Jets Fans Still Wearing Tim Tebow Jerseys As Quiet Protest Of Team’s Management

Tuesday, November 11, 2014 6:17 pm
Written by: ThePostGame Staff

Morale among Jets fans is low.

After the team cut bait on Mark Sanchez, Geno Smith was touted as the future. But Smith performed far worse than Sanchez ever did, and it seems coach Rex Ryan has finally had enough, handing the offense over to veteran Michael Vick.

The one constant among this quarterback rotation? If you look in the stands at Jets home games, you’ll see a surprising amount of Tim Tebow jerseys.

No, Tim Tebow isn’t on the team — he hasn’t been a Jet for almost two years. And it’s hard to say that a measurable segment of fans genuinely believe Tebow could be a viable solution at quarterback — despite leading the Denver Broncos to a playoff game victory in 2012, Tebow is out of the NFL, and no teams appear to be knocking on his door.

How, then, do you explain the enduring presence of those Tebow jerseys? Sports Illustrated hit the pavement and found a general theme among fans continuing to wear the gear: many were doing so as a jab at the organization.

“You want to wear this in protest of what the Jets are doing,” said one fan, 27-year-old Jeff Smith, to SI. “Because obviously what they are doing now is not working.”

Some fans didn’t even buy their Tebow jerseys until after he had been released from the team. For fans wearing that gear, Tim Tebow stands as an example of the troublesome leadership that has led the Jets from a Super Bowl contender to a 2-8 team near the bottom of the NFL’s standings.

Short of an outright ban — which wouldn’t earn any grace from fans — the Jets probably only have one viable strategy for scrubbing their home stadium of Tebow reminders:

They need to start winning football games.

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3 Responses to “Jets Fans Still Wearing Tim Tebow Jerseys As Quiet Protest Of Team’s Management”

  1. KingSolomon says:


    • ck says:

      KingSolomon: Shhhhhhhhhhhh…we don’t want to spill the beans, lol!:) Looking forward to their losing as it would be justice served!

  2. ck says:

    Glad the fans know the difference though…as for the management, they should all be FIRED impo!!!

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