Why is Tim Tebow still so popular?


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 Why is Tim Tebow still so popular with football fans? Every time a NFL quarterback gets injured we bloggers race to write a Tim Tebow to whatever team article. And people read them for example my Tim Tebow to the Arizona Cardinals article had over 7,000 readers in a week.

Do I honestly feel that Tim Tebow can add something to a NFL team? Yes I do as a 2nd or 3rd string quarterback Tim Tebow could make a NFL roster. Do I write these Tim Tebow articles because he is sop popular and I will make money, yes I do.

But why is Tim Tebow so popular? One reason is that he was one of the best college football players of all time. Tebow was so great in college that people just don’t get that he is not a great NFL quarterback. His skill set does not translate to being a full time NFL quarterback.

Another reason for the popularity of Tim Tebow is his religious views and message. Tebow is very religious to the point of being mocked for “Tebowing” by the forces of Satan, sorry couldn’t help myself. Many fans like a role model in the NFL who is very religious. The fact that Tim Tebow is mocked for his religion makes some people root for him even more.



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One Response to “Why is Tim Tebow still so popular?”

  1. brandi says:

    Why is Tim Tebow Still So Popular? The little group within NFL circles & those who repeat each other repeatedly just can’t believe Tim Tebow is more popular than they are. Instead of asking why Tim’s so popular, maybe they should be asking why almost nobody believes them when they say “His skill set does not translate to being a full time NFL quarterback.”

    Maybe they should be asking themselves how all but a tiny % of Fans see something they don’t. But nothing’s changed since they called a billion SB viewers only to find they were off by 900 million. They cannot fathom the possibility that they could be wrong. It shakes the foundation of their belief system. 🙂

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