Tim Tebow the Billion Dollar Man?

By Brandi

There’s been no hiding the interest ‘The League’ has in signing Free Agent Quarterback Tim Tebow. The emphasis has been on making certain it’s a Football League Tim would be proud to call Home.

But speculation has begun to build; so this would be a good time to set a few points.

First, ‘The League’ is firm in its Player Salary Cap. Currently that’s $2 Million a Season. With the Standard $400K Signing Bonus. (Per Player. Teams don’t currently have Caps. League Minimum, by the way, is $440K. That includes Minor League Players. It’s important Roster moves are based entirely on what’s best for the Teams and Players. Not arbitrary Financial constraints.)

All Contracts are a minimum of 2 years. The league’s “Lifetime Plan” kicks in at 2 years of Service Time. So basically, every signed Player qualifies. At 10 years Service Time, the opportunity working in the League Services Organization is set at 60% of the Player’s highest single Season Base Salary. This would be true for Tim, the same as any other Player who signs.

There are various Bonuses. Annual Roster Bonuses, Playoff Bonuses, etc. In addition, every Player receives an average of 8% for all Merchandise Sales that bear their name, image, etc. This would also include Tim and this is Lifetime. It doesn’t end when the Playing Days are over.

These are very strong and competitive numbers. For a Player of Tim Tebow’s stature and popularity, these are numbers that mount. It’s a good Career for any Player.

But ‘The League’ will be, at its heart, a Fan-Owned Community Organization. This is why Players are given the opportunity for the “Lifetime Plan”. To afford them a chance to stay close to the game and the Fans for as long as they like. And doing so in ways that are huge boosts to the Communities. Particularly the young Fans.

This describes Tim Tebow’s life.

The $Billion-Plus figure that has been floating around in relation to a league offer package for Tim Tebow is accurate. All encompassed, it’s actually likely much higher than that over the lifetime. But it needs to be understood, the majority of this is support for various Charitable Activities near and dear to Tim. ‘The League’ is looking at a major long-term commitment. But it’s an easy one because support for these causes is the core mission for this league of the highest quality Football coupled with the highest commitment to the Communities.

Time and care is being taken to do this right. This highlights what’s being put together. But, as I’ve said numerous times, ‘The League’ is being built for a 100 years; not 100 days. So there has been no rush to force anything. All focus has been on laying groundwork such that Tim Tebow and every Coach, Player and Fan can understand how this league will be built, the standards by which it will operate, the impact it will have on Communities and the Game of Football and how and why it’s being built this way.

‘The League’ is being built to be fully owned by the Fans and to be a strong positive force for their Communities and for the Game itself. Assuring that all care necessary to be worthy of those Fans, Players, Coaches, Communities has been the single focus.

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27 Responses to “Tim Tebow the Billion Dollar Man?”

  1. Sherri says:

    Now we’re talkin’ people. Brandi has the $, the juice, the GUTS to make this happen.

    I’ve got $10,000 of my own, ready to donate to THE LEAGUE, just to get Tim back on the field.

    It’s time to go big or go home. Do you want to see Tim play again or don’t you?

  2. Sam says:

    I believe it when I see it… until then, i don’t

    • Brandi says:

      A perfectly sound position taken by many since gork said “I make fire.” It’s always a safe bet to stick with the classics. 🙂

      • Mr. Smith says:

        Sponsorships are the way go. I run a big outfit that makes spicy steaks and creamy cakes, and am interested in sponsoring your little football club.

        Please contact me at CENSORED monday thru thursday 9 am EST to 7 pm EST. Ask for “THE” Mr. Lemuel Smith.
        Buzzy Says : I fell for this I sent him a email how to get an ADD

    • Sherri says:

      Brandi can say it better than I ever could:

      “Sometimes you just have to give The Canadas their due. Wait long enough, beg politely enough and eventually the King will say “OK. You can pretend to call yourselves a Country. Just don’t forget who your highest allegiance is to.”

      If we had more people with a “I’ll believe it when I see it” do nothing attitude, kids in this Country would be singing “God Save the Queen” before learning that, though it lacks grace and elegance, metrics are more practical. Just the way God intended it.

