Poll did the media destroy Tim Tebow’s NFL career?

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20 Responses to “Poll did the media destroy Tim Tebow’s NFL career?”

  1. brandi says:

    How did the discussion become Tim Tebow’s worthiness of being a Back-Up Quarterback? Column after column, speculation is rampant. Can Tim be a fill-in for a Team that is in a crunch due to injury? He is at least as good as some other Back-Up QBs. etc.

    That’s not what’s so disturbing though. No, that would be how many of Tim’s most ardent Fans have gone along with it. Sorry, but I have to say this. Over 2 years ago I began getting grief from some of Tim’s most active Fans for saying two things. 1) Keeping their mouths shut would NOT get Tim back on the Field. That was a ploy by those who never wanted to see him in Football in the first place. 2) Do NOT let those who don’t believe in Tim shape the discussion.

    Poll after Poll show the overwhelming majority of Football Fans say Tim Tebow should be a Starting Quarterback. The least that should be expected is that his biggest Fans will never settle for less and never even allow discussions of less to rule the day. JMO

    • Sage says:

      Unfortunately, I think it is still the media which tend to shape discussions. If you’re just a web-surfing Tebow fan, generating “comments” and “tweets” or conversations with friends can’t do much to stem public perceptions that are created by the cascade of TV, radio, and major publications, etc. People are mesmerized by the high production value of those media, and unwilling to embrace any ideas that lack the sanction of such media.

      The worst thing that’s happened for Tebow is that it’s become politically incorrect to refer to him as an NFL QB prospect. It seems likely that ESPN did the most to engineer this condition, by disuading its talkers from discussing Tebow. Once PC sets in, you fight not a battle of facts, statistics or reason, but a battle concerning manners and sensibilities. And you’ve already lost. People don’t want to think for themselves or to stand out against the crowd. This is the human condition.

      • brandi says:

        It’s forums that bother me. But I do agree with you. No matter how much people complain about the mainstream media, no matter what they say about it, even call them liars and/or agenda driven, many maybe most still let that become the measuring stick for discussion.

        Strange. 🙂

      • David Oliver says:

        NFL Elitist Owners and Controllers Plus News Media Co-Conspirators:


        THUS – TIM TEBOW HAS BEEN Effectively BLACKBALLED FROM FROM THE NFL – THERE WILL BE NO Fair Opportunity to Try-Out for an NFL QB Position FOR HIM !


        “The Dark Side” Forces ARE STILL – (NOW) IN Control – Fear of Repercussions is the Baseline Rationale.. For NOT CONSIDERING HIM..

        For any coaches who would normally give him a chance.

        That is the reason I Believe that the new NFL Veteran’s Combine may be his only really fair chance to demonstrate his condition and abilities to ALL. (March 22, 2015


        Dave O.

      • ck says:


    • David Oliver says:


      Amen to Your Sharing of THAT REALITY !!

      Dave O.

      • brandi says:

        Thanks David. 🙂

        This is the reality. Tim Tebow took a team and Franchise from its lowest point in its 60 year history to a wondrous and wonderful Season. It was completely against the odds of those who consider themselves to be the “experts”.

        Then he never got a chance to show if he could do it again. Because he didn’t get that chance, those who said it would never happen in the first place say “See? We were right. You TeBots are idiots!”

        BUT, those people are only a tiny sliver of the Football World. Well over 90% of Fans now are convinced Tim has gotten a raw deal and should be a Starting QB today. What has convinced people more than anything else of that? All of the effort to say not giving him another chance is because he can’t do it again.

        Not just with Football…this cannot be said enough. People in this Country are completely through with Experts of every type. “Experts” cost them their homes, their jobs, their kids’ futures. Experts mired everything in reams and reams of legaleze that all net down to…nobody can do anything. “Experts” killed the American Century short of reaching its 100 years by decades. And Americans know all of this even if they might not always be able to articulate it.

        Falling back on Experts and Insiders was the absolute worst way the NFL could have run Tim out of the league. To the point the only people who now agree with it are those who quite simply have an image of Fans of Tim Tebow as being on the other side of political and cultural battlegrounds that ONLY those extremes want. Everyone else is through with those too. The “Tim Tebow isn’t an NFL Quarterback” crowd is smaller today than it was when he actually was one. The campaign to justify his not playing dwindled those ranks.

        What’s missing? The total unfettered outrage of those who think he should be Playing. I’ve felt for a long while that the way to get Tim back on the field is to make those uncomfortable with the crowds he draws even more uncomfortable with his being out of the league.

        Absent that, there are only 2 ways. One, an Owner stands up and acts like one. Two, a league competes directly with the NFL, signs Tim and beats them at the turnstiles and TV Ratings.

        • ck says:

          Brandi: We used to have a so-called expert on this site by the name of…and, yes, sick to death of clowns like that parading around as EXperts!

    • ck says:

      Brandi: Fortunately or unfortunately Tebow is TOO GOOD FOR THE NATIONAL FELON LEAGUE!!!

