Will Tim Tebow Outlast the NFL?

BY: brandi

Tim Tebow was on the Red Carpet the other night. He’s everywhere you look. Unless of course that’s an NFL Field. I’m far from the only one who has speculated on the NFL’s demise. Nobody’s speculating on Tebow’s.

If/when the NFL either closes its doors for good or restructures, how much of that should be attributed to the shunning of the league’s once Golden Boy?

To the 32 NFL Owners…was it worth it?

Tim Tebow’s not going anywhere. It’s clear he’ll be in the public eye for as long as he wants to. The NFL on the other hand has a hard Countdown Date. The next CBA which the league has less than a snowball’s chance in Key West of signing without the Players’ Union being willing to take a step back in Salary, Control, Benefits, Appeals Processes, just about across the board. This will come as a shocker to many. But it shouldn’t.

When the last CBA was being negotiated the list of things that needed to be fixed was long. The only thing that happened was the new TV Money was divvied up. Any hope of making significant corrections on the fly was killed with the BountyGate Battle.  As I’ve said many times, restructuring doesn’t in and of itself kill a league. Neither does taking a step back. Others have done it and come back stronger. But other leagues didn’t face all the issues the NFL and Football in general face. I first said 4 or 5 years ago the NFL needs to launch a huge IPO and make the league majority owned by the Fans. For two reasons. First, the pile of cash necessary to take on Soccer on the World Stage. Second, the public clout to fend off any coming challenges to the Game itself.

But we may have already passed the point where this will be successful. A large IPO at this point probably would be used as a forum for opposition to the Game and the league is still far too easy a target. Tim Tebow came along at precisely the right time in the NFL’s history. Whether it’s expanding the Domestic Fan Base, helping build International Appeal or helping fight off challenges to the league and the Game of Football. But the NFL blew it in every worst way it could.

As the NFL’s luster dulls, Tim Tebow’s star just keeps shining brightly. He’ll still be the Golden Boy to many millions as the NFL is gasping for its very survival as a league in its current form.

No Professional Sports League had ever run off its Most Popular Player. As we get closer to the possibly final ticks of the NFL clock, the reason why may become glaringly clear.

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2 Responses to “Will Tim Tebow Outlast the NFL?”

  1. ck says:

    Thought this was Brandi…looks like he has a VERY BRIGHT FUTURE and have to brag on the Gators b/c they won again! The QB did what T2 was known to have done and ran in touchdowns!!!

  2. andrea says:

    Good article.

    Week number 10 and the NFL boycott continues.

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