      We’ve always had these people, since the first caveman told a skeptical crowd he’d found how to harness fire. Yet, fortunately, we’ve also had just enough with a give a shit attitude who got down to the dirty work and built things. Now we have microwave popcorn. 🙂

      I think of these things as I ponder where things will be a year from now, ten years from now. The 21st Century of the US has been marked by the ending of the “American Century” somewhere just past the halfway point and a jadedness passed off as realism. This type of “Realist” not only isn’t new. All hype to the contrary about Hookers, Skepticism is actually the World’s Oldest Profession. But we’ve managed to keep getting things done despite them.

      So on this Thanksgiving Day, I’m grateful for the thought that we’ll continue to do so.

      Have a nice one everyone. And keep your distance from turkeys of the human variety. You’ll have a better New Year that way.”


      Well said. On this day of thanks, I’m thankful that one of us finally has the guts to stand up and right the wrongs we all can see with our own eyes.

      And if it gives Tim a league of his own in the meantime, all the better.

  3. andrea says:

    Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.

  4. Sam says:

    Well let’s just say… haha.
    If you guys can bring it, good. But i’m very doubtfull…
    Oh and did you guys change strategy? Because last time i’ve heard you talk about a brand new league that could compete with the nfl, Tim Tebow was THE guy that absolutely needed to be on this league. Now he is just one of the guys?

    Well, if this’propaganda doen’t work, you’ll come with another strategy, right?

    • Brandi says:

      Tim would say he’s just one of the guys. Personally, I’ve never seen anyone like him and I doubt anyone else has either.

    • Brandi says:

      As for A11…

      Some inside baseball…some of which I don’t know how they’d feel about me saying. They came to me and asked for my help. They also were the ones who had been on record long before they announced a league that Tim Tebow is the favorite Player of both Founders. Even before the officially announced, they said they wanted to sign him. They began through a personal connection with the man who formed the Tebow Foundation and kept everything “official” quiet, while pushing the unofficial pretty hard.
      My comment to them was Tim was worth a $Billion to that league and 2 years of the hard work of building a Fan base. When they asked for more help I told them privately the same thing I said publicly…that my support was contingent on 3 things. That they mean it when they say Major League and that their commitment to Fan Ownership and Community Focus equal to the Football Focus.

      They said those were all true; so I helped. Everything was proceeding until a group of Billionaires, led by Bill Parcells, walked in and said they wanted to invest. Then everything else stopped…and we haven’t heard anything from them since. And they’ve been mum on what all went on and/or still is.

      I had my own project and finally said I couldn’t wait. And started putting together ‘The League’. As I told folks here at the time, having gotten everyone all fired up, starting a league that was everything I said they were rallying behind…and hopefully more…was/is the least I owe everyone.

      That’s the deal. Anyone says it’s anything else, they’re full of ^%$&*.

      • KingSolomon says:

        When is The League scheduled to start?

        When is A 11 scheduled to start?

        • The Major says:

          The A11 is officially out of business. Check their website.

          The League doesn’t, and will never, exist. Not sure why this person continues to be entertained. Ask the mods at other Tebow forums about “Brandi”.

          • Brandi says:

            Keep saying to yourself “It’s only a movie, only a movie, only a movie.”

            Meanwhile. I’ll keep building. Make certain, the NFL keeps saying “Ah, that thing will never get off the ground.” Please don’t stop being you. Sometimes the greatest ally is an adversary who is convinced you’re full of it.

        • Brandi says:

          I don’t know what the A11 folks are doing. I’m pretty good friends with Steve Humphries, one of the Founders. But shortly after the “Big Opportunity” arose, everyone, including the Founders were given notice that all communications stops, under threat of firing. Now Steve’s focused on Gridiron Labs. I wrote an article that probably ticked off Scott McKibben where I said then, making that abrupt stop and focusing on that “Big Opportunity”, while cutting off everything else and everyone who had supported that league would either go down as a master stroke, if they came out HUGE or he’d go down as the worst Commissioner in the history of failed leagues. Because it would truly be working overtime to snatch defeat from the jaws of a very possible victory.

          Maybe something’s happening. If it is, it could be big. If it’s not, they simply shot themselves in the head for, I guess, no apparent reason other than drooling over a bunch of deep pockets that showed they’re deep because they don’t like to share.

          As for ‘The League’, current schedule is next Fall. There will be Football then. How many Teams? What the make-up will be? Still open. The focus there is and will remain, building it for the very best Football and building it to last 100 years. So there’s no rush to put a bad product on the Field at the expense of everything else. But, this is the one and only place where I would totally agree with the detractors. You only truly become a Football League the day you start actually Playing Football. Until then, you’re still just a concept.

