Poll: Should Any Team Take a Chance on Tim Tebow?

June 3 1:51pm

Matt Hevia

Buzzy Says : Bing Or Goggle “Poll Should Tim Tebow Be an NFL QB” and AVG. them Out

They run fro 82 to 96% For. 


Remember Tim Tebow? How could you forget him? The perpetually positive Florida Gator legend, now an analyst with the SEC network, is dying to make a comeback. The question is: Will anybody let him? He seems to think so.

“I’m training every day and feel like I’m the best that I’ve ever been,” Tebow said. “I still love it, love playing, talking about it, and I’m just excited about whatever the future holds. Who knows what could happen? But I’m excited about it, though.”

You have to admire that kind of desire and passion from a guy that, in my opinion, is not suited to play quarterback in the NFL. That being said, Will a team take a chance? After all, he does technically have a lifetime record of 8-6 in games that he has started. I think a lot of that had to do with the team he had around him, but still, he’s won more than he’s lost. So what do you think? Should Tebow be given another shot?

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11 Responses to “Poll: Should Any Team Take a Chance on Tim Tebow?”

  1. andrea says:

    I voted ” yes”.

  2. Sage says:

    Why take a chance on Tebow when you can have Ryan Lindly. Lol

  3. Bill Stacy says:

    Just stupid banter. Everyone know’s Tebow got jobbed by the Jets. How many bad qb’s have been trotted out by teams. Guys should be losing their jobs for evaluating talent and losing,but there seems to be no accountability for coaches, GM’s or owners. Tebow is the only guy I know judged by a different standard. Screw the NFL. And there is another pick six by a qb. Way to go Zac!!!

    • Sage says:

      Well said. The coaches GMs (and everyone except Tebow) is protected by something like a “4 year window.” And if they can produce even a few wins, the team will stay the course with them.

      Jeff Fisher? Take away the games he won with Vince Young and his winning percentage is even more embarrassing.

  4. ck says:

    Now the NFL has The FBI investigating…think things are going according to plan and Tebow WILL be playing sooner rather than later!
    Listened to Joel O. the other night at which time he stated that a certain baseball player was treated the same as T2 (lied about etc.) who ended up getting on a team after being blacklisted for a year and played professionally for many years after that, having been promoted despite others trying to sidetrack his career out of SPITE!!!
    Plus, he kept training too which is what exceptionally gifted/talented pros happen to do so when preparation meets opportunity it definitely equals luck; i.e., MEANING: ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE W/GOD!!!

  5. ck says:

    Great to see the MAJORITY RULES AGAIN AT OVER 94%!!

  6. bubbaelvis says:

    I am beyond shocked that Tebow hasn’t been picked up by a team this year. It is most likely that he won’t be picked up this season. I have not given up and will not until he does. I think the most likely situation is with a team that gets a new coach next year. QB’s that can make plays running as well as passing are in demand. I am surprised we haven’t seen film of his improved passing. Maybe he needs to do another Dilfer type segment where a QB expert comes in and evaluates him.

    • Sage says:

      It’d be great if Ohio State could dominate the finish of the NCAA season. If he gets back in the mix for an NFL job, that of course would create a wonderful opportunity for Tim.

  7. andrea says:

    Looks like Tim Tebow is in trouble again.

    There is a picture on a face book page ( Tanner Clark – a Christian musician ) that shows Tebow leading his fellow SEC analysts in prayer.

    The godless mainstream media will go beserk.

    After shoving Michael Sam down our throats this year – watch how they will start howling about Tebow.

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