Denver Broncos coach John Fox sacked after NFL playoff loss

January 13, 2015 12:35PM

THE Denver Broncos are looking for a new coach after agreeing to part ways with John Fox following the team’s latest NFL playoff meltdown.
Fox won the AFC West division all four of his years in Denver, but each of those seasons ended in ugly fashion in the playoffs, culminating with Sunday’s 24-13 upset by Indianapolis.

Fox might already have something in the works with another team — he didn’t shoot down a pregame report Sunday night that he could be available if the Broncos suffered a loss.

Neither Fox nor Broncos general manager John Elway would say what was discussed Monday when they met, other than it was time to split up.

Fox took the Broncos to a Super Bowl last season.

Fox took the Broncos to a Super Bowl last season. Source: AFP


“It became clear that it was best for both the Denver Broncos and Coach Fox to move on and make this change,” Elway said in a statement.

Fox is out after compiling a 49-22 win-loss record in Denver, including the playoffs, following a 78-74 record in nine years with the Carolina Panthers.

Manning was murky about his future on Sunday night, saying he had to process this latest loss before deciding whether to play an 18th NFL season.

Elway thanked Fox for helping “establish a positive, winning culture for this team” and said he “deserves a lot of credit for the Broncos’ turnaround”, but added “there is still work to be done” to win a Super Bowl.

Fox became the only coach in NFL history to win a dozen consecutive divisional road games on his way to an unprecedented four straight AFC West titles in Denver.

But the goal when Manning came on board was Super Bowl trophies. Instead, Manning is 2-3 in the playoffs with the Broncos.

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14 Responses to “Denver Broncos coach John Fox sacked after NFL playoff loss”

  1. ck says:

    Pity the team that goes after him as a coach and The Bills are going to regret hiring Mr. Rotten impo…looks like they don’t have very high expectations that is for sure!

  2. brandi says:

    Peyton Manning cam in with nearly twice as many 1 and Dones as anyone else. 7 Vs next highest at 4. He added 2 more with Broncos. Broncos Won alot of Regular Season Games in a weak division. Just as he usually had done. He faltered in the Playoffs. Just as he usually had done.

    “But the goal when Manning came on board was Super Bowl trophies. Instead, Manning is 2-3 in the playoffs with the Broncos.”

    WHY? John Elway sold trading Tim on the basis Winning Divisions & making the Playoffs is good but not good enough. At least he’s consistent saying what the Broncos have done with Peyton has been good but not good enough. Thing is, what the Broncos have done is almost exactly what Elway should have expected to do with Peyton. This has been Peyton’s Career. Did John expect an old Peyton coming off major surgery was going to do better than when he was young and healthy?

    There’s no way of knowing what the Broncos would have done with Tim Tebow at Quarterback. BUT, it would be fair to assume he’d Win Divisions and make the Playoffs since he had already done it after inheriting a 1-4 handicap. Throw in Elway putting the same effort into building a Team around Tebow that he did Peyton and it’s more than fair to assume they’d have been a Playoff Team. What would they do after that is anyone’s guess. But given Tim’s history of Winning Championships Versus Peyton’s History of mostly poor Playoff performances, there just isn’t any reasonable way to justify having brought in Peyton Manning instead of sticking with Tim.

    • Sage says:

      Sometime around 1997 or 98, when the Internet was just gaining traction, Elway gave an interview in which he sarcastically mocked the concept of “cyberspace.”. Fair enough, sine it was a goofy term.

      But around 1999, he got Gretzky and Jordan to join him in stating, which promptly imploded during the tech and Internet crash.

      The point is, Elway is not a visionary. He is attracted to things that look like they’ve already proven themselves, like Manning or the new Internet sector. He should have seen what you describe, ie, Manning’s playoff record. But what Elway saw was his own triumph in the last three years of his career. His vision for the future was something that had already happened and so was unlikely to happen again.

  3. bubbaelvis says:

    I think this was as much Manning’s choice as it was Elway’s. I am looking for Denver to hire Gary Kubiak and Manning to return. Fox may end up in Chicago. If Trestman is hired as O.C. in Cleveland maybe Tim will get a look. Trestman used to be high on him and even said he believed he’d be an elite QB. Stranger things have happened. I have always thought that Buffalo would be a good fit for Tim. Jim Kelly likes him but no way now with Ryan there. Something will develop. There are several teams that should give him a shot. I just have a gut feeling 2015 is Tebow’s year.

  4. lex says:

    bubbaelvis- i hope that gut feeling of yours is correct re tim and 2015!

  5. andrea says:

    I was glad to hear Fox got fired. Well deserved.

    Elway – on the other hand – reminds me of the man on the Titanic who wore a woman’s dress when it was announced “woman and children first” into the lifeboats.

    Elway the egomaniac throw Tebow under the bus, threw Champ Bailey under the bus, Eric Decker under the bus and now Foxy.

    Elway is like a rat on a sinking ship.

    • ck says:

      Andrea, you NAILED IT and had me laughing or should I say ROFL!:) Now, that is classic comedy…can just imagine Elrot in a dress, can’t you?!! And I was told that is a true story about the man in a dress on the Titanic…TOUCHE’!!!

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