Tim Tebow News: Cowboys to Sign QB? No, But they Should

By Staff Writer (media@latinospost.com) | First Posted: Oct 31, 2014 12:39 PM EDT


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 Twitter has recently been bombarded with a lot of posts requesting for Tim Tebow to return to the NFL.

Current starting quarterback for the Cowboys, Tony Romo, went down with a back injury during the game between Dallas and the Redskins, and fans immediately resorted to social media to ask for the former Heisman trophy winner’s return.

Tebow is currently working for ESPN as a football analyst and remains positive that he will be returning as a top quarterback in the NFL. In a report by SportsBlog.com, a lot of NFL teams are also avoiding the media and fan frenzy that popular players like Tebow bring with them everywhere.

Some fans actually believe that Tebow is a better choice than Dallas’ other quarterback Brandon Weeden. Even without Romo, the Dallas Cowboys are a contender for the Super Bowl, because of their good offensive line and excellent running back. Tim Tebow managed to lead the Denver Broncos to the playoffs and actually won, despite the lack of team talent before. His type of play could actually work for a team that employs a run-based offense. Even if Dallas preferred to make Weeden starting quarterback, Tebow can still be efficient as a playmaker and run the ball well for the team off the bench.

According to ChatSports.com, quarterback Jon Kitna is planning to retire. Even after the Cowboys signed Weeden, they would still be short on quarterbacks with game experience. They are reportedly eyeing on names like Josh Freeman and Alex Tanney. Tim Tebow has also been mentioned plenty of times but the Cowboys are allegedly concerned that he has not played professional football in over a year.

In a report by Sports World Report, Tebow can be a wild option for Dallas, no matter how slim the chances are. Jerry Jones, however, is known for displaying a good show and he might make a decent offer to Tebow. Tebow previously said that he is in the best shape and the Cowboys can benefit much if turns out to be true.

SportsBlog.com also wrote that even if Tebow might lack accuracy in his passes at times, one of the Cowboys’ main strengths is their wide receiver so they can deal with the situation properly. Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, also likes to be in the spotlight so it would be a plus for him to have Tebow. An offensive team like Dallas can also be an opportunity for Tebow to redeem himself and make an official return to the NFL.


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9 Responses to “Tim Tebow News: Cowboys to Sign QB? No, But they Should”

  1. ck says:

    Hopefully, all of this will work out for Tim’s favor and IT’S ABOUT TIME!!!

  2. andrea says:

    It was cold in New England today so I had a hunch Peyton Manning would choke and lose.

    Did’nt watch the game – week number 9 of my NFL boycott.

    I heard on the weather channel there would be blizzard like conditions for the game – did it come to fruition?

    • ck says:

      Andrea: Was flipping through the channels and saw the score and, yes, you are right b/c Denver w/PM lost; i.e., 21-43!:) Back to the pizza commercials for him, ha, ha!
      Still boycotting as well and looks like it was loss #2 and bet it won’t be the last; especially, if the rest of the games are not indoors?!

    • Sage says:

      When Tebow lost to the Patriots they said he was exposed, despite the Broncos 5-25 record prior to Tebow’s arrival.. Manning, they just kiss his butt.

  3. bubbaelvis says:

    Tebow lost to New England because Denver’s defense got owned by Gronk and Hernandez. It didn’t help that Tim had broken ribs. I get frustrated when I see the perfect place for him open up in Phillie. He would absolutely rock that offense. I am not sure about the situation there as far as locker room, etc. Wouldn’t it be wild if he came in there and replaced Mark Sanchez. Poetic justice.

  4. Bigfan says:

    There several teams that could use him however putting him in there now IMHO would NOT be good for him. Getting up to game speed at this juncture is more than daunting it is next to impossible. All it would do is play into the naysayers hands!! He needs to come in in the off season to have his best shot at success.

    • ck says:

      Bigfan: Agree that it would be unfair to place him on a team and not have any reps etc. and expect 100% as this is what Elrot did and he overcame ALL OF THAT MESS TOO AND WON!!!

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