That’s It for the “Tim Tebow Can’t Pass” Nonsense!

Posted by :brandileanne On : November 11, 2014

I’ve listened to the “Tim Tebow Can’t Pass” nonsense for years. But enough’s more than enough. Now Nick Saban has gotten into the act.

Tebow spoke well of Mississippi State Quarterback Dak Prescott. Saban felt compelled to comment…

“Dak Prescott is a very talented guy in a lot of ways. He’s a big, physical runner and kind of reminds you of Tebow in a lot of ways, but he’s also a very good passer.”

I’m not even going to speculate on what got into Saban’s craw. But to imply that one of the Most Accurate Passers in NCAA History and Winner of both the Heisman and Davey O’Brien Award for Quarterbacks isn’t a “very good passer” is beyond ludicrous.

Here’s what Tim Tebow isn’t. He is problematic in Practice because he thinks at Game Speed. If that was the complaint I’d heard over the past couple years, I’d have no major issue. Though clearly it didn’t hamper the Broncos. But using Tim Tebow’s Pass Completion % at Denver as the “proof” he “can’t Pass” is absurd. No matter how many morons have jumped that train.

Tim Tebow did precisely what John Fox wanted him to do. Throw the Ball away. But Foxy put a little twist on things. He told Tim to Throw the Ball at the Receiver’s feet if he wasn’t 100% certain there was no chance for an Interception. Fox called it “Beaching the Ball”. He also told Tim put it in the stands. But that’s a tad more difficult to do without an Intentional Grounding Call.

John Fox tried a couple times to dispel the growing myth of the Tebow Accuracy issues. He tried to take the hit which is only fair since Tim was doing what he told him to do. But that didn’t mean anything to those looking for reasons to diss the Golden Boy.

The Denver Broncos were so abysmal, John Elway couldn’t even determine how bad they were and what needed to be done to fix things. Kyle Orton was becoming unworkable. Not even good enough to tell what else was broken. But worse, Elway knew that a complete bomb of a Season would make it more difficult to have the freedom he needed to get to work on building the Team he wanted. The Broncos had to try to Win Games. So they made the move to Tim Tebow. After the Lions disaster it was clear Denver couldn’t stand up to tough, physical Teams. Even though the Broncos had a fairly tough, physical Offensive Line and some pretty solid pieces on Defense. But Football is a Game where Opponents don’t have to count on the luck of a bounce or the direction of a Batted Ball to exploit weaknesses. They can just laser right in on those weaknesses. And everybody was doing precisely that against the Broncos.

So John Fox took the Bye Week to make two changes. The primary one being a change to pure Complementary Football. If you can’t beat Opponents Squad on Squad, try to beat them by applying all 3 Squads in one orchestrated Game Plan. And the Broncos famous “Any Possession is a ‘success’ if it ends in a Kick” approach. Even if that Kick was a Punt. Try to find ways to Play as much of the Game as possible on the Opponents’ side of the Field. Foxy knew something kneejerk Tebow Detractors seemed to ignore. Denver’s Defense ranked low because they simply weren’t that good as a Unit and were very exploitable. Some of that was due to injuries and, as the Season wore on, it became a much bigger problem. Late in the Season, the Broncos just plain didn’t have anything that resembled a Professional Secondary. And both the D-Line and the Linebacker Corps were almost as makeshift and patched together.

But the Games were held close, even if ugly, and that’s all Foxy hoped for. Broncos Fans complained that Fox almost never let Tim Tebow loose until the last few minutes of the Game. Some Tebow Fans considered it an example of how Fox didn’t like Tebow. But the truth is, Foxy loved Tim Tebow. As did Elway, Joe Ellis and Pat Bowlen. The Broncos risked serious sanctions from the league for telling anyone who would listen at the Combines last year that the Jets blew it by not handing Tim the Ball and letting him Win Games for them. But Elway had his shot at getting Peyton Manning and he took it. In what may end up being a spoiler alert, he also implied Broncos Fans might not have seen the last of Tim Tebow in the Orange and Blue. But Tim needed Playing Time and he wasn’t going to get it in Denver.

As it turns out he didn’t get much of it in New York either. But as we’ve seen, the Jets are the Jets and so far nobody has been able to do anything to straighten out the mess that Organization has been.