      • brandi says:

        There are a few in the NFL who both know how messed up things are AND that it will cripple the league to the brink (or even over the brink) of bankruptcy in a few years. In fact, there have been some who knew these things before. Just nobody listened to them.

        They went into the CBA under lockdown knowing that huge changes needed to be made or the NFL would eventually crumble from within. It didn’t go well. They ended up simply splitting up the huge piles of money from the new TV Deals and addressed none of the issues. The “Mother of all bad CBAs”.

        There have been a few owners hinting for a couple years of the problems that will cripple the league. Nobody listened. Goodell has done so. Nobody listened. Now Mark Waller, NFL Chief Marketing Officer has taken it a step further and said the Game of Football itself is in jeopardy of slipping out of its top spot. It’s actually worse than that. But nobody’s listening to Waller either.

        When I push the most vocal fighting changing things it almost always comes back sounding like Bisciotti, Ravens Owner. If there’s no more Game or NFL, they won’t miss it all that much.

        If the TV Networks took the position on those other deals they took with these Thursday Games, maybe the league and the Game would be in better shape than it is. But all anyone saw was “endless” piles of money. Now they…some of them…see there actually is an end to those piles of money. But it may already be too late.

  2. andrea says:

    The mainstream sports media ‘s hatred of Tebow knows no bounds.

    I would expect Tebow to get the same media treatment at the veterans combine that he has gotten throughout his time in college and the NFL.

    Now, Michael Sam, on the other hand

  3. tawk2 says:

    Hi all, sorry I have not been on much still trying to heal my right foot after surgery. I have been usiing a bone stimulator machine since after Thanksgiving trying to heal a cadaver bone on top of my foot. I go back tomorrow for another post opp checkup. I had 20 procedures done and my recovery time is anywhere from 1 to 2 years before I will be fully walking without aides or wheel chairs. The disease I had was posterior tibial tendon dysfunction stage 2B I had been fighting severe pain in my inner ankle area with severe swelling , my heel bone had shifted drastically to the side, which caused my leg bones to get out of alignment to. My problem now is near where I had my Achiles tendon lengthened in my calf, my shinbone now is bulging and sticking out for quite a ways. I am nervous I don’t want anymore surgery or cast.

    I keep hoping each day to hear some great news about Tebow. After watching the Patriots, Colts game and then hearing the Patriots footballs may have been deflated some for easier gripping. I wondered then if possibly while Tim had his time there did he see anything dishonest, and told them he could not play like that. I remember spygate, so it does tend to make one wonder.

    Its funny that Andrew Luck had more touchdowns than anyother quarterback but yet could not complete many passea, many due to the receviers dropping them, but Tom Brady and his team could pass the ball. I know Tom Brady has been to more playoff games than Luck, but it still seems fishy.

    My wonderful hubby bought me a really nice 10 inch tablet with keyboard, but it broke, it just totally quit working I wonder if my bone stimulating machine being near it had something to do with it. I finally got an UPS tracking number for my replacement, I will be so glad to get it back. It is the RCAPro 10 with keyboard.

    I am trying to write from our nintendo wii u system now I hate the tiny screen. I pray you all are doing well , I am also hoping with all my heart that Tim gets another shot .

    Made me ill when the sports annylst were bragging on Russel Wilson and his big come back mostly in the fourth quarter, and how he played horribly for three quarters, when Tebow did this time after time in Denver all the media did was bash Tim,but they glorify Wilson. Pete Carrol built an offense around Wilson as is letting him grow, whereas Tim never had any support and in Denver no team was built around his amazing strengths, makes me sick.

    Sorry to ramble pain med makes me want to talk, lol and my hubby is at work.

    Thanks Buzzy and everyone here who come to support Tim and each other. I hope 2015 is a great year for us all! GO TEBOW, we all believe in you!!!!

    God bless you all!

    • Sage says:

      What I like about Russel Wilson is that he is at least outside the tired paradigm of “pocket passer” hitting short timing routes that has dominated the league since Bill Walsh in the early ’80s. Wilson also has the mark of a champion, able to stay focused and win games even when it’s not pretty.

      He has plenty in common with Tebow, even though I think Tebow is better.

      Good to see you posting again, Tawk. Hang in there.

    • David Oliver says:


      I am Really Sorry – to hear about the difficult process your are going through to regain your whole health. I am praying God will give your His Wisdom and Grace to find your unique path back to Whole Health.
      Just a quick Fyi – regarding a ministry in Thomaston, Ga. that has shared Biblical Teachings that have helped many in their quest to recover from diverse afflictions. They have had a unique Bible based Ministry for over 25 years which have helped many in these battles, myself and my wife included.

