Spotted in Portland: Former NFL Quarterback Tim Tebow

Byron Beck, GoLocalPDX Features Editor


Spotted in Portland: Former NFL quarterback and ESPN college sports analyst Tim Tebow. 

 Late Monday night former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow was spotted at Portland International Airport. 

As that was the one, if not only, spot he was spotted at in Portland, it looks like Tebow, who is currently a college sports analyst for ESPN, might have been on his way to Eugene to do a piece on the Oregon Ducks prior to their appearance in Texas to play for the national title. He might even be interviewing Marcus Mariota: one Heisman winner to another.

Buzzy Says : Guess FORMER is going to stick.

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5 Responses to “Spotted in Portland: Former NFL Quarterback Tim Tebow”

  1. andrea says:

    Just what I expect from the mainstream media.

    ” Former ” is their way of saying they were right about Tebow.

    I’ve heard ESPN’s ratings are down around 20%.

    Am I hearing this right?

    To tell you the truth I never watch ESPN anymore.

    • ck says:

      Andrea: Only watched when Tebow was on anyway and ditto to all you stated.

    • brandi says:

      It wasn’t a bad year for ESPN. It actually became the #1 Cable Network. But most of that is because all of the others knocked each other down. In July, it was a gloom and doom. Then MNF was all over the map. Up one week, way down the next.

      But it was worse for other networks. What’s that old business axiom? Being at the top of a declining industry makes you the example for next year’s studies in failed businesses.

      • ck says:

        If Tebow was on then their ratings definitely reflected an uptick…hmmmmmmm.

        • brandi says:

          As far as I know SEC Network still doesn’t do Nielsen Ratings. College Football on ESPN was down slightly this year. FOX, especially FOXSports 1 had increases. But these things are always crazy to compare.

          NFL Viewership has been down. But alot of the Ratings have been up. So all we see is “NFL is King!”. King? 15 years ago it was King. Today, it’s a naked shell of its old self. But we call it King because of Ratings Numbers that are always apples to oranges comparisons. Go figure. 🙂

          ESPN adds something like 15 Games and their per Game viewership goes down. Yeah. They’re poaching from themselves. FOX Sports1 is way up. Yeah. Who watched FOX Sports 1 last year? These numbers are always meaningless unless you apply them against a whole lot of variables. But we’re usually way too lazy to do that.

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