          • The Major says:

            No, you’re not “pretty good friends” with Steve Humphries. He threw you a few bones to try to good the word out about A11fl with Tebow fans, but when it became obvious Tim had no interest whatsoever, and they couldn’t secure financing for the Raymond James “Showcase” deposit, the info spigot was turned off, wasn’t it?

            Don’t pretend you were some behind the scenes mover and shaker with A11. Dusty and Fran have already let everyone know the real story.

            Buzzy Says Enough Said

        • Brandi says:

          YoouKnowWhat King )& everyone else)

          I’m gonna throw a little warning shot out there. Buttholes have messed alotta groups up because that was precisely their agenda.

          The A11FL is one good example. Say what you will about Scott McKibben. I’ve said alot. Mostly was that the right fit for a League Commissioner…a guy who’d always been a Caretaker of major Organizations. But here’s the warning shot. Scott ran the Rose Bowl and LA Times and somehow jackwads convinced people A11 was some sort of scam operation. Rose Bowl Director, LA Times Media CEO? Can you say the word Credibility any louder? Yet dumbasses convinced many they weren’t credible?

          Something’s amiss not just with those kind of sharts. But with how quickly people will listen to them.

          Buzzy Says Enough Said

          • KingSolomon says:

            Ok…keep us posted. I would watch Tebow in a sandlot game, so wherever he plays, I will be watching

          • Brandi says:

            He was in a sandlot game a few days ago. I don’t know if the video went viral. But I think it got alotta people watching.

            The Turkey Bowl. He and Robby both played.

          • The Major says:

            No one accused the A11fl people of “scamming”. Their problem was focusing on Tim, and Tim only. He was their entire marketing strategy.

            When he told them to take a hike, they didn’t have a plan B. Hence their folding.

        • Brandi says:

          This has nothing to do directly with ‘The League’. But, Wayne Huxtable, the Project Manager for the Illumine Project, including getting ‘The League’ off the ground, has just introduced the first working prototype for protective gear for Military and other Rescue dogs. Bomb sniffer dogs, etc. Despite all the lives they save, nobody had ever done anything to help save theirs. Wayne took it as a personal mission to change that and now has.

          When I hear some of the comments from morons saying “The League will never happen”, I kinda laugh. Wayne is the guy everyone from the UK to the EU, US, UN call on when the real crap hits the fan. He’s made sure there were free and fair elections in countries that had never known any of those 3 things, rebuilt the Balkans after the wars..the guy who hits the ground when the ground is still burning and he’s tking control of making certain ‘The League’ gets built.

          But hey, internet toads are people too, right? 🙂

          Buzzy Says Enough Said

          • The Major says:

            Perhaps you’d like to tell everyone here about your previous profession? Or that you’re currently under investigation by the Florida state cyber crimes center? What happened with the “Caresports Shop”?

            Why don’t you pick another fanbase to get your jollies off of? You’ve more than had your fun with this one.

            Buzzy Says Enough Said

          • KingSolomon says:

            Buzzy—–can you please enlighten us on the dispute bet Brandi and Major. I hate being played for a fool. I have my own doubts about the claims and plans of some, but want to believe people who seem committed to getting Tebow back on the field. “enough said” is not enough said.
            Buzzy Says: We will have to wait and see what goes down for sure I just want to stop the picking at each other this is the Tebowzone.
            Not the A-11 or League unless T2 is Signed By one of them.

          • Larry says:

            KingSolomon-& others-this thread might help enlighten you about a few things (but definitely not everything about ‘Brandi’): http://www.alternativefootballnation.com/thread/201/brandi-starting-own-league

            Buzzy Says Enough Said

  5. The Major says:

    That’s fine Buzzy, I just wanted to let people know the truth behind “Brandi”. She’s been trolling Tebow fans for years. I was a long time regular at another Tebow forum that this person almost singlehandedly destroyed, to the point one of the mods created another forum just so we could talk without having this nonsense pollute every thread.

    This is all a big joke to “Brandi”. I’ll leave it at that.

    Buzzy Says Enough Said

  6. jason says:

    Brandi, leanne or whatever BS she wants to con people into believing and deletes when i school her ass on facebook.
    Why kiss ass buzzy cause thats all you do?
    Buzzy says : go ahead and pick at me if you want you are just showing yours. Just leave it alone Jason.

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