Ryan Leaf released from prison after serving two years

 Sporting News Tom Gatto, Sporting News 7 hrs ago
 Ryan Leaf has done his time.

The former NFL quarterback was released from a Montana prison Wednesday after serving more than two years of a five-year sentence for breaking into houses and stealing prescription drugs.

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Leaf has already begun meeting with a parole officer in Great Falls, Mont., the Great Falls Tribune reported.

The Associated Press reportedLeaf’s prison stint could jeopardize his probation status in Texas, where in 2010 he pleaded guilty to obtaining a controlled substance by fraud and delivery of a simulated controlled substance.The judge in the case gave him two five-year suspended sentences.

The AP noted that Texas authorities can extradite Leaf, but the Tribune cited a previous AP report saying it was unlikely Leaf would serve time for the Texas convictions.


Dennis Keegan · Top Commenter
Don’t worry Ryan, now that you are a seasoned criminal the NFL will take you back at a very large contract.
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Add a Reply… ….Daniel McKnight · Top Commenter
And…. the Raiders are considering signing him!
Reply · Like· 3 · 17 minutes ago

Skip Mcgowen · Top Commenter · Student at Self-Employed
well who are they getting their drugs from now?
Reply · Like· 3 · 14 minutes ago.Joe Wade · Top Commenter · CEO at Self Employed and Loving It!
LOL…. We already have 2 worthless QB’s sitting on the bench, “Pik 6 Schaub” and McGoin Nowhere” so there is no need…

Reply · Like· 5 minutes ago.Add a Reply… ….Philip Wexler · Top Commenter · University of Rhode Island
The New York Jets are considering signing him soon. With Michael Vick and him as QBs.. they are also looking for a QB coach who doubles as a probation officer.
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Add a Reply… ….John Scotto · Top Commenter · International Affairs at Universal Exports
He and Ray Rice will be picked up the same team.
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12 Responses to “Ryan Leaf released from prison after serving two years”

  1. BuzzyBuzzard says:

    I am sure some team will pick him up.

  2. andrea says:

    Or he can be a sports analyst on ESPN just like that Christian Ray Lewis.

    On a side note – hope everyone is going to have a Merry Christmas !!!!

  3. lex says:

    they will pick-up ryan leaf but not tebow? go figure.

  4. Sage says:

    Here’s a good 44 minute Tebow film I hadn’t seen before.


    Buzzy Says : TKS Sage but i posted it here twice.

  5. tawk2 says:

    Happy Holidays all! Still not walking, depressed I cannot do the things I do each Christmas, I make homemade cookies and pumpkin bread for all our neighbors, friends, and all my daughters teachers, lunchroom, office employees etc. I feel like I am letting them down this year. I know they all know I had this major surgery and none of them expect anything, I just love giving to them each year.

    I see the 49’ers are trying to make Kapernick into a pocket passer which has turned ad ruined their season. Why can’t the NFL leave these gifted players alone? I would love to see Peyton Manning or Tom Brady being made to turn into Tebow and the others like him. So tired of the NFL. My hubby is all upset the 49’ers is his team and always has been even through the bad years. He see’s how they are trying to change Kapernick. The NFL does not want any quarterbacks who are not pocket passers in the league they will do anything to ruin their chances, Tebow was only the first to be cast out and blackballed. I am done with the NFL. But they keep letting thugs back into the league, wife beaters, child abusers, dog abusers and the list goes on.

    Happy Holidays all, I won’t be on much I am at our desktop my hubby is at work and my foot is supposed to be up. My cadaver bone on top of my foot is not healing and now I am using a bone stimulator machine twice a day, please pray for me that it works if not I will have to have a metal plate and screws put in place of the cadaver bone.

    I need to get off and go back and lay down. I miss all of you!

    Bless each of you!

    Hugs, Theresa aka tawk2

    • Sage says:

      Hi Tawk

      You’re quite right about the nfl. The media spotlight and other cirx causes an intense desire for conformity. Conformists can’t even imagine doing things differently.

      You will surely make a great contribution to your family’s happiness this Christmas.

      With your foot I recommend googling info about nutrition and healing. There is some new info that can get you what you want. Don’t stop after the first page of results. Dig deep.

    • ck says:

      Hi Theresa/Tawk2: Think everyone will understand regarding not being able to do everything that you would like to do snd know, also, that you are definitely missed around here too! Will keep you on my prayer list as well.
      God bless you/yours:)

      Regarding changing a QB w/exceptional talent, they CAN’T stand the fact that their “SYSTEM” is NOT fail proof or the best and WAS PROVEN HIGHLY INEFFECTIVE/ERROR PRONE/WRONG BY TEBOW AND COMPANY WHICH MAKES A LOT OF HAS BEEN QBS IN/OUT OF THE NFL IRRELEVANT DUE TO HIGHER STANDARDS!!!

      Get lots of rest and drink some Ensure Complete is my recommendation for healing…what about Epson Salt foot soaks? Might want to give this old time remedy a try:)
      Merry Christmas and hope the New Year is a lot better!!!

    • Brandi says:

      Lost in all of the “Elway hates Tebow” craze was something very important that John Elway said. It was that the offenses most NFL Teams want to run, in any season there are only 2 or 3 QBs who can run them at a high level consistently. In essence, he said NFL Offenses are designed to fail with very few exceptions and QBs whose skills fit perfectly into that mold and they can maintain that robot like repetition.

      It made perfect sense that he would want Peyton. Despite his post-season woes, he’s got a good record of taking a Team in a weak division and cranking out enough Wins for a Division title year after year. But other than he and Brady, how many can you name that year in and year out keep it at a high level? Most end up being turnover machines or peak out at a level that proves to simply be just not enough. Or they can’t string 3 consistent games together.

      Say what you want about him. John was right. AND, his dad said essentially the same thing about these offenses back in the 80s.

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