But in Denver, they had a Plan. And that Plan was based on taking some sort of control of Football Games. Hence the Complementary Football and the next move. Bringing in elements of an Offense Tebow was familiar with. Because the Plan for Winning Games was based largely on letting Tim Tebow do what Tim Tebow had always done. Find ways to do so. How good is he at that? Just go back and roll the tape from around the Country of Opposing Head Coaches in weeks leading up to Games against the Broncos. Nobody ever talked about how to beat the Broncos. It was always how to beat Tim Tebow. And the universal response from Head Coaches was…Don’t allow the Game to come down to Tebow. Coaches cautioned their Fans “You have to get ahead early and by alot. Because if you give Tim Tebow any chance to beat you late, he will”.

Think about that for a minute folks. Those are the words Coaches speak about Hall of Fame Quarterbacks. It has been the crux of “Greatness” in Quarterbacks for over half a century. Why this most basic part of the Game has been allowed to get lost in the era of Fantasy and RedZone is any fool’s guess. But no matter how many wish to deny it, that is still what separates the average Quarterbacks from the great ones.

Some of the Broncos Wins were ugly Games because Fox and Elway didn’t care. Ugly Wins beat the heck out of looking good and losing. And losing was beginning to become a Denver Broncos Culture. UNTIL they handed the Ball and the Team over to Tim Tebow.

Tim Tebow was a Great College Quarterback. Nick Saban knows that and knows better than to put his foot in his mouth that way. And if he’s honest about it, he has to admit that Tim Tebow showed he could also have been a Great NFL Quarterback.

Because when it counted, he made the Plays. He did it with his feet. He did it with his natural Playmaking ability. He did it with his Arm. He made the Throws that count. He did what Great Quarterbacks did to Win Football Games. And that’s why over 90% of Football Fans in a recent Gallup Poll say he should still be making them today. Football Fans know the Game. And they know the difference between those who get it done and those who just talk about it.

Tim Tebow gets it done. As Foxy says. He CAN hit the side of a barn. That a handful of idiots have hijacked the discussion has simply convinced even more Football Fans that Tebow has gotten a completely raw deal for totally iniquitous reasons. I’m with those Great Coaches who stay in the Broadcast Booth instead of once again subjecting themselves to the nefariousness of so many NFL General Managers. I expect snide, pernicious comments from GMs to mask their cowardice. But for a Football Coach like Nick Saban to throw in with the likes of that?

This nonsense now has to stop. It’s time to stop humoring it. Tim Tebow should be showing the World how good he really is and most Football Fans know that. Now it’s time to make the 8 % understand how the other 92% have been feeling. It’s time to take back the Game of Football from those who have hijacked and ruined it. Starting with putting an end to the myth that Tim Tebow can’t Pass.



Same Sports Girl I’ve always been.

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22 Responses to “That’s It for the “Tim Tebow Can’t Pass” Nonsense!”

  1. KingSolomon says:


  2. jason says:

    How bout produce the poll. All brandi does is lie…lol.
    Buzzy Says : Stop IT

    • KingSolomon says:

      Thanks Buzzy. Is there any way you can block his responses. He offends so many of us for no good reason. This is a cite to show love to Tebow and all he does is attack us.

  3. Sage says:

    Brandi says it very well here. Thanks. As for what Fox said, it’s on video. I only wish he’d had this talk with the media more than once.

    • ck says:

      Sage: Guess the video lies too and that IS FUNNY!!! Great point, Sage.
      Hmmmmm…I’m thinking of a person named “Walter Mitty” and some things you can’t explain to their satisfaction which is problematic b/c of their repeatedly being obtuse…what are your thoughts and I am being serious, no doubt!?

      (Excerpt: It is a far, far, better thing I do which is to ignore than I have ever done before etc., ad nauseum!:()

      • Brandi says:

        I love it! It means the points are hitting home. My favorite though is when Bold City Brigaders come after me from every side. Yeah. The guys who put up a site that’s nothing but an autocounter, slam their own site and then say “See? 237 million Jaguars Fans agree with Caldwell on No Tebow”. 🙂

        • Brandi says:

          BCB was already almost an extension of the Jaguars Marketing Department and ties have gotten closer since. It might as well have been an official Jaguars proclamation that not only is anyone who likes Tim Tebow forbidden from being a Jaguars Fan, they want the Tebonistas to know how much they deeply hate them.

        • jason says:

          Points where honey?…you hit know points you just love how the people here are fooled..
          As i asked, produce the poll?….
          Produce “the league”?
          Rail system (if any of you take time to study brandi you’d see she wants attention and nothing elss)?
          Michael Jason Howe
          You still pushing your scams and anger myths about the NFL. Timmy can’t pass to the level needed in the NFL, he’d be playing if he could. The people who were fans of more than just tebow have clearly seen that for years.

