Russell Wilson the new Tim Tebow? Seattle Seahawks QB religion push( Now This is some Bull almost didnt post )

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Is Russell Wilson the new Tim Tebow? The Seattle Seahawks quarterback is headed to the Super Bowl after he shook off the worst game of his career to lead his team to the victory in the final minutes. But instead of talking about his upcoming matchup against the New England Patriots, Wilson is instead using the game as an opportunity to push his religious beliefs on others, on a level not seen since Tebow’s four uncomfortable years in the league. But how will Wilson handle himself from here?

 The key difference between the two players is that Russell Wilson’s skillset has translated well to the faster pace of NFL gameplay, while fellow college football star Tim Tebow’s slow decision making process never did translate to the pro level. But while Tebow did little productive on an NFL field, he was widely known (and fanatically cheered for by some) due to his belief that it was his place to use his status as a football player to push his religious views while wearing the uniform and while speaking to sports news outlets.

Russell Wilson has achieved significant success with the Seattle Seahawks in a short amount of time, and while he’s largely kept his religious views away from football, he now appears to be in danger of going down the same road as Tebow. After this weekend’s victory, Wilson insinuated that God caused him to throw four interceptions because he didn’t pray hard enough before the game, and that God later caused him to lead his team to a comeback because he prayed harder later on.

If that’s truly his belief, that’s his prerogative. And on his own time, when speaking solely on behalf of himself, it’s his right to voice whatever religious beliefs he holds. But it becomes problematic when a player voices those beliefs while wearing his team’s uniform – and even more problematic when those beliefs are of such a nature. Do mainstream audiences at home really want to be subjected to a player in uniform claiming that God caused misfortune to the Packers simply because someone asked him to?

It’s not just atheists who may be offended. The beliefs that Russell Wilson is spreading are so far removed from the actual tenets of Christianity, in which one would only pray for no one to get hurt in a game and never pray for misfortunate to come to others, that his words come off as borderline blasphemy to Christians watching the game at home.

It’s that blasphemy that caused Tim Tebow to become so despised by mainstream Christians who grew tired of what they considered a perversion of their faith into something which was instead based in selfishness and greed. For his sake, one must hope that Russell Wilson’s sudden expression of gibberish statements about God were merely a result of him being caught up in the extreme emotion of the comeback win, and not a calculated move to try to use his position on the Seahawks to publicly rewrite The Bible into something about God causing teams to fumble a football. If so, his popularity among mainstream Christians and non-Christians alike could plummet as quickly as Tebow’s did – and not because of his religion, but because of his fundamental misunderstanding of the religion he claims to be evangelizing.


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  1. David Oliver says:

    It sounds like this “Dark Side” Representative is getting ready
    to put Russell Wilson on the NFL Elite’s and Low life’s NFL Controllers
    NFL Black Ball List.

    This Guy has already made a Judgement that Seatle QB Russell Wilson
    also has NOW TOO, exceeded the NFL Visiblity Limits For Christian Football Players..

    Plenty of room for Women Abusers, Drug Addicts, Rapists, Murderers,
    Thieves, Cheaters, and all other low-lifes, and the like but not Unashamed Christians who praise the True God!

    More and More evidence of the REAL HATE FOR TEBOW and his Christian Brothers.

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