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Jaguars owner has confidence in GM and coach

In the 41 games he’s owned the Jacksonville Jaguars, Shad Khan has only been able to enjoy six wins. What a Joke.

Happy New Year from The TebowZone

Why No One in the NFL Wants Tim Tebow

  Amanda Casanova | Religion Today Contributing Writer | Why No One in the NFL Wants Tim Tebow   Tim Tebow’s role in professional football is being discussed as the NFL football season swings into play.   Tebow helped his teams win a State Championship in High School, two National Championships in College and a […]

Why Tim Tebow has a place in the NFL( Buzzy Says: Pretty much Tell It All.)

  Posted on December 23, 2014 by Neil Shulman The debate has died down recently. Johnny Manziel has become the new one man reality show of the NFL. Ray Rice punching his fiancé in the face and Adrian Peterson whacking his son with a tree branch, along with Roger Goodell’s responses to those incidents, have become […]

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