          Like · More · Nov 13 at 9:53am

          Leanne Livingston
          Hmm, so the latest Gallup Poll has over 90% of those identifying themselves as “Football Fans” saying Tim Tebow should be a Starting NFL QB Today. So by those you refer to as being “fans of more than just tebow” are you talking about the 8% of you?

          Like · Nov 13 at 10:07am

          Michael Jason Howe
          Yeah, where’s this latest poll?

          Like · More · Nov 13 at 10:26am

          Michael Jason Howe
          Fans mean they actually watch the NFL and follow it not just say they like football but most important is fans don’t make roster decisions. Tebow wouldn’t be working so hard at fixing all his problems throwing if he could throw at the level needed.

          Like · More · Nov 13 at 10:30am

          Leanne Livingston
          Fans make Roster decisions every day. If they didn’t, there wouldn’t be Personal Conduct Clauses in Player Contracts.

          Like · Nov 13 at 10:33am

          Michael Jason Howe
          Where’s the poll?

          Like · More · Nov 13 at 11:38am

          Michael Jason Howe
          Personal conduct clauses allow for disciplinary actions to be taken with union employees. They aren’t set by the fans. No legal has to take any action over criminal actions if they don’t want to.

          Like · More · Nov 13 at 11:42am

          Leanne Livingston
          Thanks for the definition.  They began being included because Fans (and Media) backlash came from various Player Conduct situations and it was becoming more difficult to do anything about it. Ultimately, Fans make most of the decisions for all Pro Sports. You may be happy with everything about the NFL. That’s fine. Most aren’t. To me, the issue isn’t Tebow. His treatment has simply been a glaring example. The issue is responsiveness to the Fans. You may think that’s unimportant. I disagree. The Poll is a Gallup Poll. Check Gallup. But that Poll is pretty much in line with most others that have been run. This has been going on for years, with some who disagree trying to paint the Polls as slanted, tainted, “overwhelmed by ‘Tebow fanatics'”, etc. The reality is, the NFL is out of step with most Fans. Is it enough out of step for Fans to do anything about it? So far, there haven’t been too many “lines” the league hasn’t been able to cross and withstand upsetting the Fans. But, even without the growing “Safety” issues that are going to take a stab at all of Football, it’s not the best way to run a Pro Sports League.

          Like · Nov 13 at 3:57pm

          Jeff Greenwell
          Hard to back up your argument with the results of a Gallup poll when you won’t provide a link to said “poll.” Not that hard to do…

          Unlike ·  · Nov 13 at 4:30pm

          Michael Jason Howe
          No such poll can i find. I’ve emailed gallop and will wait for a reply. It’s probably a gators poll not a gallop poll or it’s 3 years old and taken right after the end of the broncos season when tebow started. I know a lot of NFL fans and most of them don’t think tebow has the skills to be a starting QB, some are also gators fans as well.

          Like · More · Nov 13 at 5:02pm

          Michael Jason Howe
          So an angry cult bimbo knows how a billion dollar industry should be ran….LMFAO!!!!!!! Atleast tebow is smart enough to know he failed in the NFL. … you some likes or talk about a rail system…LOL!!!!!!!!

          Like · More · Thursday at 11:56pm

          Leanne Livingston
          Hey Michael, thanks for writing Gallup. I found that poll awhile back while researching something else. Neilsen also had something. There’s been no shortage of Polls on this. You may disagree. And, BTW, I’m not the least bit “angry”. And NOTHING I write about the NFL has anything to do with Tim Tebow. I wrote the same things while he was Playing in Denver and when he was headed to New York with covers on all the Tabloids basically declaring New York TebowTown. I don’t doubt that few of your friends agree. There was a Poll done during “Tebow Time” that said 43% though Tebow got “help from God” in Winning Games. It was roundly mocked. Just because you don’t agree with People doesn’t mean those People don’t exist.  My issue for years has been that the NFL has catered FAR too much to a specific niche of fans…you might fall into it; maybe not…but it’s come at the expense of weakening support among far more. You may disagree with that a well. Only time will tell if I’m right on that.

