NFL to host veteran combine for free agents in March (TKS Larry )

Posted by Darin Gantt on January 15, 2015, 1:36 PM EST
nfl-combine-logo-getty-e1365956930240 Getty ImagesWith the emergence of regional combines which allow through-the-cracks rookies to get a chance before NFL scouts, the NFL has now decided to offer veterans the same chance.

The league sent out a memo to teams, which PFT has obtained a copy of, which outlines their plan for the first Veteran Combine on March 22.

The event will allow veteran free agents to go through the same kinds of drills and testing draft prospects go through in Indianapolis, with representatives of all 32 clubs on hand.

Veteran free agents have been allowed at regional rookie combines in recent years, but this gives teams a chance to get a like-for-like look at guys who have played in the league.

Players can apply with the league, and around 100 will be chosen to appear at the event, which will be held at the Cardinals training facility, just before the owner’s meeting in Phoenix.

It’s a good idea to give veteran players a chance to hang on, and it also provides some more television inventory possibilities for a league that’s trying to expand into every nook and cranny of the calendar.

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7 Responses to “NFL to host veteran combine for free agents in March (TKS Larry )”

  1. Sam says:

    Will Tim consider attending this combine?

  2. David Oliver says:

    I believe this would be a great opportunity for Tim to show his “stuff”
    to Everybody – without censorship… GO TIM TEBOW !!
    This maybe a “discreet way for the NFL to Lift their Tim Tebow NFL QB -> BlackBall (a message to all Tim also may now be considered without penalty to those who do so) !

    God Bless

    Dave O.

  3. bubbaelvis says:

    It looks like a good thing for Tim on the surface. I am reserving judgment until I see who is actually going to attend.
    They are picking 100 guys out of those who apply to attend so there is the possibility he won’t get an invite. If he applies and doesn’t get invited that will tell me he is indeed blackballed.
    It would give him a chance to change the narrative about him not being able to throw. He could prove to the NFL folks watching the combine as well as the TV viewing audience that he is a pro caliber passer. It would then be hard for a team not to sign him.

    Buzzy Says : As you Said “If he applies and doesn’t get invited that will tell all of us he is indeed blackballed.”

    • brandi says:

      I can’t see that anything needs to be proven to the TV Viewing Audience. Tim’s support as a Starting NFL Quarterback is at higher levels today than it was when he actually was a Starting NFL Quarterback.

      We get sucked into these conversations like they actually reflect what the average Fans think/believe. But they rarely do. First Take gets an audience of 200,000 or so. (It was more than double that when Tim was Playing.) EVERY number says the same thing, whether it’s audience numbers, polls, YouNameIt. There is a very tiny percentage of Football Fans who are sucked into the vortex of these NFL SportsWriters and actually are swayed by their commentary. Then there’s about 95% of Football Fans who rarely listen to any of it, let alone get swayed by it.

      Football Elitist Snobs have bought into the Party Line because to do otherwise would make them “out of ‘The Know'”. Football Football Fans are already convinced Tim Tebow should be a Starting NFL Quarterback today. And all of this effort to paint Tim as not being up to it, specifically because Football “Experts” say Fans didn’t see him lead a Team (a previously hapless one, by the way) to victories and historic comebacks has done is touched that nerve within Americans that HATES Elitists and “Experts”. It has completely backfired.

      The people who need to be convinced are the NFL “Insiders” who need to remember that when you are in business and 95% of your Customers say you’re doing something wrong, that bodes extremely poorly for your long-term prospects as a business.

  4. Sage says:

    I’m a huge believer in Tim’s talent and skills. I think he can be the most successful QB ever, even now.

    And his good character is obvious. But I wonder if there is some problem with a lack of people skills, either on his part or the part of his agent, Jimmy Sexton. Every team seams to have 2 or 3 power players who feel convinced they will melt away if they bring Tebow in. Why can’t the Tebow team allay those fears?

    It’s not for everyone, but in recent years the “law of attraction” philosophy has become popular. There is some intuitive truth that we are makers of our own situation. A shift in mindset on the Tebow team would probably help. I wish there were an agent for Tim besides Sexton.

    Maybe, possibly, contacts and activities at the veterans combine could break up whatever has been keeping Tim off the field.

  5. Bigfan says:

    Timmy will follow his heart…he will certainly pray about this and we must also pray for him to hear the Lord going forward.

    God’s will is a funny thing per se, when you’re in it most times you don’t know it…it is when you’re out of it that you know.

  6. Larry says:

    Great article and radio interview with Denver radio guy Darren McKee about the mess that the Broncos currently are. It’s even worse than the media’s portrayed it. At the end of the article is the player with the interview. The interview’s even better than the quotes in the article.

    “McKee: Peyton Manning Miserably Failed Test Of Courage, Has No Friends On Broncos”

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