Tim Tebow is not signing with the Arizona Cardinals or dating a Duggar

By Cindy Boren December 16 at 10:30 AM

Two Gators — Tim Tebow and Louis — hung out at Walt Disney World Resort last week. (Mark Ashman / Disney Parks via Getty Images)

It’s that time of year, time to figure out who’s naughty and nice and what’s true and not true about Tim Tebow on the internet.

He is not, despite a post on the satire site the Daily Leak that was widely shared on Facebook and Twitter, signing with the Arizona Cardinals. Heaven knows, the Cards could use a quarterback, what with losing Carson Palmer and Drew Stanton, but Tebow isn’t going to be signing with Bruce Arians’ team. Or, for that matter, with any other quarterback-depleted squad (*cough* Washington Redskins *cough*).


Nor is Tebow dating one of the Duggar daughters. You know the Duggars, the family with 19 kids. His rep shot that one down last week.

So, to recap, Tebow is going to be sticking with what he does really, really well for a living: working for ESPN, the SEC Network and “Good Morning America.”

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10 Responses to “Tim Tebow is not signing with the Arizona Cardinals or dating a Duggar”

  1. andrea says:

    I’ll probably get banned from this site – but I have to say it –

    Cindy Boren is a stupid jerk.

    Pardon my French.

    Buzzy Says : I guess she is in there with Kate Upton.

    • KingSolomon says:

      I will go further….these Tebow critics are disgusting vermin and his banishment from football has made it impossible for me to enjoy what use to be my favorite sport. I now hate the NFL

      • Brandi says:

        I don’t really remember any other articles by her about Tim. This one seems pretty vanilla. Has she gone after him in the past?

        The ones that bug me are the backhanded gafaws “like any Team needs” and then parrot comments that could be on any texts between 17 year old fantasy experts.

  2. andrea says:

    How do you spell elitist snob?

    C-i-n-d-y B-o-r-e-n.

    look at the last sentence written by this smarmy little toad – ” Tebow is going to be sticking with what he does really , really well for a living: working for ESPN, the SEC network and Good Morning America.”

    In other words Tebow is not any good at playing QB in the NFL.

    Cindy is the type of gal who recoils in horror seeing Tebow taking a knee on the football field but yet seeing Michael Sam kiss his boyfriend on national TV and shoving cake in his face was the greatest thing.

    The one thing I remember learning in my science class was no human can live and survive without a brain – Cindy Boren is the exception to the rule.

    • ck says:

      Andrea: Never heard of this Boren, but will agree she is not the caliber of journalistic merit that should be judging Tebow of all people! Sounds like she is desperate for ratings even if they are negative!

      Maybe she should stick to what she does best…MAKING OBNOXIOUS STATEMENTS FOR PROFIT!!! Amazing the amount of egotistical attention getting mess that is put out there for all to read!

      And as far as Sams goes, that is a case in point!!!:(

    • Brandi says:

      You may have more faith in these Sportswriters ability to have a plan than I do. But there has been a pattern over the years. First, anything was fair game with Tim. Then it shifted to he’s a great person; so any talk about agendas and devious motivations was basically off limits. Then he’s a great leader and a great football player. So everything was basically off limits except as an NFL QB. Then the hot buzzword “skillset” became the theme. Now we may start seeing “he’s found his niche. he’s a great football commentator and tv personality.” (So all you Tebow People leave us alone. We already said we love him. {Just not the way you do}”)

      • ck says:

        Brandi: Yes, twisted all the same impo. They think we are going to be happy w/him broadcasting and not playing then they have another thing coming!:(
        Besides, have a feeling that one of these days things are going to change!

  3. ck says:

    Buzzy hit the BIG ONE on this and “hit it out of the park!” LOL

  4. ck says:

    Keep the faith Tebow and B-E-L-I-E-V-E b/c w/God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!:)

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