          Like · Friday at 10:16am

          Michael Jason Howe
          And the NFL has every right to carter to whom ever they want as any business does. Who they hire and what they look at is up to them not fans upset. Fans don’t have to watch if they don’t like it. It’s the issue of acting like something criminal was done to tebow cause fans don’t look at what owners, GMs and coaches do and since they do the hiring what they look at is what counts. They each get to decide who they want as QB and what they base it on. They don’t owe it to any player to hire them. It’s ownership and management rights. Fans can buy it or not. The owners can run the business in the ground if they want, it’s theirs not mine or yours and millions of people every week do buy the product and enjoy it. 

          Plenty of bleacher report polls had all kinds of numbers in them but most NFL fans who consume the product and still do are fine with tebow playing or not, they watch for more than just one player. It’s people who were brought to the NFL because they were fans of tebow that are so up in arms about it and they have their right to be if they want but the NFL still doesn’t owe it to them to make sure he plays. It’s on him to fit what a team wants and he’s trying but it’s too little too late. 
          He had the golden opportunity in new england to oneday replace brady but he didn’t show belichick he was gonna develop into that so he could trade mallet like he did this year. Media wasn’t an issue. He got cut for not having the skills they want their QBs to have or showing promise that they’ll develop at a pace they want. All those things are the fault of player since they are all told what their skills need to look like. It’s not the fault of the NFL for what scouts and GMs view as shortcomings.

          Like · More · Friday at 5:04pm

          Leanne Livingston
          Yes the NFL can do whatever it wants. Just as someone can build a league that caters to the Fans the NFL ignores. We’ll see how it all shakes out. 

          Like · Friday at 8:07pm

          Michael Jason Howe
          LMFAO!!! ……..yep, everyone has the right to lie about what “plan” they have due to their deep rooted anger cause by lack of knowledge. 
          It’s already been seen how it shakes out……the league is just bullshit and is a desperate attempt at recompense for how you feel not understand how tebow had his chances. 
          Where’s the charleston office?

          Like · More · 2 hours ago

          Michael Jason Howe
          Better yet tell us about high speed rail systems you have planned. 100,000 person stadiums you have that are portable (which no county will ever give a permit to). Feed everyone your lies..

          Like · More · 1 hour ago

          Michael Jason Howe
          As i remember you deleted comments i made on “the league” page because i pointed out you are trying scam people and bought likes…..LOL!!!!!

          Like · More · 1 hour ago

          Write a reply…


          • KingSolomon says:

            I admit I don’t get the “league” stuff and do not think the NFL will ever fold or be overtaken by the “league”. Nor do I think Tebow will ever play for the league since he wont play for arena league or CFL.

            But otherwise, you seem to be way out of line. All of us with few exceptions are huge Tebow fans and I believe her numbers, stats and views on him seem to be 100% accurate. And even if we are all nuts or desperately clinging to hope for Tebow to return to the NFL, who the hell are you to attack her and the rest of us so bad. I don’t get you and don’t get what you hope to accomplish by being so full of hate towards Brandi or Tebow. The NFL is full of bum QBs and I truly believe Tebow is better than at least 50% of the starting QBs right now. There is no way Oakland, for example, is 0 and 9 or 0 and 10 with Tebow as the starter. You are entitled to your views, but do you have to post them so hatefully here in a site devoted TO TIM TEBOW??????

  4. ck says:

    Brandi: Nothing but the F-A-C-T-S and thanks for posting…great read!!!
    Proves what we have been saying/believing all along…RIGHT MAKES MIGHT!!!:)

    • ck says:

      On second thought, there is one thing I might disagree with and it would be that Elrot really cared as his actions were otherwise imho…think he saw the “handwriting on the wall” as he did not want T2 competing a/o surpassing his so called legacy which was all but forgotten when TEBOW CAME TO DENVER AS THEIR WINNING NFL QB AND THE FANS WERE ALWAYS HEARD CHANTING FOR T2!!!
      GO TEBOW!!!

    • Brandi says:

      Too bad the Fans don’t count. When Tim was with the Jets and things were unraveling, Polls in the NY Papers & Sports Radio were coming back at over 95% saying Give Tim a shot. Well, we all know what happened next. 🙁

      About 2 years ago I annoyed alotta Tim’s Fans by saying don’t go down the statistics path because that’s what his detractors want people to do. That way arguing over numbers becomes the storyline. But it happened anyway and no matter how much the numbers show Tim Tebow has very respectable numbers versus most QBs with so little Starting Time, the adversarial responses have been a great big so what? Just as it’s been when pointing out how much the Fans want to see him Play.

