The Arizona Cardinals should have signed Tim Tebow


 The Arizona Cardinals should have signed Tim Tebow when Carson Palmer was injured. The Cardinals looked like a Super Bowl contender for most of the season except at quarterback. Now they are backsliding from starting rookie Logan Thomas and going back to Ryan Lindley while Drew Stanton recovers from an injury.Logan Thomas is not ready and may never be ready to be a NFL quarterback. Ryan Lindley sucks and Drew Stanton really isn’t much better. As bad as Tim Tebow is he could make the roster of the Arizona Cardinals at quarterback.If the Cardinals had signed Tim Tebow they would be in better shape to make their playoff run. There is something about Tim Tebow in big games, some IT factor. And Tebow’s running would help open up the offense for the running backs and help in the passing game as well. Tebow is as good as Ryan Lindley and is much more mobile.

Yes I am aware that Tim Tebow will probably never play quarterback in the NFL again. I am not even a huge Tim Tebow fan but I do think he is better than some of the backup quarterbacks in the NFL right now. Heck the Cleveland Browns signed a guy fresh off a DWI to play quarterback rather than sign Tim Tebow for one game when Rex Grossman turned down the Browns. 


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  1. andrea says:

    Looks like this guy will never be part of the mainstream media.

    I can not argue with this article – around 90 percent of the NFL teams have no shot to reach the playoffs every year so to blacklist Tebow the way they have is why I am in week 17 of not watching any football games

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