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  1. Brandi says:

    When Tim Tebow was a Starting NFL QB, the Polls generally ranged from 82% to 85% among Football Fans that he was a “legitimate” NFL Starting Quarterback. There was a peak of roughly 96-97% in local New York Polls saying put him in instead of Marl Sanchez. Everyone knows Rex Ryan’s decisions instead.

    Today, after years of effort to say he’s not worthy, the Polls are generally over 90% that Tim should be a Starting NFL QB. So, other than that brief anomaly in New York, it’s actually a higher percentage of Football Fans today saying he should be Starting than when he actually was…and Winning Games.

    There is one and only one way Tim gets back on the Field in the NFL. That’s if it begins costing them so much money they can’t ignore it anymore. In any other Business in the World, if 9 out of 10 Customers say you’re wrong, and you don’t do anything about it, the Customers make you pay a price for it. And that’s without trying to send the impressions that A) the Customers are idiots and B) who cares what they think anyway

    No Professional Sports League had EVER threatened to sue Churches and Social Clubs for holding Parties and Get Togethers around their Championship…until the NFL. No Professional Sports League had ever run off its Most Popular Player. Until the NFL. No Professional Sports League ever fabricated Medical Studies and launched attacks on the Medical Community in an effort to try to hide the fact its Game was killing Players. Until the NFL. China kicked the NFL out over its arrogance. Europe ran it across the Continent and then back across the Ocean, largely because of its arrogance. The NFL’s Rally was touted by the league last year as having “half a million in attendance.” The Brits shot back…’That Marketplace has 500,000 Shoppers every Saturday. Is the NFL taking credit for that too?’ This year they simply said “thousands”. So maybe they are trainable.

    Football Fans may need to start “Training” the NFL. Arrogance of its kind comes with a serious price tag.

    • Sage says:

      From the sound of it, the nfl is making about as much money as ever. nfl owners can’t really understand the opportunity cost of excluding Tebow because it’s not reducible to any ledger.

      It’s a lot like Americans being willing to accept law after law, completely unaware that laws have hidden costs that offset their benefits.

      • Brandi says:

        Current Estimates are that by 2020, two-thirds or more of the World’s Economic Activity will be outside of the “Mainstream”, ie, cooperative or informal Economic transactions. Essentially, around the World people have said…That’s it! We’re through. We’re doing it ourselves now.

        People aren’t blind even if sometimes some are deaf to their growing outrage.

        • Brandi says:

          BTW- those estimates are from the OCED (Organization for Cooperative Economic Development.) These are Countries (including the US) who are looking at this. Not some chicken little newshawks. People really aren’t as dumb as some want to treat them. And they’re also showing they can do something about it when they feel they’re getting ignored by the “Big Boys”. They’ll just go their own way. And there’s alot more People than there are “Big Boys”. 🙂

      • ck says:

        Sage: Very true.

  2. andrea says:

    No change will happen until Goodell’s reign of terror has ended.

    It appears that the Raven’s GM testified he was at the meeting with Ray Rice and Goodell and he said Rice gave a blow by blow description of the encounter with his girlfriend (now his wife).Looks like Goodell punished Rice twice for the same incident. Hopefully the judge will give a scathing report on Goodell.

    Brandi says that the league threatened churches for holding parties while watching football games. Iwonder if this happened under Goodell’s reign of terror?

    Goodell has a gay brother and by golly Michael Sam has to be put on an NFL team. Latest I have heard is that Sam has been contacted by up to six teams and it has been only been three weeks since he has been cut by the Cowboys.

    Tebow has won 7 regular season games and he gets no offers from any NFL teams.

    It appears Goodell is terrified of the mainstream sports media. They tell him to jump and goodell says ” how high”.

    Just my humble opinion but I do not think Goodell likes Christian people.

    Why Christian people still watch football is something I do not understand.

    Looking forward to my 11th week of boycotting the NFL games.

    • ck says:

      Andrea: I only have been watching college games as they seem to be the lesser of the two evils. Did not know about Goodell’s “gay relative” and now it all makes sense…reverse discrimination.:( He has been exposed at last and, hopefully, will soon be expunged from his position!!! Looks like the only thing that will get their attention is declining $$$$! (Brandi has a point or two in regards to this.)

    • Brandi says:

      Goodell took over as Commish and the campaign against churches over Super Bowl gatherings began in 2007, first with a Baptist Church in Indiana. There’s been all sorts of back and forth ever since, with the NFL issuing “Guidelines”, them making changes to those Guidelines just about every year since.

      So, if you follow the NFL’s Rules, they’ll graciously allow you to have your gathering on their holy day and not get sued. Lord Stanley of Preston must feel gipped. At least the NHL has an actual name they could say was being “infringed” if they wanted to. Which, of course, like every other Pro Sports League on the planet besides the NFL, they don’t.

      • ck says:

        Brandi: Might come back to “bite him” and we are seeing that, I believe!

        • Brandi says:

          I’ve had people on the ground, passing out flyers and talking to Football Fans, about ‘The League’ coming. There’s tons of support for Tim Tebow, as expected. The most recent Gallup Poll shows over 90% of people identifying themselves as “Football Fans” say he should be a Starting NFL Quarterback today. But what has truly resonated is that Football Fans are through with all of them.

          They have finally had their fill with the people running Football…at every level. “Take Back the Game” has begun to become a sort of rallying cry.

          They’re done with NFL “Leadership”. They’re done with the NCAA. They’re done with the various Organizations in their States and Municipalities running Football. They don’t like what’s been happening and they’re aiming at the top. And the solution they seem to like best is just taking the game away from all of them and starting over. I haven’t gotten any sense that simply whacking off a few heads will cut it.

          I think it’s part of a larger issue that’s going on not just in this Country, but all over the World. People have had enough of all of them. They simply don’t trust Organizations or “Leaders” period to care about the things they care about.

          I’ve built up an enormous Marketing Operation around the World in preparation for my Illumine Project. And I’m giving it a test run. The focus is “Taking back the Game of Football”, NFL GMs and the lock they’ve held on the NFL and lastly but out in front of all of it…Tim Tebow and the way only a tiny fraction has been able to create a totally false image of him.

          This is step one. http://www.caresports.org/thats-it-for-the-time-tebow-cant-pass-nonsense/

          People have asked what can be done about it. I’m putting millions of Marketers capable of flooding just about every place with any information they want on changing these misperceptions and arming Fans with the tools they need to take back the game AND take the conversation away from the very few who have dominated it for far too long.

          We’ll see what happens. 🙂

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