      There has been a multi-year campaign to try to say Fans didn’t really see what they saw. But it hasn’t worked. Because, I believe, 2 things. After the way responding to the Recession has been handled with so much pumped in and so much debt mounting and so little to show for it, coupled with an overwhelming sense that the “Rich” Guys got rewarded for it, People in the country don’t seem in much of a mood to listen to “Experts” about anything.

      Couple that with the fact people just plain like Tim. He’s a genuinely likeable guy at a time when those are getting harder and harder to find. Throw in People in general don’t like being told they’re idiots for believing what they saw with their own eyes and this may go down is the most ludicrous campaign in recent Sports History.

      But all that not only means nothing if Fans grudgingly keep eating whatever is put on their plates, it will simply fuel the arrogance even more.

      Fans not only should count, they should count most. The final argument in the sand I keep hearing from Tim’s Detractors when they’ve run out of everything else is “Fans don’t make Roster decisions”. But you know what, Fans make Roster decisions every day. Unfortunately for Tim’s Career, the outrage expressed at fan sentiment being dismissed hasn’t been loud enough for anyone at the NFL to listen. But that goes right along with taking the Fun out of the Game, selling PSLs at outrageous prices and then say caveat emptor…SUCKERS! Fighting to keep Blackouts when even the FCC is ticked at the NFL, it’s a long and growing list that comes down to…the TV money is coming in and they make it whether the fans like what’s happening or not. So the heck with them.

      Fortunately for Football fans, those TV Contracts have expiration dates and sooner or later the NFL is going to have to care or face the biggest revenue crash in Major Sports history when they try to replace them.

      • ck says:

        Brandi: Guess that is what it is going to take…turn the channel like I do and watch college football until they clean up their act!!! Tebow deserves a lot of credit as well as success for everything that has been dished out due to mostly bias!!! Can’t wait for God to have the last word as in: “Vengeance is mine sayeth “THE LORD!”
        Great article Brandi and hope you send a copy to the NFL and their numerous affiliates!!!

  5. ck says:

    Thanks too, Buzzy, we know you are ‘ON OUR SIDE!”:)

  6. jason says:

    Brandi already knows her lies aren’t facts ck and buzzy!!!lol.

  7. jason says:

    Ask brandi to prove her polls, offices for the league, high speed rail systems or anything else buzzy.

    • Brandi says:

      Jason, you don’t want to get yourself lumped in with the idiots who have been attacking Illumine under the guise of defending some football league or another. Because of this kind of nonsense a project whose only purpose is to help people that was designed to be under 100% “sunshine” has begun largely as a dark operation because idiots who sound much like you started bugging the College Prof who agreed to oversee the economics side.

      Idiots mocking helping poor kids and bugging people who face terrorists on their very doorstep. Because of some who sound and look alot like you, projects designed to be all-inclusive have started out very closely guarded simply to try to cut down of people working to try to help people aren’t as openly exposed to fending off attacks.

      Why do you think I put myself right out front and center on this stuff? It has nothing to do with “attention”. It’s so idiots spend their time attacking me and me alone.

      Go at it little boy if you want to. But when you do, remember what you’re really doing is trying to make things being done to help people even more difficult. You can try to sugar coat your image all you want. That is what it comes down to.

      • ck says:

        Brandi: You have my sympathy and you are right to call it as you see it as well…agree on the immaturity factor x 200!!! And don’t forget the LOL!

        • Brandi says:

          I’ve been at this a long time and have found a few things. People who ascribe devious motives about those with whom they disagree usually are associating their own tactics. Second, anything anyone says is going to find detractors. Third, I tend to prefer that my detractors are of that first variety. It makes feel more comfortable with my position on things when those it annoyed by them are jerks. 🙂

        • Brandi says:

          CK–My position on Tim Tebow in the NFL has been…he’s done the job, he’s Won Games. Anyone who says he can’t keep doing so is making it up. Nobody knows how he’d do if he had another shot at leading a Team and anyone who says they do is flat out lying. Two—He’s overwhelmingly popular with the Fans. That should get him passes for failing. It sure as heck shouldn’t be used against him, particularly when he hasn’t failed.

          One way I know I’m right in taking this position is those who disagree almost always fall back to…Fans don’t pick Rosters. That’s all they’ve got.

          Same with ‘The League’. The way I know it’s right is the detractors only “argument” comes down to…”You won’t build it”. That says, it scares the heck out of them and they’ve got absolutely NO response against it.

          So I’m good with the detractors. They’ve shown they have absolutely no argument and so have to fall back to that kind of stuff.

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