      Web Site:

      Also: This info is in also The Best Seller Christian Book by Pastor of this Ministry, Henry Wright “A More excellent way to be in Health” is also availabe on Amazon.com = ( I have bought and given away about 40 of these over the past few years to friend and family – I was so impressed) = http://www.amazon.com/More-Excellent-Way-Be-Health/dp/1603741011/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1421784595&sr=1-1&keywords=a+more+excellent+way&pebp=1421784599332&peasin=1603741011

      Regarding Seatle QB Russell Wilson – I also have been rooting for him – He is similar to Tim in his playing style – and appears also to be a a Christian who is NOT ASHAMED OF HIS FAITH – although he comes from a much different background – and his sharing of his father’s death is quite a moving story also.

      Wilson and several of his Seahawks teammates recently met with Seattle’s Mars Hill Church Pastor Mark Driscoll to discuss their faith.

      In the interview Wilson revealed that he is a devout Christian, who looks to Jesus at all times to give him strength and comfort in his life.

      Wilson testified in the interview: “Jesus is love! At the end of the day, we are all looking for someone to comfort us, somebody to be there for us at all times. When we are at the worst times of our lives, when we are battling with something, or struggles, whatever it may be, when we are at our highest point as well, when things are going really well, we want somebody to comfort us and be there for us and to say, ‘Well done.’ That’s Jesus!”

      He added, “Jesus has always been there. He’ll never leave you, never forsake you.”

      tawk2 – May God Bless you in a Special Way to be freed from this affliction! David Oliver

  4. ck says:

    Hi Tawk2! Very sorry for all you have had to go through and didn’t know the extent of it all…sounds truly awful!:( Hope you get good news from here on out and will continue to keep you in my prayers plus, here is the the “HOTLINE” for prayers that I call: The 700 Club @ 1-800-759-0700.

    Anyway, like you, hope Tebow FINALLY gets a chance since things are looking like they might be changing due to all the upheaval going on; i.e., Fox, PM, Ryan, etc.! Agree w/u about the support on this site and definitely believe good will come out of all this bad!:) God bless you and take care.

  5. tawk2 says:

    Thank you all, still recovering, but still checking in when I can.

    GO TEBOW WE ALL STILL BELIEVE IN YOU!!!! 2015 We know is your time to shine and take the NFL to a place they have never been!

  6. David says:

    I agree with Brandi that you should never let the media control the argument by comparing Tebow to back-ups. Tebow compares very well to the top 10 starters. Here are some examples.
    Tebow scored 34 times in 13 plays and 15.5 games.
    Wilson scored 26 times this year.
    Brady scored 33 times this year.

    A recent article said that Wilson was closer to Tebow than to Brady. But, the opposite is true. Brady is closer to Tebow than to Wilson.
    Tebow scored 34 times in 13 situational plays and 15.5 games. In 2014, only 3 quarterbacks scored more times than Tebow’s 34.
    Wilson scored 26 times
    Brady scored 33 times
    Tebow scored 34 times
    His 34 scores would rank 2nd in 2010 for total scores.
    2010 http://www.nfl.com/stats/categorystats?seasonType=REG&d-447263-n=1&d-447263-o=2&d-447263-p=1&d-447263-s=PASSING_TOUCHDOWNS&tabSeq=0&season=2010&experience&Submit=Go&archive=true&conference=null&statisticCategory=PASSING&qualified=false

    There is one thing about Tebow’s passing game that sets him apart from other QBs. He throws longer passes than all of them.
    Tebow, in his first 16 games over two seasons, threw 19 TDs in 177 pass completions for 2699 yards. Earlier this year, Luck was leading the league with 19 TDs in 199 completions for 2331 yards. Luck averaged 11.7 yards per catch and Tebow averaged 15.3 yards per catch.
    Tebow averaged a TD every 9.3 completions which would place him 2nd behind Aaron Rodgers for TDs per completion among the 2011 starters. Rodgers averaged a TD every 7.6 completions, a career best. Brees would be third averaging a TD every 10.1 completions. Tebow averaged 15.3 yards per completion which is higher than all of the starters in 2011. He would place 8th for TDs per pass attempt which factors in the completion percentage.
    Tebow had the lowest completion percentage in the NFL and, when compared to the 2011 starters, it only lowered him to 8th for TDs per pass attempt because he was throwing the ball farther than everybody and scored more often per catch than everybody except Aaron Rodgers.
    ALL of the QBs in 2011 that threw 20 or 21 TDs also needed over 500 pass attempts to do it. Tebow threw 19 TDs in 374 attempts. Not surprisingly, he set records in the playoffs for throwing long passes. And he has run for 15 scores and 1052 yards.
    In their first 16 games,
    Tebow threw 19 TDs in 374 attempts with 9 interceptions with 47.3%
    Brady threw 18 TDs in 483 attempts with 13 interceptions with 63.9% and won the superbowl in 2001.
    How did Tebow score more TDs with fewer interceptions in 109 fewer pass attempts?
    Brady averaged 10.98 yards per completion and Tebow averaged 15.3 yards per completion. Tebow threw it farther with greater accuracy and scored more often per catch. He threw short passes in NY with a 75% completion percentage. The short passers have great pass percentages. The long passers score more TDs with fewer interceptions. With the new rules that prevent illegal contact, Tebow would be scoring even more with the long pass.

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