College football studs who were NFL duds( Buzzy Says This Hurts)


  • Florida quarterback Tim Tebow scrambles during a NCAA college football game against Arkansas in Gainesville, Fla. on Oct. 17, 2009.


 John Raoux/AP

Tim Tebow, Florida quarterback

The man who incites intense hatred or love, but little in between, unarguably had a great college career. He became the first sophomore to win the Heisman Trophy, and then followed it up by leading the Gators in 2008 to their second national title in three years. Then in 2009, he helped Florida to its second straight 13-1 season before being drafted by the Denver Broncos in the first round. But the pro game is where the holes in his passing game became apparent. Despite becoming the starter and rallying Denver from a 1-4 start in his second NFL season, capping numerous come-from-behind performances with a stunning overtime TD pass against Pittsburgh in the 2011-12 playoffs, Tebow was traded to the New York Jets after the Broncos signed Peyton Manning. Tebow contributed little for the Jets in 2012 before being released, and a subsequent tryout with New England didn’t last beyond the 2013 preseason.


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8 Responses to “College football studs who were NFL duds( Buzzy Says This Hurts)”

  1. KingSolomon says:



  2. lex says:

    yes, we are way overdue for some news re tim.

  3. ck says:

    What a load of you know what…the circus in NY was just that and it was payback for Tebow beating the JETS in DENVER as RYAN was so overcome w/stress DUE TO LOSING B/C OF T2 THAT he had to be taken off the field on a stretcher…IMAGINE THAT!!! As far as the Patriots, they are a different story and we dare not call it a CONSPIRACY THEORY–LOL!!!
    The NFL is quite a joke when you see what they have on the field; i.e., murderers, rapists, DV abusers, thugs, thieves and you name it, they ARE IT!! Convenient to look the other way for all the wrong criminal reasons and then have the audacity to put down someone down for believing in taking a stand for his faith in God and who is then blacklisted for just that stance!!! LAUGHABLE?…YOU BET!!! AND DON’T GET ME STARTED ON GOODELL!!!

  4. ck says:

    Well, as usual, Buzzy is right and should not have read this as it is an opinion that is not based on FACT!!! Enough said…Grrrrrrrrrrr!:(

  5. ck says:

    Think David Foster would certainly agree…

  6. ck says:

    Hey Tawk2! Hope you are still doing o.k. You are missed!:)

    • tawk2 says:

      Hi ck I miss you too and everyone else here just happened to be able to get on out desktop on the way back to the couch after a doctors appt cannot be on long. It will soon be 10 weeks post op for me and now I can put barely any weight on my foot with my cam boot, if I get pain have to get off then. Which right now I can’t stay on it very long. My surgeon had to order a I believe its called a bone conductor machine because where he put the cadaver bone on top of my foot is not fussing with my bones, also where the two long screws in my heel are the cell tissue is not generating fast enough so this machine hopefully after using it twice a day for 20 min each will start the healing again. I have been really depressed just laying around I have a bad case of OCD and my hubby is really trying but I want to get my house cleaned and ready for Christmas.

      My neighbor we live in a townhouse always have our homes decked out before
      Thanksgiving but this year she’s ready and we have not even started. We don’t have any family here and all our close friends have plans with their families. So I told my hubby why don’t we on Thanksgiving Eve order pizza and decorate outside. I can do our banisters with our greenery and lights with help from our daughter but my hubby will have to do the hanging lights from the roof line and our arbor over our front door. But now I see mother nature is trying to put a damper on our plans, we now have snow in our forecast. So I guess we will have to get bundled up and do what we can. My hubby works nights and has to take our daughter to school and pick her up each day, on top of waiting on me. I try to get around in my wheelchair and do what I can and do some weight bearing using my cane but when the pain and swelling sets in I am done for the day. I keep praying my foot will heal overnight, but my surgeon said he did 20 procedures in 6 and a half hours and it will take time for everything to heal. I had ligament repairs, tendon repairs and fusion of another tendon to help strengthen my tibial tendon
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      I keep hoping each day there will be some great news about Tebow I am never giving up on him. It’s a shame the way he was treated by the NFL but these players who beat on their wives and children get a way with it and still at some point play again. I am a survivor of child abuse I was abused in every way , then I married the devil and lived in fear with him for 23 years I waited for my sons to get a way he threatened to kill them and slept with a 16 gauge shot gun near him. I knew he would do it so I stayed. I was beaten on a daily basis sometimes several times not counting the sexual assaults, he abused our sons physically and I would jump in front to protect them but it never helped I just ended up getting beat with my boys. I know a lot of people judge women who stay in abusive relationships, but until they know what is going on behind closed doors they have no right to judge. It was back years ago and their was not help out there for battered women and my ex had family in the local police force. I had family there but it I would have left to live with them with my sons he would have killed them as well. So in 2001 after my boys were all safe a way most in the Marines I fled one day after he left for work with the clothes on my back and no money, I had great friends who took me to another state and helped me hide. I hid so well my mother actually confronted my ex and asked had he killed me and fed me to the sharks we lived in Florida near the ocean. It was many months before I made contact with my family to let them know I was alive. I was offered a protection order several times and laughed in the police faces, I said if I get one of these then he will know where I live, because to protect the abusers rights they have to know where you live so they don’t come near you. How many abused women have had those papers who were later found murdered?

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      Sorry to go on and on, make the most out of each day always remember to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you and how much you love them. I will be back to walking either 12 to 18 months from surgery date, that is without boots, crutches, I will then hopefully be able to fully weight bear on this foot with no pain.

      I pray each of you that celebrates has a blessed and the happiest Thanksgiving ever! I miss you all I will try to get back on here again when I can, but now my hubby is saying you need to really get your foot elevated.

      Also Happy Thanksgiving to Tim Tebow and his family I will never give up on him or his dreams. It’s a shame he is not on the field playing I miss all the excitement. My hubby said the 49’s are trying to turn Kapernick into a pocket passer the NFL needs to leave these players alone and build their teams around them, I think that is what has happened to RG3 too. That would be like making Peyton Manning a quarterback like Tebow. The NFL in my opinion are a bunch of idiots and don’t know a good thing when its right in front of their faces.

      God bless you all, have to go.
      hugs Theresa

      ps, ck thanks for worrying about me it means the world to me that you care.

  7. ck says:

    Think John Raoux/AP is A DUD!!!

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