Former NFL Player Tim Tebow helping those in crisis

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Buzzy Says : I could do without the word “FORMER”

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3 Responses to “Former NFL Player Tim Tebow helping those in crisis”

  1. andrea says:

    The mainstream media loves to use the word “former” to describe Tebow – it is their way to say Tebow is lousy.

    On the other hand the athlete the mainstream media wants to shove down our throats( Michael Sam) is getting the Oprah treatment this weekend as the mainstream media is trying to put pressure on the NFL to rehire this lousy athlete.

    • Brandi says:

      I can handle “Former”. “Free Agent” would be nicer. But, anything they say is going to upset somebody.

      It’s “Polarizing” that ticks me off. Like everyone needs to not only be reminded that anytime someone says ‘Tim Tebow’ it’s going to make somebody mad AND backhandedly imply that’s somehow his fault.

      That one really bugs me.

  2. Betty Baxter says:

    Buzzy, read the sign in the video – it says Pastor Tim Teboe. I think the person who wrote
    the article was misinformed. I may be completely wrong but I do know there is a Rev. Tim Teboe
    not Tebow.
    Buzzy Says : I could not read it. maybe so i was more concerned about the FORMER

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