowls and Flacco is being paid 120 million to go nowhere.

        According to my brother , Flacco’s contract alone added 12.00 per game increase on the Ravens fans for a seating and parking increase.

        I have no idea what Peyton Manning’s contract did to the cost of the Bronco’s season ticket holder’s – but I’ll bet the costs didn’t go down.

        The Ravens didn’t deserve to be in the playoffs this year. The regular season record was decided by a San Diego Chargers loss.

        Hoping for a Colts win today just so Peyton Manning can start selling pizzas Monday but you are right – the Broncos do not have a chance against the Patriots.

      • Sage says:

        Calling the switch to PM a success or failure can’t be done without reference to the counter-factual. It’s true, no one knows what would have happened with Tebow, but there was every reason to think he would have an extraordinarily successful 10-year career. I expected 3 championships in that time. (It took him only 3 to win Florida high school and 2 NCAA championships.)

        Elway traded a promising young QB for a promising old QB, and destroyed the young QB’s career in doing so. Even if the old QB succeeds, it can’t be deemed a brilliant move. Tebow was better than Elway and would very likely be in the AFC championship this year, if he’d had anywhere near the support Manning gets.

        Look at any great NFL QB and you’ll see a front office which supported the player ardently in the early years of his career.

        Any doubts about Tebow’s ability were due primarily to mistreatment of him by Fox and Elway, who would not let him take snaps with the first team until the 6th game of the regular season. And who fed vicious reports to Rick Reilly and Michael Silver, major players in the sports media.

        Elway’s first personnel move when Tebow took over? Trade the best NFL hands (Brandon Lloyd) to the Rams for peanuts. Trying to “suck for Luck.”

        • brandi says:

          It’s entirely possible the NFL’s treatment of Tim Tebow will be the final nail in its coffin as a Pro Sports League. There is absolutely not one current trend that says the NFL will survive another 10 years. None. If it does survive, it will be by way of major concessions from the Players in the next CBA. Even then, it will be a mere shell of itself.

          It didn’t necessarily have to be that way. Shoring up relations with the Fans could have set the table for building something that lasts. Fantasy Gaming and Gambling…the two rationales used as to why the NFL will still be able to continue to exist in its present form…just plain will not cut it. At most they’re supplements. But the foundation of die hard Fans is what keeps Pro Leagues going.

          The NFL doesn’t have that anymore. Not nearly a large enough one. Facing all of this, being the only major Pro Sports League in history to run off its Most Popular Player smacks of some odd form of league suicide. I’m giving the NFL Owners credit that they’ve simply been stupid and cowardly in not stepping up earlier to fix things. As opposed to devious and deciding the writing’s on the wall anyway. Why drag it out and look at possibly bigger losses later.

          But no matter how it actually has been sliced and diced, it’s the single most Fan-Unfriendly move in recent Sports history. And that’s with Bud Selig basically calling Fans ungrateful little simps who kill Professional Sports…to Congress.

  2. andrea says:

    Almost forgot – Go Colts Sunday !!!!

  3. andrea says:

    This 56 year old broad is currently doing handstands !!!!

    How do you spell CHOKE ARTIST !!!!!!

    • Sage says:

      Ironically, if Manning had been willing to let the Broncos keep Tebow as a backup, Tim could have provided some juice in spot situations that might have got the Broncos over the hump. No juice today, that’s for sure.

      • ck says:

        Sage: He and Elrot have too big of an EGO and now they have no one to blame but themselves…Tebow would have done what you stated Sage w/all the right players such as what was handed on a platter to Mr. has been!
        Feel sorry for poor Mr. Bolen and what a HUGE WASTE OF HIS MONEY BY ELROT!!!

      • Komit says:

        I never really thought about that given the dismay at Tebow being traded away after taking them into the playoffs. My thinking was Elway may have believed Tebow under the right circumstances could have out-performed him deminishing his legacy. I know thats a long shot but really to you keep the QB that failed you and trade away the one who won for you? Something is wrong with this picture.

    • ck says:

      Andrea: Yes, that’s right…Mr. “flawed” has done it again!!! No super bowl this year and he is going to review his situation as stated…would have liked to see the look on Elrot’s face! Ahhhhhhhhhh “PAYBACK” FINALLY and it has been a long time coming too!!! Can apply the old saying to that one as in good ALWAYS overcomes…hmmmmmmm!

  4. Larry says:

    “Peyton Manning not ready to commit to coming back next season”

    And, if this tweeter is right, the Broncos might not be willing to commit to him either for the following reason:

    “Manning’s $19M base salary for 2015 becomes fully guaranteed if he’s on the roster the last day of the league year in March. (2/2)”

    Here’s what says about Peyton’s salary:

    “3/20/2012: Signed a five-year, $96 million contract. The deal includes $18 million guaranteed — Manning’s 2012 base salary. The guarantees can rise to $60 million (Manning’s 2013-2014 base salaries) if he passes a physical on March 13 of 2013 (He did). Manning’s fourth-year salary becomes guaranteed if on roster at end of year three, and his fifth-year salary becomes guaranteed if on roster at end of year four. 2014: $15 million, 2015-2016: $19 million, 2017: Free Agent”

  5. Larry says:

    LOL! Look what hash tag’s trending on twitter: #bringbacktebow

    • ck says:

      Larry: Now that is great news and really funny about PM looking like he stated he needs help from T2 b/c he is one of the main reasons besides Elrot & Co. as to why T2 was sent elsewhere when he should have been given the chance to stay w/the team that he lead; especially, after PM had the exact same thing done to him and was sent packing by the Colts!!!

  6. ck says:

    Looks like Urban Meyer is winning the Championship…score is 35 to 20! Glad about that as he will have A GREAT DEAL OF INFLUENCE WHERE TEBOW IS CONCERNED AND THAT IS A GOOD THING!!!:)

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