Tim Tebow, charity ‘Pay Away the Layaway’ for Walmart shoppers in latest ‘GMA’ spot

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12 Responses to “Tim Tebow, charity ‘Pay Away the Layaway’ for Walmart shoppers in latest ‘GMA’ spot”

  1. jason says:

    Whole family all through charleston and columbia brandi from musc, real estate, fire department and lawyers so where is your lie of an office at for “the league” or will you admit your lie?…..buzzy do i get banned so you can make yourself feel better?…please for once folks be honest buzzy..?
    Buzzy Says : Do you want to be Banned? Why not just stay on subject that is Tim Tebow every one will find out if Brandi is lying as time goes by all i ask of you is be Pro Tebow and not pick on other users.If you are trying to get Banned you are doing a good Job.Or would rather I just quit the TebowZone.

    • ck says:

      Stop your nonsense and quit being a PIA!:( Don’t you have better things to do than antagonize? Talk about temper, temper, ha, ha! Waiting for someone to take the bait, complete w/name calling and I don’t want to LOWER MY STANDARDS BY STOOPING TO YOUR LOW/BASE LEVEL…hmmmmmmmmm!
      You, obviously, need some serious PRAYER for your anger issues!
      Buzzy Says : EASY NOW.

  2. andrea says:

    I’ll be completely honest with you Jason – I have no freakin idea what you just wrote.

    • ck says:

      Andrea: That was FUNNY and made me laugh except now he is trying to get Buzzy to quit the TebowZone…hmmmmmmmm! Better not, as we will ALL have a not so Merry Christmas due to that…ugh!

  3. bubbaelvis says:

    What a great story and Tim seems to really enjoy helping folks. This is one of the many reasons why I am a Tebow fan.
    By the way, this is a pro-Tebow site not an anti-Brandi site. I personally enjoy hearing from Brandi and as far as the “league” is concerned why not just wait and see. No one is being duped. There is no harm in dreaming big. Jason is entitled to his opinion but why not wait for a Brandi league post and not a Tebow helps people post? I have no problem with someone voicing their opinion or concern if it is on topic.

  4. The Major says:

    To be fair, it isn’t Buzzy’s job to investigate the veracity of every item he posts here. He searches the web for articles on Tim and relays them to us, something he doesn’t have to do.

    And Jason, aren’t you on record as not being a Tebow fan? A bit hypocritical for you to call out “Brandi” for trolling when you’re doing the same thing, no? (And no this is not a defense of “Brandi”)

  5. ck says:

    At least Brandi is FOR TEBOW!!!

    • The Major says:

      Eh, not sure about that. This ain’t “Brandi’s” first rodeo.

      If RG3/Kaepernick had their own enormous, distinct fanbase (and forums), “Brandi” would’ve already moved on.

      It’s a credit to Tim’s amazing run that many of us have held on this long. It’s a damn shame he was born a couple of decades too late; had he come of age in the 70’s – 80’s, I have no doubt he’d have been a HOFer.

  6. ck says:

    This is why Tebow is so blessed…God bless Tebow and hope that he and his family have a “Merry Christmas/Happy New Year!”

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